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When it comes to the Dark Tower movie adaptation, time has certainly become soft. It’s been nine months since we last heard any real news from Ron Howard (yikes!) and although we do have a couple of new nuggets of information, the bottom line is that we still don’t know when he will start filming.

Last August, right when we found out that Warner had jumped ship, we immediately heard rumors that MRC (the studio behind last summer’s comedy hit, Ted) we’re interested in making Howard’s adaptation. At the time it really was just a rumor, but last week, during the opening of this years Cannes festival, we’re told that, “Media Rights Capital is committed to make a single movie with Russell Crowe as the gunslinger Roland Deschain, with more movie’s coming if the first gets results”. Accordingly, “this isn’t set in stone”.

Another interesting comment given to Deadline reporter, Mike Flemming, is that Brian Grazer has been “approached by a Silicon Valley investor willing to finance Dark Tower as originally constructed, Now it’s a matter of deciding what path to take”. Hmm, that sounds intriguing.

At the beginning of May, ran an interview with Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, who it seems has been discussing the franchise with Ron Howard and had this to say when asked if Netflix could pick it up, “I spoke to Ron about it, actually. The last time we talked about it the thing was being kicked about HBO – but it’s no longer there. Once Arrested Development gets through we’ll keep talking about it.

Howard’s idea for the Dark Tower was to make three films interspersed with a couple of TV series. It’s unlikely Sarandos was talking about being involved in the movie’s, but perhaps Netflix could take on production of the TV series.

Very little news of substance, but certainly the most interesting is regarding that investor. We know those people down in Silicon Valley have sock-draws full of cash just waiting to be spent and if this anonymous person also happens to be a huge Dark Tower fan, then they could well want Howard’s original conception (does that mean before the budget cuts?) and that would suit me just fine.

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  1. I really like Russell Crowe, but I don’t think he’s a good fit for Roland. Too stocky of a build. A much better choice is Viggo Mortensen.

    I’m also not sure how I feel about the 3 movies and TV series concept. I guess it depends on how it goes. But I would hate to see them be inconsistent with characters and quality between the movies and the show. It would all have to be consistent in whcih case you have to wonder why they would even split it like that rather than just go one or the other.

    I think I’d much rather see a seven season HBO series with the same production quality as Game of Thrones.

    Mike – May 20th, 2013
  2. They say that no news is good news, but in this case…I disagree. I’ve been checking this website consistently hoping for some glimmer of information and now we have it. Perhaps this investor can push forward the production (without having it rushed) and get some filming or, at the very least, some set-in-stone casting underway. I’m sure that all the Tower fans out there will continue to wait patiently for more news. Lets just hope that its sooner rather than later.

    Sean – May 21st,  2013
  3. I just want to see the film, Russell Crowe is okay with me but my biggest concern is Jake. How do you make three movies and television shows where one of the main characters is a child who only ages months over the course of seven books. The story of the Dark Tower is Roland’s story but Jake, Eddie and Susahana are crucial parts of that story. Casting Roland is important but we need great actors to be able to pull off the others, especially a female actress who can pull off the craziness that is Detta/Odetta.

    Craig – May 21st,  2013
  4. No doubt that Mr Anonymous is looking for return on his investment. Which is perfectly fine. I am glad to hear that there is someone out there with both the means and the faith.

    Sylvain – May 21st,  2013
  5. As much as I love seeing an update on this, my stomach clenches just a little each time I read that it may be happening. I want to see The Dark Tower on the big screen (or even the little screen), but I’m petrified they’re going to mess it up. I’d rather wait another decade and have it done right than rush it and wind up with anything less than perfect.

    Laure – May 22nd,  2013
  6. Mike,

    Viggo is never going to play Roland. He has been aproached and turned it down by all accounts. See him in a lot of big blockbusters since LOTR? It seems to be Viggo’s preference to not be a mega-star, and he has already commited years of his life to one film franchise already.

    All that said, I agree on Viggo being the one and only Roland in my mind, other than a time machine to go pick up Clint. Still, and as a fan of many books turned into movies, you must have patience and give the cast a chance. Many people thought Sean Bean was all wrong for Boromir for crying out loud! I am not a fan of Crowe much at all, but I will admit he can get into a character.

    Next best option not named Viggo? Daniel Day-Lewis. No, he will never do it either. lol

    Brian – May 22nd,  2013
  7. Nooo! Not Russel Crowe! He’s just not Roland. I much rather see that they cast an less wellknown actor. Someone who can grow into the role of roland, and become him. With Crowe, i can only think ‘Gladiator’, with Viggo its ‘Aragorn’ But on the other hand, a less known actor won’t get a big audience to make it a succes. Still, i think they better use a fairly unknown actor.

    Hanna – May 22nd,  2013
  8. Crowe is not someone I get excited about when I hear he may be Roland. Since, as a fan, I have no say in “who” will play anyone then I guess its pointless for me to complain… but i still don’t think he makes a good Roland. I just want to see something get done or it get dropped altogether. I’m tired of feeling like I’m never gonna reach this carrot I see dangled in front of me every time I read about The Dark Towers production progress.

    Aloenam – May 22nd,  2013
  9. I always saw Hugh Laurie as roland. And they should just do the whole damn thing on Netflix.

    Kevin j – May 23rd,  2013
  10. @ Craig: In reference to the age of the actor playing Jake… there’s just no way around that with a live action movie, short of CGI-ing the actor to look younger, a la Jeff Bridges in Tron. But even that wouldn’t work since the actor would be growing significantly taller as well. But luckly, time behaves differently in Midworld. Just explain it away as the force of the Tower affecting Jake differently than the others.

    JJ – May 23rd,  2013
  11. Regarding Netflix, how is this going to be financially feasible if it’s only available via that one medium (DVD by mail or streaming online)? I might be missing something, but if anyone can explain the economics of this, I’m sure other people as well as myself would appreciate it. At the moment, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

    @Hanna: exactly. That’s what I’ve been saying in past threads regarding the casting of Roland. Daniel Day-Lewis could do a phenomenal job (but it’s not likely that he’d take the role), and Michael Fassbender could do him justice, as well. Neither actors are associated with epic hero roles that most everyone thinks of when they hear their names, but they could draw a crowd (MF less so, but still). A lesser-known actor who can grow into the character is my ideal choice, a la “Lost” and that crew of no-name actors who eventually became household names.

    Now, is that worth the risk financially if a killer no-name rocks the Roland role but doesn’t draw a huge initial audience? I don’t know the answer because I’m a biased fan of the series, myself, and I know I’d tune in and spend money to do so without question. Tough call, but it makes the Russell Crowe preference over Viggo Mortensen make sense because you’re talking Maximus over Aragorn of Middle Earth. My personal opinion: both are great actors, depending on how they embrace their roles, and Crowe is too stocky while Viggo is too nasal for my liking. Delah, delah….

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – May 23rd,  2013
  12. I think Karl Urban would make an AWESOME Roland!! Check him out in PRIEST. The trench, the hat, the look! WOW! And he’s not exactly a nobody. But he’s “new” enough. I love him as Bones in the reboot of Trek. But when I saw him in Priest I almost screamed out in the theater, “It’s ROLAND!”

    Roxanne – May 23rd,  2013
  13. Not Russell Crowe please not Russell Crowe. I think the actor who plays Nathan on Haven is a much better choice. If we are honest this is going to be one of those series that is probably loved by us fans (if they do it justice) and may not hit the radar of the general movie going public so a big name lead should be less important than an actor who could do him justice. I find I constantly vacillate between being uber excited and terrified that this will actually get done and casting is one of my main concerns. IMHO Russell Crowe as Roland is almost as bad as Tom Cruise as Lestat! Maybe one of those other worlds will get it done and get it done right!

    Andie – May 26th, 2013
  14. Call me crazy, but I’m hoping for Clint Eastwood or even Harrison Ford.

    manny – May 26th, 2013
  15. I really think that Russell Crowe is a great actor. And I would like to see him in the movie(s)

    Rebeweniel – May 26th, 2013
  16. Russel Crowe is a bad choice for Roland. But the Ka-tet are just as important, especially Eddie and Jake. I can’t think of many that can pull off Suzannah/Detta/Odetta. So I’m not even touching that one. I think this project is doomed. Stephen King has never been represented well on the big screen, so why does anybody think this will be different. It’s going to take a production dream team and a lot of great casting to live up to fan expectation.

    Rich – May 27th, 2013
  17. If we can’t have Viggo my pick over Russel Crowe would be Daniel Craig. I can’t wait to see any version of this movie. If they don’t do it justice it opens the door for someone to do a better job later on down the road. However, done right, it could be a phenomenal franchise.

    tanonbomb – May 27th, 2013
  18. I agree manny if they make one movie go with Eastwood, he is the best fit for Roland. Eastwood is old but he has it all, the perfect fit.

    Ron – May 28th, 2013
  19. If only there were a younger David Bowie available (who had the acting chops) for Roland, that would be perfect. Nothing says Thin White Duke more than Roland, well other than David Bowie.

    Kirk – May 29th, 2013
  20. Why not hold auditions for the parts? They might end up finding a Clint Eastwood look alike that has the acting skill to play the part, and then we’d have the Roland we’ve all dreamt about. It could still end up being a big name that way too. I think thats the best way to do it.

    Sean – May 30th, 2013
  21. As much as I’m sure that Howard will be a great director, I’m still wondering if Quentin Tarantino would be excellent bringing out all the atmosphere & taste of Mid-World. If he could refrain from making too many adjustments with his own ideas & be able to stay with the story, he would do an excellent job bringing The Dark Tower world to the big screen. As far as an actor, I agree that Karl Urban would do Roland justice!

    bucksunflower – May 30th, 2013
  22. Why not Timothy Olyphant, his work with Deadwood and justified is great, He can pull Roland off to the tee.

    Jake – May 30th, 2013
  23. Roland’s character has to be carried out by someone that looks and acts the part to perfection. The actor has to carry it out without over acting. Those of us who have read and lived the Dark Tower novels will know if the actor is right in the first seconds of the movie. The intro to Roland and how he lives within his code is the main theme of all the books. An actor who could carry this out and looks the part is Paul Bettany. His role in Priest reminded me of Roland.

    Victor – May 30th, 2013
  24. I don’t think it would be a bad idea for Roland to be portrayed by Mr. Crowe, but the Idea about timothy olyphant was pretty swell, My question is why isn’t Frank Darabont making the movie, he did so well with the other King Stories he worked on, It seems like Mr. King would sell the rights to him or whatever, but Meh I’m just a fan.

    West – May 31st,  2013
  25. My picks for actors/ actresses ‘Main’ Characters Roland Deschain – Russel Crowe. I know people don’t agree, but it is a good pick.

    Eddie Dean / Cuthbert Allgood – Clive Owen. Roland does mention that Eddie strongly resembles Cuthbert, so this would be a way to save money and time, and be enjoyable.

    Susannah Dean – Thandie Newton. For her performance in Pursuit of Happyness

    Jake Chambers – Nathan Gamble

    Oy / Blaine the Mono – Voice of Frank Oz

    John Farson / Jack Mort– Christian Bale

    Randall Flagg – Daniel Day Lewis

    Cecil – June 1st,  2013
  26. Has anyone ever considered Hugh Jackman I think he would be perfect. He is about as close as anyone can get to having the likeness of Clint Eastwood. Clint’s old west films had alot to do with Stephen’s inspiration in writing the Darktower series. Roland has to be as close to resembling Clint as possible. Or else it just wont feel right. Plus Russel Crowe looks too old.

    Neil – June 2nd,  2013
  27. Maestro208 - Regarding the question of the financial options in Netflix:

    Welcome to the new age. More and more of the younger generation so not have Cable, let alone premium channels. Most would rather pay for their internet to use their digital equipment. Between television Apps, XBox and PS3 online movie watching, and smartphones/tablets, television is slowly dieing off. I would not be suprised if in a decade, most all “television” is simply a production with a media release date.

    the new Xbox, at least, will have premium telvision service within the console. Traditional television watching, subscription, and ratings are slowly and steadily falling as young people would rather play their favorite game, or Skype with their friends, and then catch up on three episodes of their favorite show on Netflix, or Hulu, or Vulu, or many many other platforms coming out.

    By talking with Netflix, they are indicating that this does not have mass market appeal and that the best option would be to do as good of a job as possible, make it available to the emerging market, and perhaps build a mega production company, like Lord of the Rings did for New Line Cinema.

    But I agree with some others here; either make them all movies or make them all television series. An eight season television series sounds about right to me. Get into it and flesh it out. Lesser actors, but perhaps greater opportunities. If Netflix can make this and offer an R-rated experience as opposed to ABC or FOX or whatever, then I am all for it.

    PS - The fact that HBO (Time Warner) passed on this tells me one of two things: 1-That this series is a logistical and marketing nightmare that will cost too much to be comfortable with and/or 2-Howard is dead set on the three movies and the full epic cost to make them. Either a small (like New Line once did) studio is going to have to gamble their existence on this, or Howard is going to have to swallow his want, scale the thing down, and produce a B+ level television series with a small distributor.

    Should be fun to watch!

    Brian – June 3rd,  2013
  28. Karl Urban is in no way Roland, but he IS Eddie. The only other person I see as Roland besides Clint Eastwood is Javier Bardem but that’s a stretch considering I’ve always seen Roland as Clint Eastwood and anyone else just won’t fit.

    Compgod – June 4th, 2013
  29. He’s a relatively lesser known actor, but I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Roland. He played the character of Denny on Grey’s anatomy and John Winchester on Supernatural.

    Dan Caplinger – June 5th, 2013
  30. Also Johnny Lee Miller as Eddie Dean. He can mask his British accent and already plays a recovering heroin addict on elementary. He’s a little old for the role but would do well with it. Jake and Susannah are a great deal more difficult to picture.

    Dan Caplinger – June 5th, 2013
  31. I would like to see Hugh Laurie play Deschain.

    mike – June 5th, 2013
  32. Has anyone every stopped to think that the dark tower might be better off as an animated series, something along the lines of HBO’s Spawn? This would solve the Aging of Jake problem, AND they could animate Roland to look more like Eastwood, but giving him the qualities that make Roland the gunslinger. Not to mention you could use the budget to bring in amazing animators, rather than paying guys like Crowe to play Roland. I believe making an animated series first would be cheaper, give the fans what they want, and show the big production companies that there is a lot of money to be gained by making these books into movies/ tv series. Tis would allow the production companies to in a sense get there feet wet, instead of diving right into making a massive movie that might flop. Long days and pleasant nights!

    Rob – June 7th, 2013
  33. How about Jim Caviezel as Roland, or Josh Brolin? Brolin looked great in Jonah Hex. (minus the hole in his face) Aaron Paul as Eddie and Viola Davis as Susannah. I’m hoping NetFlix comes through for the series. I guess I’m going to have to re-read the series ….again.

    Tim – June 7th, 2013
  34. other thoughts…. Hank Azaria as Oy and Blaine. There has to be roles for James Cromwell and Tim Curry (Gasher, maybe?)

    Tim – June 7th, 2013
  35. Tim Curry = Dandelo.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – June 7th, 2013
  36. Well it is obvious everyone would want clint eastwood as roland his name is even mentioned in the books I agree with the person who said have auditions If they did get a new no name actor he would forever be type cast as roland. The idea of making it a animated movie may be good if it was picked up by pixar but doubt any other company would do as good. It would be horrible as a Tim Burton film.(oh god no) I alway pictured Halle Berry as susanna. If they went with a lesser known actor as roland they could maybe go with some more known supporting actors.

    chaiken – June 8th, 2013
  37. There would be no budget left but Tom Hanks as Eddie would be intresting His name would sell the movie.

    chaiken – June 8th, 2013
  38. i’m with rob with going animated. for one, I would hate to see crowe as roland. and it goes beyond the movie. for some reason the way movies work my head i can’t get the actors face out of my head sometimes while re-reading. I will not do that to roland. really nothing against crowe so to speak but he is NOT roland. would rather see eastwood in a wheelchair. really i do agree this movie has seemed to be falling apart ever since it started. animated sounds like a good start. bump the franchise and go from there. And no well known actors for roland is still very important to me.

    robert – June 9th, 2013
  39. def not crowe,i think josh brolin.

    trudy – June 10th, 2013
  40. Anson Mount as the gunslinger. Done.

    Sarah – June 11th, 2013
  41. Sarah, I absolutely agree!

    David – June 12th, 2013
  42. i have gotten to thinking, the dark tower will never happen,and i guess it never will in it’s full glory. But if there is a film, since seeing 3.10 to yuma there is only one roland. We All envisage him as clint, lets face it, but it’s not gonna happen, second best is russel crowe. anyone doubtful, watch 3.10 to yuma it will blow your mind (cuz hello?? brilliant film) but also roland?? i think so :)

    dori – June 12th, 2013
  43. While I think Russel Crowe is a fine actor, personally I think Bardem is a much better fit (despite his lack of natural blue eyes).

    Also, what I would like to see is a seven season series, with the same high quality seen in Game of Thrones, only as a Netflix original series. The benefits there are tremendous, only one of which being that there is no set time slot being filled. Any episode can be any length. Therefore, realistically, every episode could be one chapter, and ever season one book.

    Ben – June 13th, 2013
  44. My thoughts are fairly simple. We have proof that there would be a better gunslinger and actor. Daniel Craig aged by a lil make up, would be perfect. He has the eyes, build, and ability. Minus the script of Cowboys versus aliens, all i could think of when i saw it was ROLAND. I however have no hopes as Ron Howard is not my fav. I wish HBO would just pick up the whole thing.

    Jerry – June 14th, 2013
  45. Has anyone else seen Priest? I swear the first time they show the shadowy man in the hat & long coat in the trailer I thought “omg did they make the gunslinger movie?!” While it turned out to be a different movie it left me with no doubt that Karl Urban would be the man to be the gunslinger when the time came. Crowe is way too short & fat for the role. I don’t care how they make it (Netflix, HBO, or feature films) as long as they get the cast right!

    Harmony – June 15th, 2013
  46. for the love of god NOT RUSSELL CROWE NOOOOOOOOOO bad bad choice

    jake – June 16th, 2013
  47. The main role needs to be a blockbuster name that can draw attention of regular movie fans that DONT have any knowledge or interest in the books. Dark Tower fans alone will not generate enough revenue to garner a profit on a big mobey project like this needs to be. But that lead actor must also be able to NAIL the character of Roland too, or the movie will fail. They cant give the part away to just any name with starpower After that leading role, they need a supporting cast that THE AVERAGE moviegoer will recognize and enjoy seeing, but they wont be willing to break the bank on A-listers after doling out big money to the star, bc the project is already going to cost a fortune (even if they only make one movie, and stop due to a disappointing box office). So they need familiar faces, with serious “chops”, but who wont demand a huge payday. Here is one example of a formula that would work.

    Roland- Clint Eastwood (they can make him look a LITTLE younger, and if Roland needs to be a little older than he is in the books in order to capture this important character as Clint Eastwood can, that should be fine by us DT fans).Someone here suggested Harrison Ford…That could work too.Some of the other names mentioned are too young, too dark and brooding and just not the right body type.

    Eddie- Ian Sommerhalder, who played Boone on Lost.

    Flagg- Stephen Moyer, played Bill Compton in True Blood.

    Susannah- Zoe Saldana, starred Star Trek and Avatar (her emotional range is phenomenal, which is evident by her work on Avatar. Susannah needs to be done by someone who can showcase that type of intensity AND sensitivity)

    Jake- Here would be the perfect place to FIND a new young talent. A big movie like this could catapult a young career, and people like seeing captivating performances by child actors whom they’ve never seen before. Think Freddie Highmore, or Haley Joel Osment. Introducing a new young face could be a vehicle for added attention.

    jeremy – June 19th, 2013
  48. The only problem with Clint Eastwood, if his age still doesn’t deter you, is his voice isn’t the same anymore, either. The guy is near death. Roland has epic adventures and he defies his chronological age - just like the last true gunslingers of legend. I say Daniel Day Lewis. His age is just right, and he can look older/younger as needed for each phase of the Dark Tower saga as it unfolds onscreen. If you’re gonna pay big bucks for the main protagonist, try as hard as you can to get this guy to commit (even though he likely won’t because he is respectably so picky).

    And Eddie? Hands-down, it’s Aaron Paul. Not to say “I told you so” simply because he was the first person I thought of as Eddie the night I caught the first episode of Breaking Bad, but because he is perfect for the role, and - get this - he wants to play Eddie! Too perfect, no?

    I can see Zoe S. as Susannah, for sure. I think she’s more versatile an actress than most people give her credit for being.

    Jake: huge challenge. Find a gem in a casting call and launch a new, relatively unknown kid’s career for whom everyone can cheer throughout the films/shows.

    Flagg/Walter: as long as they choose a good actor who can remind us of a young, creepy Donald Sutherland (but obviously with more handsomely sinister looks to go along with Sutherland’s mannerisms and demeanor), I’d approve of that. And grabbing a Ray Liotta type for him would be a pathetic cop-out - I just can’t ever take him seriously, like a carny-type, or something. Walter has creepy humor, true, but he’s definitely more dark and sinister underneath.

    ** And, as long as Tim Curry can reprise the role for Dandelo, I’m happy. :) Talk about creepy!

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – June 20th, 2013
  49. I think Billy Bob Thornton would be a great choice to play Roland.He has the chops,no doubt.My first choice would be Ray McKinnon,but that will never happen.Walton Goggins as Eddie would also be fun to watch.It’s a shame that he’s too young,he’d also make a great Roland.The same goes for Timothy Olyphant.

    Glenn – June 21st,  2013
  50. It may be crazy but I think the guy that plays Bohannon on Hell On Wheels on AMC would be the perfect Roland. But at this point I don’t care if Cirmet the frog plays him just make the movie please!

    Kyle Vitatoe – June 21st,  2013
  51. I also think that the woman that plays Mashone on the walking dead as Susannah would be perfect.

    Kyle Vitatoe – June 21st,  2013
  52. @ Roxanne: I agree totally with Karl Urban and had the exact same reaction during Priest.

    Jlovemac – June 22nd,  2013
  53. Two words:



    James – June 27th, 2013
  54. Don’t like Crowe for Roland, I’m thinking more David Tennant or even Wentworth Miller would be a far better match for the role.

    simon – June 27th, 2013
  55. I am a Dark Tower fan as much as the next guy/gal. But to all the gals there thinking that Roland is a sexy, young, hunk, you are just painting over the words of Stephen King: OLD, LONG, TALL & UGLY. Neither Karl Urban (Bones in Star Trek), nor Anson Mount (Cullen on Hell on Wheels) would fit BECAUSE they are too good looking. The first choice Javier Bardem would have been perfect. Rough, not that good lookin’ now, but probably was when he was young. That’s what u want!

    RJ – June 28th, 2013
  56. Just a question: With enough makeup and CGI would be possible to cast Clint Eastwood? It doesn’t need to make him too young since in the books Roland is rather old. Clint guy has that angry face even when he smiles, it fits the character just fine. And would be great in the most emotional scenes when Roland cries.

    Also, Joseph Gordon with long hair would be a great Cuthbert

    Regis – June 30th, 2013
  57. …Or someone versatile to show shades of everything in between, to match that of the perpetual stubble on his face. Wentworth Miller - very interesting choice; I had NO IDEA the guy was 42, as he looks about 26! Too bad that he looks too young and pretty for the part, but it’s fantastic for him, the person.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – June 30th, 2013
  58. Javier Bardem? Nooo! Russel Crowe? Nooo! Please!!! Neither is physically correct.

    trish – July 7th, 2013
  59. Vanessa Williams as Suzannah/Detta/Odetta absolutely positively!

    Karen – July 8th, 2013
  60. Adina Porter would play a great Suzannah/Detta/Odetta! I think she did a great job in True Blood!

    Nick – July 12th, 2013
  61. John Malkovich is the perfect Walter/Flagg. My butthole could do a better job of Roland than Crowe. That choice makes me want to wretch.

    Dave – July 13th, 2013
  62. Everyone is talking about casting…shouldn’t we wait until the movies are “actually” picked up first?

    Mike – July 15th, 2013
  63. Josh Brolin or Christian Bale as Roland.

    nelson – July 15th, 2013
  64. Wow, I haven’t checked out this site in months. I am just now reading this post and I am cautious about getting my hopes up again. I truly hope this anonymous investor is willing to part with his cash to make this happen. I also hope he is a DT Junkie like all of us here. I guess only time will tell.


    Aimee – July 15th, 2013
  65. @Aimee, or maybe he IS one of us? ;)

    As so many of you allready have pointed ouy, this sounds just wonderfully excellent! I’m just wondering if one investor is enough to make this happen. If I was Ron Howard, I would put this project on one of those “let the fanbase invest in it” sites, ex Indiegogo. That way the money needed would be gathered and the fanbase could show how big it actually is. It would most certainly be a great way of marketing the whole project too!

    Long days & pleasant nights fellow junkies

    Throcken – July 17th, 2013
  66. I just read on IMDB that Ron Howard teams up again for a 2015 start of a new dan brown movie based on one of his follow-up books to illuminati - if (and only if) the DT-movie(s) really stick with Ron this would mean, that we would have loooong days (and maybe unpleasant nights) until anything really about a possible movie will be confirmed. so I personally think we could skip our hopes and get to topic in about two or three years…

    Kennie23 – July 17th, 2013
  67. People, please remember that Susannah is 26 or so and Eddie Dean is just 23. They need to retain their ages to represent the books accordingly. If the film were made 10 years ago or so I would have enjoyed watching Angela Bassett as Susannah Dean and Leonardo DiCaprio as Eddie. However, we are way past that. Hopefully, we get to discover some great unknowns that will do justice to the series. If we ever get to f***ing see it!!!

    Sarah – July 18th, 2013
  68. Everyone knows Clint Eastwood would make a perfect Roland. With that in mind how about Scott Eastwood? I know he is only like 27 but he could be made to look older and he looks a lot like Clint. Only question is if he has the acting chops. What do you all think of him?

    Paul – July 18th, 2013
  69. I have seen this movie already. Twice. In my mind, as i was reading. It was just like the book and the casting was perfect.

    Sylvain – July 19th, 2013
  70. Lol Sylvain I’ve seen it like 7 times and I agree with you.

    Paul – July 19th, 2013
  71. Of course Clint Eastwood in his prime would have been the obvious choice for Roland, but not now. I’m thinking if he could lose the accent; Jason Statham. And I agree with the guy who suggested John Malkovich as Flagg. Perfect!

    Bob – July 19th, 2013
  72. Wow!! I was hoping to see this become a movie! But Russell Crow as Roland NOT!! I just don’t see him as The Gunslinger! Now Aaron would be the perfect Eddie!! No offence to Russell, but I was thinking Hugh Jackmen, I really like his acting, especially in Van Helsing. Please please!! Do the book Justice! I know it’s not going to be what I imagined, but read the books before u ruin it, so maybe you will be close to the story I repeat not Russell Crow I like him just not for Roland…

    Joann – July 20th, 2013
  73. You know who would also make a great Roland Jim Caviezel!!

    Joann – July 20th, 2013
  74. I think Stephen King has made a mistake.

    First he sells the rights to JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof (Lost) which at the time seemed brilliant. Now however they crumbled under the pressure, or have simply found better career opportunities, ( Star Trek & Star Wars are pretty big money makers…) and passed the rights on to Ron Howard. Ron Howard is clearly not in a hurry to make this movie and by all accounts will be busy till 2017ish(?). So how can anyone really speculate about who will play who on a Movie/TV series that, at best, won’t even start production for another 5 years? As far as I’m concerned this project is dead in the water.

    Aloenam – July 22nd,  2013
  75. Agreed to what Aloenam writes. As excited as I was in the beginning, the more I think that making this great epos into a movie/series/whatver can only be a disappointment. And Sylvain is right: The perfect movie is already been made - in each single head of ours.

    Kennie23 – July 22nd,  2013
  76. Anson Mount as Roland would be great, Anyone who has seen Hell on Wheels will agree he suits the ‘Wild West’ persona.

    However I’m not going to get excited until pre-production starts, I think series such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Hell on Wheels have shown that TV can be as epic and beautifully crafted as Big budget movies.

    psychomiklos – July 23rd,  2013
  77. I know things look bleak, people…all the more reason to protect The Rose!

    zentune – July 24th, 2013
  78. I would have to agree with Aimee. I am sceptical about this because the powers of the Crimson King on this undertaking have taken its tole. I do truly hope that this mystery man is part of our Ka tet to see this come to light.

    Long days and pleasant nights.

    Cuthbert Allgood – July 28th, 2013
  79. Jon Hamm as Roland

    Tet – July 29th, 2013
  80. Uhmm… just as an aside, the Crimson King is a fictional antagonist and has no influence on Hollywood budgets and politics. In the meantime, we toss around ideas about casting. All good things will or will not come in their right times.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – July 30th, 2013
  81. Why not make a kickstarter campaign? Imagine how much money it would make what with all the darktower fans out there?

    Mass – July 31st,  2013
  82. Russel Crowe can’t be cast as Roland. He’s too stocky I agree, he’s also too well known as other characters. I also agree Mr. King hasn’t been well represented on the big screen. The Dark Tower books are epic and so many of the devoted followers are scared the movies will really fall flat. Anson Mount would be a great Roland, hes mot well known. Clint Eastwood could be an older Roland or Steven Deschain or something. Those two men ARE Roland Deschain. Aaron Paul would be PERFECT for Eddie.

    Meaghan – August 3rd,  2013
  83. I hate the idea of Crowe as Roland. Viggo would be a much better candidate - and he’s just more likable.

    Jennifer – August 6th, 2013
  84. I’m surprised I haven’t read this…. How about Michael C. Hall as Roland? He nailed Dexter Morgan, and I think he could very easily pull off Roland Deschain. (I also like Karl Urben as another choice he was really good in Priest)

    Aaron Paul is Eddie no question in my mind.

    How about Rutina Wesley as Susannah? She is kinda crazy in True Blood and again I think she could pull it off.

    Jake can be casted from a new face/relative unkown

    Nolan – August 12th, 2013
  85. We need someone that will have a strict/solemn look, blue eyes, and not too broad-shouldered. Russel Crowe’s look was always a little too cowish to me; I would be definitely content with Hugh Laurie, though.

    Aaron Paul is BORN to be Eddie. There is no better match.

    Jimmy – August 12th, 2013
  86. Why doesnt anyone mention Hugh Jackman. He would be great!

    Clint – August 14th, 2013
  87. Wow, lots of casting debate. I love it. My choices:

    Roland: Anson Mount/Robert Taylor/Charlie Hunnam Eddie: Aaron Paul or Joel Kinnaman Flagg=Peter Sarsgaard (phenomenal in season 3 of The Killing)/Dylan McDermott

    Doug – August 15th, 2013
  88. Firstly there isn’t a large enough audience to receive a trilogy of 3hr+ epic films about this singular story, let alone one that spans seven books. Granted the books are spectacular and in typical SK fashion visually descriptive and viscerally stunning. But epics of this magnitude do not historically translate well to film. For example fans of Frank Herbert’s Dune Trilogy begged for years to have a film adaptation made. They got David Lynch a superb director, Dino De Laurentis of Conan fame to produce and an outstanding cast to put it to screen. But at the end of the day, it failed miserably. Considered now to be a cult classic it is truly stunning but only captures a fraction of the original story. Now take the Dark Tower series, much better would it be for us the Constant Reader to get a quality product over a period of seasons such as a series on HBO or Showtime with infinitely more fine detail than a motion picture could ever show. Each episode raw and unedited with all the juice to keep us savoring for more just as it was with each chapter in the books. So with the luke warm reception this endeavor is seemingly getting from Crappywood, lets all ask for the right thing and not waste money or time on another Magnum Opus turned to cellulose shit. (Thanks LOTR and Hobbit fans.)

    bubbazanetti – August 15th, 2013
  89. Thanks for the saying that, bubbazanetti. I agree. Do consider, though, that a few films can work if they are supplemented with a television series such as that which you mentioned. Heck, given the rising success of Netflix Originals now, I’d be open to that, too. Like the movie, Joe Schmo moviegoer? Cool. Check out all the richer details, plot lines, and backstory as the action continues to unfold online. It could happen.

    Re: casting, I have to say this again because I think it is something that will either make this project hum or break it altogether and result in a monumental waste of money and time. Roland, our main protagonist here, should not be a “pretty” boy, or a super-handsome actor. Yes, he’s “Long, Tall, and Ugly,” but he doesn’t need to be butt-ugly and deter viewers from wanting to watch; rather, the most important quality of the actor chosen to play him must, must, MUST have the skills and acting chops to pull off a convincing performance and, most importantly, grip the audience and suck them into this world of worlds, this quest, this deeply personal obsession. Some handsome chap in his 20s/30s with high hopes rings hollow like some Jack and the Beanstalk sort of fodder.

    This is called The “Dark” Tower, for God’s sake, and our main character needs to bring all of that while leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, wanting more. Think of your favorite acclaimed TV series right now… same elements at play.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – August 16th, 2013
  90. I would very much like to see this as a series on Netflix. Big screen movie and a series would be even cooler. But I could settle for a series on Netflix. I think they could explore the world of The Dark Tower even more extensively and give us a more detailed look into all the worlds of The Dark Tower in a tv series. Aaron Paul as Eddie Dean? Awesome idea. I think he has the look and acting skills to perfectly match the character. As for Russel Crowe as Roland? I think he he could pull it off. He may not match the character’s specifications exactly to a T, but the essence of Roland is there. Quiet, calm manner. Cold, peircing eyes. Somebody not to be fucked with lol. As much as I wanna see this story be made into live action, the books will always be my favorite format and connection to Roland. I have read through the whole series, even Wind Through The Keyhole, and I am a fan for life. Roland of Gilead is my favorite character in any story, movie or book. So if they flop on makin the movies or whatever, I will always have the books.

    Ace Stoutheart – August 18th, 2013
  91. I personally like the Idea of a series. HBO, SHO, NETFLIX, whichever. I’m not completely against a Film nor am i saying that a film cant be made to work for DT but there is so much the books offer that you can’t squeeze into a 3hr film. Take Game of Thrones for example. They’ve put out 3 seasons & 30hrs worth (give or take) of footage resulting in 30 episodes. Now if I told you to make 3 movies of those 30 episodes at 3hrs each… Game of Thrones wouldn’t be near the story it has turned out to be. In order to get the fullest measure of The Dark Tower I humbly believe it MUST be a series.

    Aloenam – August 19th, 2013
  92. Take all the time you need with someone dedicated to fund the entire project. . . I’d be fine with a Game of thrones approach (that is the only reason why I subscribe to HBO). . .

    Daniel Day Lewis would be the preferred option if they need to go well known star for the $ draw. Without a doubt, he is the single greatest actor on the planet and its by a wide margin. But I’d still see Bill the Butcher or Lincoln and I’m not sure I’d fully be able to buy into him as Roland. I think the best way to do it be to go relatively unknown and let that actor be known as roland. . .

    I’m not completely against Russel Crowe playing the part if its decided a big star is needed. . . at least it’s not Tom Cruise, I’m still bitter they went with Cruise as Jack Reacher. Completely F’d up the opportunity to develop the biggest action character since John McClane or Rambo. . .

    Mike – August 20th, 2013
  93. Top 5 Roland Actors:

    1. Anyone. As long as it actually gets done.
    2. Anyone. As long as it actually gets done.
    3. Anyone. As long as it actually gets done.
    4. Anyone. As long as it actually gets done.
    5. Anyone. As long as it actually gets done.

    Seriously thought, how about Liam Neeson?

    Dave H. – August 21st,  2013
  94. Liam Neeson, all the way!!! TV not going to work. They will lose too much of the fan approval because of all the corners they would have to take.

    Seriously, have they seen what the books cost? Make the movies, the fans are here and dying to see them…

    I think Neeson is the only logical choice for Roland. He’s perfect for the part. He’s the one I picture when I read the stories. Eddie can be just about anybody really, not a hard character to fit. Rutina Wesley from Trueblood would make a fantastic Susannah with a little computer magic, the legs should be no problem.

    Holianne – August 22nd,  2013
  95. Liams too old. Anson Mount from AMC’S “Hell on Wheels” is mainly how I’ve seen Roland though out my reading.

    squirrel – August 26th, 2013
  96. How is Liam Neeson too old? Roland is supposed to be a crusty (but tough) bastard

    Dave H. – August 29th, 2013
  97. Russell Crowe can really play any part he wants. Actors and actresses get fat, get skinny, make up artist are just out standing now days!!! His eyes are what truly matters! I do think that Daniel Craig could do well with the roll! And as far as netflix goes PLEASE GET IT!!!!! I have charter cable and on demand with HBO but I still watch netflix over my t.v. everyday! Me and my Boyfriend are big fans! I think that it would awesome if netflix could grab a hold of this movie/series! and no not anyone should take on these roles… when you have read the books you put a certain image in your head, especially with it being Stephen King even more so, because of his vivid descriptions. Stephen King has his vision and we should all trust that he makes sure that his characters are portrayed properly! This is not his first rodeo!

    Kayelah – August 30th, 2013
  98. Also would love if they made these into movies only! The Lord of the Rings is an epically long movie, Stephen King is already epic why not make these movies epic and long with all excruciating detail! We fans and viewers will obviously make it worth the time and money!!! I know I would make sure to own them all no matter how this goes down, series, movies, what ever just would love to see Stephen Kings vision put on film for this series!

    Kayelah – August 30th, 2013
  99. One Liem Neeson is not cowboy material, and yes he is too old looking. Roland needs to be someone mysterious looking, someone you would look at and wonder about, he would have to have that quiet but deadly look. Hugh Jackman who I have mentioned earlier or Jim Cavizel would be a great Roland.. but have a feeling Stephen King will not sale this epic book, to have someone ruin what he put years into writing … He almost didn’t finish this book.. so thank Stephen King for finishing this awesome book…

    Joann – September 1st,  2013
  100. As much as I LOVED the series… I can’t stand Russel Crowe. I’m sorry to say that if he is cast as the lead character in the film I will NOT be watching it. Let’s hope they pick someone else.

    Misha T – September 3rd,  2013
  101. I have to say that a pick for Roland could be MUCH worse than Russell Crowe. He seems to have an aura of brutish force that I don’t think Roland had… Roland was all about calm, cool collection but I don’t think that Crowe would have a hard time with that.

    All of the times in the books that Roland was stern and firm, I think Crowe could perform splendidly. All of you, imagine for me the time when Blaine was “haggling” with the passengers, and Roland used some of that “Eld Mojo” and roared:

    “Kill if you will but command me nothing!”

    Situations like that, I believe, Crowe could pack a punch where a punch was due.

    Other than that, my ideal Roland pick would be Gary Sinise. He has already been casted in a handful of Stephen King movies, and he is spot on in every role (Stu Redman was perfect). Gary has enough age on him at this point, I imagine, that he could perform very well.

    Samulus – September 4th, 2013
  102. i think the only way the dark tower would be done any justice if it was made as a manga/anime. you only need to watch films such as akira and vampire hunter D to see how good they could b.

    bertius – September 4th, 2013
  103. also i cannot see crowe being rolland at all. he doesnt fit the roll at all.

    bertius – September 4th, 2013
  104. but if i had to cast….

    Rutina Wesley and aaron paul would work really well, but think rolland would have to be an unknown as the big names being thrown about dont fit… maybe vigo but…

    bertius – September 4th, 2013
  105. Mads Mikkelsen = Roland

    Jay – September 5th, 2013
  106. what about christian bale for rolland, think he could play the part,

    bertius – September 13th, 2013
  107. I’ve thought about Christian Bale, he would be good too and I think Russell Crowe is not the best but better than some of the names being thrown out there. The guy needs to be kinda tall too… It’s just hard to pick fits with Stephen king. He is so graphic and sets an image in your head that’s hard to put into a human. Really would not see anime doing this justice though… Stephen king makes it feel so real and I understand there are comics too but still just doesn’t give it justice to me.

    Kayelah – September 14th, 2013
  108. Mathew Mcconaughey as Roland…how’s THAT for left field?

    zentune – September 15th, 2013
  109. king does make it feel real i just cant really see any big name coming in to do rolland i dont think anyone fits the bill in my head, thats one of the reasons i think anime would work. as a film i think they would have to have an unknown like star wars did with mark hammell,

    bertius – September 16th, 2013
  110. I agree that it will be hard, and yes, I agree they would probably be better off with unknown name. I just can’t think of any off the top of my head, and I am horrible with names and faces… lol I will watch it however they work it out! I feel like most readers will do the same. However they have to capture the viewers, the people who don’t read the book. It is going to take so much time to complete and so much money that the “constant reader” will not be able to profit them out of the budget they spend. They have a lot of work ahead of them I just hope the they fight until it gets done, and gets done right!!!

    Kayelah – September 19th, 2013
  111. What about anson mount from hell on wheels playing roland

    jason c – September 19th, 2013
  112. Or even better andrew lincoln of the walking dead he definatly has the look i would say and he is a fantastic actor

    jason c – September 19th, 2013
  113. We all have a image of Roland in mind. That said, Sam Elliot is the “perfect” Roland. Thanks for the books Stephen.

    Susie Morgan – November 1st,  2013
  114. William Defoe for the man in black

    Dave – November 11th, 2013
  115. AMC should pick it up and get the writers from “Breaking Bad” to start off “The Gunslinger” book in a 1 season TV-series. That will get the juice$ flowing for the follow-up movie “The Drawing of the Three” + “The WasteLand”…up to the conclusion of Blaine being derailed @Topeka. Get maybe Quentin Tarantino to do the bloody gun battle scenes. I know, just wishful thinking.

    RJ – December 5th, 2013
  116. Everyone just has this all wrong I mean c’mon really russell crow would suck. This is the most epic book i’ve ever read Andrew Lincoln from the walking dead as Roland and Aaron Paul who plays jesse on breaking bad as Eddie Dean and Detta/odetta makes me think of only that chick who plays Tara on true blood. If they did that casting and put the whole thing on HBO produced as well as game of thrones. I dont see how any fan couldnt love it and also bring countless more

    Pawel w – January 3rd,  2014
  117. Andrew Lincoln As Roland

    Mark Whalberg As Eddie Dean

    Zoë Saldana As Susannah Dean

    Flow – January 5th, 2014
  118. Scott Eastwood as roland Aaron Paul as eddie Zoe Saldana as Odetta Max Records as jake Javier Bardem as flag

    shannon – January 22nd,  2014
  119. The character of Roland is so, so important - it cannot be botched by poor casting. Bardem was ridiculous, Crowe too old/stocky, Neeson better but still too old. By the time this finally gets going, these actors could be in their graves! The only clear choice for this role is Andrew Lincoln. Perfect looks, body type, age (old enough, and could play older - but not too old). Please forward this immediately to Mr. Howard before he makes a terrible mistake. And you can all thank me later.

    Leah – January 30th, 2014
  120. I’ve been dying to see an adaptation of the Dark Tower, but please not Russell Crowe! I’d almost rather not see it happen. I love the idea of Timothy Olyphant as Roland since getting hooked on his show Justified - he’s a total gunslinger. He has that effortless ‘speak softly and carry a big stick’ mojo that Clint Eastwood had. Andrew Lincoln wouldn’t be a bad choice, but not quite as good a fit IMO. Gary Sinise is an interesting thought - he definitely has the acting chops, but not the physical build. Love the idea of Daniel Day Lewis as Randall Flagg but it’ll never happen. I hope in general that the casting is more unknowns and character actors than Hollywood stars - it needs more emphasis on the story and characters than on star power. That said, I really like the idea of Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad as Eddie Dean (Mark Whalberg? yeesh, all I can think of when I see him trying to act is “Say hi to your mother for me!”)

    Dan – February 16th, 2014
  121. Please please I am begging them not to use Russell Crowe as Roland deschain!!! If anyone is Roland it’s Josh Brolin!!! Please I need some people to get behind me. We need to make an online petition, a petition to have anyone but Russell Crowe play Roland.. Who is with me?! Come on people let’s save the greatest story ever told from Russell Crowe.

    Hayley Jean – August 20th, 2014
  122. Josh Brolin is who I pictured in my head every time I picture Roland. We need to contact the people in charge of casting and the people in charge of the dark tower project and beg them not to use Russell Crowe.. Any ideas ppl on how we can stop this horrific casting error?!

    Hayley Jean – August 20th, 2014
  123. I have to admit it never entered my mind for Daniel Day Lewis to play Roland but he would be awesome. I will let more experienced casting people figure this out, but this movie could be the next HUNGER GAMES, and Ron Howard knows it. Just get it made…

    MAJ – August 20th, 2014
  124. I can’t believe Viggo would pass that up! Talk about a tailor-made role. I like Robert Pastorelli for Eddie.

    Matt – August 30th, 2014