This last week brought some interesting casting news, and perhaps the final indication we need that Sony are really going ahead with their Dark Tower movie franchise. The news broke on Monday that Matthew McConaughey was offered the lead role of The Gunslinger.

Multiple individuals familiar with the situation“, leaked the news to TheWrap*, so we should perhaps take this information with a pinch of salt until we get something more official from a Sony or Imagine Entertainment representative.

The individuals are saying that McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club, HBO’s True Detective) was not only offered the lead role, but also that of the Man in Black, and they’re saying that he’s actually leaning toward that role! You’d think the lead role of Roland would hold a stronger appeal, but it’s not unusual for actors to prefer more villainous roles, and of course the commitment would be somewhat less than that of the Gunslinger.

This is the first real news regarding casting since Sony took over the project back in April, but with the January 2017 release date just a little over a year away, they need to get a move on.

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What!?! Yep, in a recent press release by Sony, they announced that the first installment of the Dark Tower franchise, “The Gunslinger“, will hit cinema’s on January 13, 2017.

What? When? Where? How?

At this time there is very little known about this; we don’t know who will play Roland, or any of the other characters. Originally Javier Bardem, and later Russell Crowe, were suggested to take on the role of the Gunslinger, and at one point Aaron Paul was in talks with Ron Howard for the role of Eddie Dean.

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We have an interesting development on the Dark Tower movie adaptation; Sony have just announced their intent to team up with MRC to finance the movie. Only time will tell if this has any legs to it, but it does look very interesting, and possibly gives us confidence that Sony will see it through.

What’s make Sony’s involvement so interesting is that chairman Tom Rothman was hired to find a global franchise they can get behind to get them on a par with studios like Disney, with their Star Wars and Marvel series, and Paramount with their Transformers run of movies and spinoffs.

This all makes for very interesting news in regards to the Dark Tower because if Sony/MRC are planning to compete on that level, then they’ll need to put a lot of funding and effort to making it into a long running franchise. Howard’s original plan of several movies plus a TV series must still be on the cards.

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Universal Concept Artwork

Yesterday, while over on the Comic Book Movie website, I came across an interesting article regarding the release of some Dark Tower concept artwork by illustrator Gregory Hill (who previously worked on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″).

Hill was working with Ron Howard for several months during the Universal phase before the project was shut down, and he recently updated his portfolio with eight pieces of concept art along with a couple of fly-through videos of a computer generated Tull. [continue reading and comment…]