Javier Bardem: Gunslinger – deal almost done

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After a couple of month’s uncertainty it’s looking more and more likely that we finally have our Gunslinger. The reports are coming in that the WME Agency (William Morris Endeavor) are “putting the finishing touches on the deal” for Javier Bardem to take the lead role in the 3-movie + TV series Dark Tower adaptation. They’re so close to finalizing that Ron Howard has now started courting other actors for the remaining lead roles – alas, no word yet on who they might be.

Since the announcement back in January we’ve had hundreds of comments from DT fans and there’s a split between those who think Bardem is right for the role Roland Deschain and those who think he’s not. One common reason for peoples’ dislike is due to his Hispanic looks, stating that Stephen King always portrayed the gunslinger as a Clint Eastwood type figure. Perhaps so, but many of the illustrations that have accompanied the Dark Tower books and those of the comics have imagined the gunslinger in several different ways, and these are official illustrations. We must also remember that King, as with all authors, has to describe how his lead characters look – this is good story telling – but how Roland looks it not actually central to the story.

For what it’s worth, I’d rather have a good actor who will do justice to the part, than one who gets it just because of his looks, and I think Bardem will give an outstanding performance.

With Ron Howard at the helm and a lead of Bardem’s capabilities, I have confidence that the Dark Tower movies will be a solid effort, perhaps even a classic and on a par with Lord of the Rings.

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  1. I’m down with him - some of the new promo photos they have for him looking more dark and grizzled look quite Roland-esque. On another note I do hope they incorporate some of the back-story as outlined in the comics (with the fall of Gilead) in the films or series, because that’s some solid, clever writing as well.

    Sean James McCoy – April 8th, 2011
  2. I agree it is more about acting abilities than looks. Yes I have always thought of a young Clint Eastwood, but I think Bardem is the perfect pick. Nowhere in the books does it say that Roland is a white American. I think Bardem has the amazing ability to bring Roland to life, and I think he is perfect for the role. Of course you can’t please everyone, but I am one fan who is happy with the choice, and can’t wait to see the films.

    Aimee – April 8th, 2011
  3. He thinks it’ll at least be a solid effort, and I agree. You can’t really go wrong with Bardem. Sure, a lot of us have eyeballed others - some with both the acting chops AND the looks, but the looks that fit what we, as individuals, envision to best represent Roland Deschain. I am confident in Bardem’s abilities to command the screen with these movies and the tv series. One thing’s for sure: it WILL be “different” from what the general public is used to. LOTR = fantasy on a huge scale that blew us away, for example. This will have darker tones to it. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together and gets presented to us, to be honest.

    Regarding Walter/Randall Flagg/other monikers, what do you all think of Jamey Sheridan? Think he can pull it off like he did in The Stand? (He’s going to be a VERY important casting selection, especially in the first movie and the mini-series on TV.) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0792177/

    Thanks for the update, Mike!

    Maestro208 – April 8th, 2011
  4. I have read some good comments in regards to people’s reaction to liking & disliking Javier and while I may not fully agree with Mr. Bardom being casted as Roland I also do not fully disagree with it. At this point I just want to see everyone in the project give it they’re all. I wanna see the actors take on the cares and concerns for these characters that we (the fans) have taken on over the last 30plus years. I want Javier’s version of Roland make me think I was stupid for not believing he was the best fit for the Role. I want him to make me think that not only is he the best person for the role but that KA itself has called upon him specifically for this role. Anything less could result in disaster and one of the worst Stephen King adaptations of all time. Not to mention some very upset DT fans….

    For better or worse it looks like Javier has got the role but first and foremost I am a DT fan and I’m going to watch this thing no matter what. That being said let’s get this thing cooking cause my eyes are hungry to see some Dark Tower action on both the Big & Small screens. Best of luck Javier.

    David – April 9th, 2011
  5. I am so stoked at hearing the dark tower series was beng made into movies/ tv series. Badham’s perfect for Roland, he has the look of a gunslinger. Just wish they would change the ending of the series. It pissed me off!

    neal – April 9th, 2011
  6. I am delighted by this news - not only do I rate Bardem but it also means casting for the others characters! How quickly did the Hobbit get to filming once they announced their Bilbo. The same will hopefully happen for this awesome project. I can’t wait to see who the entire cast is and am looking forward to seeing our new Roland. :D

    Loki – April 9th, 2011
  7. I think this is fantastic news. Javier Bardem is an inspired choice. One that I would not have thought of myself, but now that it is in front of me, I can completely support. Roland Deschain is my favorite literary character of any book series, and to have an actor of Bardem’s caliber portraying him puts my mind at ease. This project is off to a great start! “There will be water if god wills it.” Long days and pleasant nights…

    Towerjunkie311 – April 9th, 2011
  8. Bardem would be perfect as Roland, as long he wears contact lenses… The image of Roland with steely blue gray eyes recurs hundreds of times in the books.

    PJ – April 9th, 2011
  9. To clarify my previous comment; Javier Bardem is an excellent actor and an excellent choice to play Roland Deschain. “No Country for Old Men” gave him a certain quantity of awesomeness that just screams Roland; he’s been awesome even going back to that crappy movie where he worked with Rosie Perez and had bangs. Pulp movies just don’t do his acting abilities justice, so I look forward to seeing him put out an incredible performance as The Gunslinger.

    It would really hit me as a giant fan and Constant Reader to see Roland with brown eyes though. I could get over it I’m sure, but it had better be a perfect adaptation if they couldn’t even get the eyes right.

    PJ – April 9th, 2011
  10. @Maestro208 RE Flagg/Walter;

    I never actually had a good picture of a Flagg in my head until “Hearts in Atlantis” and “Wizard and Glass.” If I had to pick someone to play the role I’d go with an actor purely on the look… A guy who looks just a tiny bit too much like a raven or a wolf for comfort.

    PJ – April 9th, 2011
  11. He is a great actor,but he will have wear blue lenses if he wants to be Roland.

    B.B.A – April 10th, 2011
  12. I think he will do a good job. Karl Urban would have been better. I Mr. Bardem’s English improves. He has a thick accent.

    Wes – April 10th, 2011
  13. @wes I personally think Bardem has excellent english, yes he has an accent but its under control, and I think he could lose it if he wanted…….. Karl Urban on the other hand couldnt act his way out of a wet paper bag, dire, dire, dire……

    Glad to hear more positive responses in this thread then the last, the choice has been made, even if you dont 100% agree, just accept it and lets enjoy the ride :)

    stonie104 – April 11th, 2011
  14. Right on, stonie.

    And I see where you’re coming from, PJ; but that sinister-as-hell character also has to strike a nerve in the audience, at least on a primal level. He’s gotta be able to act as well as he looks creepy and disturbing. Remember, we want to side with Roland and his quest. :)

    Maestro208 – April 11th, 2011
  15. I have loved Bardem in everything I’ve seen him in. While he may not be who I envisioned when reading the books (I wouldn’t even have been aware of him when I read my first one many moons ago), I think he has the right presence.

    Kimber – April 11th, 2011
  16. Bad news for me :/ I was hoping they would choose Jackman or Mortensen, or, which would be the best, some unknown actor, looking at least a bit similar to Eastwood. I don’t doubt his acting skills, Bardem is good, but I thinks looks are also very improtant for this particular role. Roland has always been described as Eastwood, and this guy doesnt look like him at all. He’s good for a hispanic gangster role, or something similar, but I just can’t get over the image of hispanic Roland..it’s just strange. I hope they will at least make him wear lenses. As for the other roles, I can still hope Jared Leto will be playing Eddie and Nathan Gamble will represent Jake. Oh, and I am very curious how are they gonna make Oy :)

    Omen – April 13th, 2011
  17. I think Javier Bardem will make a great Roland! He might not exactly be how I imagined him, but the looks of Roland aren’t that important. Now I am dying to know who they will cast as Randall Flagg. Really looking forward to these movies, although it’s still a long way to go.

    Void – April 13th, 2011
  18. I understand that people can be upset, but if anyone reads S King’s take on movie adaptation of books, you’d see that he doesn’t care about it because it’s impossible to have enough money or time to make a movie just like a book. Clint Eastwood would clearly be the exact person for this role. Problem is he is 80-something and NO ONE else that is young is a Clint Eastwood, he is one-of-a-kind and I’m trying to enjoy whatever he makes as much as possible before he dies.

    Bardem is a great actor. His darkness is perfect for most of Roland Deschain, except maybe when he is young; Roland is the hero/anti-hero but not meant to be a likeable character. It is impossible to match actor/actress to our imaginations after reading books. We all have a different picture in our head. I’m happy they have a good actor and good director.

    I know people are going to be upset with this move/TV series regardless of how good it is, but I’m looking forward to it. Won’t equal the books no matter what though.

    unclej – April 13th, 2011
  19. He’ll do great. I do hope they get contact but…no one would really be prefect, so I’m glad they’re going for solid quality.

    I’m glad someone else sees Jared Leto for Eddie (ironically he has those vivid blues…but contact all around?) I think Cillian Murphy would be dead on for Flagg. Attractive and charming…until he turn creepy as all hell. His face has that attractive/weird quality to it, as well.

    Te – April 13th, 2011
  20. Bardem seems like a natural pick for Roland ( CGI or lenses will fix the eye problem) but im more concerned about the role of Flagg. Years ago Mr. King himself said he thought Christopher Walken would make a great dark man and I agree. And in my opinion Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad has Eddie written all over him.

    Pokes23 – April 14th, 2011
  21. Jay Mohr for Randall Flagg. He’s funny enough to be creepy and psychotic for the role.

    Slow Mutant – April 14th, 2011
  22. Bardem has the dreariness! I just hope they don’t cast Dominic Monaghan (Charlie from the Lost Series) as Eddie…

    Derrick – April 15th, 2011
  23. Not too downhearted with Bardem as Roland. Initially was thinking oh discordia what have they done but the idea of him is growing on me. As has been said there wasn’t anyone for perfect for this role - i’m just glad it wasn’t Bale. As for Eddie if they could get Edward Norton that would be amazing as far as i’m concerned. If not I think Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma) would be a good choice. As for (O)detta-Susannah-Mio and Jake I have absolutely no idea who they should cast.

    Sheemie99 – April 15th, 2011
  24. Tom Waits would make the PERFECT man in black..ever seen the Imaginarium of Dr. parnassus? He plays the devil amazingly. Sinister and yet likeable

    Eddiedean – April 16th, 2011
  25. I think Javier Bardem is quite possibly one of the best choices that could have been made. I’m not worried about his appearance at all; with a good performance that draws you in, I doubt anyone will even be thinking about his look. I’ve been saying for the last several months that a really outside-the-box choice for Eddie Dean would be to cast Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. He’s shown in that series that he can play a junkie, but I also think he’d be able to fully capture the transition from junkie-to-gunslinger.

    Regkray76 – April 16th, 2011
  26. The News of Bardem is truly awsome, he is without doubt the actor who could do this role justice his performance in No Country For Old Men was one of the best i have ever seen and i have no doubt he will leave us in amazement as Roland. I think its more important that the script is right. The script needs to reflect the outstanding work of King who has left as all in amazment over the past 30 years.

    Daniel – April 18th, 2011
  27. @slowmutant Dude, what is wrong with you? Jay Mohr….. seriously?? you should be ashamed of yourself lol the guy is talentless…. I’d rather scratch my own eyes out with rusty nails then see him cast as Flagg.

    If Walken was a bit younger he would be perfect, Timothy Olyphant is the only other name I can think of at the moment, because Flagg is not heavily featured in the books I guessing they will go for a big name star rather then an unknown, with very little time needed on set a big name could do the role and not really conflict with other progects.

    stonie104 – April 18th, 2011
  28. @stonie: Jamey Sheridan for Flagg/Walter. Have you seen the mini-series for The Stand back in the day? If so, I think it would be fitting for him to continue in this role. He played the likable/charming/creepy/sinister as hell (underneath the facade) role nicely.

    Thoughts on this?

    Maestro208 – April 18th, 2011
  29. @Maestro208 I really enjoyed Jamey Sheridan as Flagg in the stand but I think I remember reading somewhere that King wasn’t pleased with that casting choice, I could be wrong though.

    They are doing a new version of the stand aren’t they? if they use the same actor in both that would be pretty cool :)

    stonie104 – April 19th, 2011
  30. @stonie: I’ve heard about that, and I agree. That would only be appropriate, and very cool, to boot. Flagg is a very central character in The Stand, and a bit of a fringe character in most of The Dark Tower books, so that would be do-able for the actor that’s chosen to play him, I would imagine. Kind of goes along with the interwoven characters and underlying plot threads that weave throughout many of King’s books, too. I dig it!

    Does anyone know who’s being considered to play Flagg in the new Stand remake?

    Maestro208 – April 19th, 2011
  31. Hile, I admit that I am still not on board 100% for Bardem, but like it has been stated in this post and the original Bardem post, I am ALL for the completion and success of this project. What is, Is. I would still like to see Clint as Pere Callahan. I think it would be a bit of alright. It’s time to see how all the roles will work out and go with it, whether we think good or bad of the decisions. So DT fans, it’s time to jump on Blaine and enjoy the funky ride. Long days and pleasant nights, Sai’s.

    “Kill them, kill them ALL!!!

    Gunslinger9teen – April 19th, 2011
  32. I heard they’re trying to get that weird pet from “Thundercats” to play Oy. Also heard something about Danny Devito wanting the role. LOL

    Gunslinger9teen – April 19th, 2011
  33. Let’s face it folks the stand mini series was made for tv crap and is best left forgotten along with the tommyknockers and that horrible shining remake. Sheridan never felt like Flagg to me and every time he came on screen he was way more comical than sinister. A tough part to cast for sure and I think his character is more central to the darktower story than alot of you give him credit for. But hollywood has to have someone better to offer than someone who is better fit for daytime soap operas.

    Pokes23 – April 19th, 2011
  34. Although it’s obvious Bardem is not even close to the archetypical Man With No Name character in which Roland is largely based, I believe he’s got the required acting skills to perform a believable (and hopefully iconic) Gunslinger. After all, it’s not just the appearance; I simply couldn’t portrait Ledger as the Joker, and now is one of the most noticeble characters (and performances) lately. Bardem could use some weight loss though, to make his quest to the Tower a little bit more feasible.

    And for Flagg… That’s a tricky choice; they should cast two different actors for two different roles. One for Marten/Flagg (should I remember clearly the face of my father, both incarnations share the same physical appearance) and another one for Walter…

    For the Flagg part, a couple of names come to mind (Sam Rockwell, Jeremy Irons, Gary Oldman, Ian McShane, Willem Defoe, Daniel Day-Lewis, etc…) but I just hope they don’t go for the recurrent big-name and choose a lesser-known actor, such as Bill Moseley. For Walter… Maybe Zeljko Ivanek? I’d buy that…

    Since Bardem start being a serious option for Roland, I’ve thought that casting Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Flagg would be kind of mind-blowing doppelgänger joke. And, hey, they’ll always have a backup for Roland in case Javier brokes a leg or something.

    I can also easily see James McAvoy showing the right Eddie Dean attitude, but I’ve elucubrated enough for today.

    Ari – April 20th, 2011
  35. What about Paul Bettany for a look-alike Roland?

    LB – April 20th, 2011
  36. How about Alan Rickman for flagg/Walter? Doesnt get much creepier than that. And I had a Thought for Richard Sayer, the guy who never ages from Lost, ironic that his name in Lost was also Richard.

    And how about Ryan Reynolds for Eddie?

    thegreatdalmooty – April 20th, 2011
  37. I’m pretty stoked about Bardem being considered for this, he is an amazing actor, and I can totally see him playing Roland. The actor for this needs to portray a great amount of depth with a limited show of emotion, and I think Bardem can nail that type of character. This is my favorite piece of fiction and I can’t wait to see it come to life on the big screen.

    As far as Flagg/Walter, Gary Oldman is the only person I can picture playing this among the big name actors. He just plays the maniacal villain so well, and I pictured someone similar to him when reading the book.

    I read somebody suggesting Timothy Olyphant as Roland. I think Olyphant is a very good actor (Justified is my favorite TV show atm), but maybe too likeable to play the gunslinger. I think Bardem would add more of an ominous tone to the character. I’d be more more inclined to put Olyphant in the role of Eddie.

    P.S. After thinking of Justified, I wondered… what about Walton Goggins as Flagg/Walter? I think that would actually be a great fit! He has shown awesome acting ability in both Justified and The Shield.

    D – April 20th, 2011
  38. Richard Sayer? Where did you come up with that?! Nestor Carbonell plays the character Richard Alpert in Lost. The only reason I know that, is because him and his family swung by a salon, here in AZ, that my wife worked at and she got to do his hair.

    Attikus1 – April 21st,  2011
  39. Jay Mohr for Flagg!! He’s a comedian after all, not a very good one, but comedy is tough. Remember Flagg has a sense of humour. He changed a switchblade to a banana in the Stand! Hilarious! All those “deep” actors mentioned may be able to play sinister, but where’s the clown? And Mr. King loves clowns. Flagg was wasted character in DT. He was such a menace in the Stand, but so easily dispatched in DT. Guess it was just a cameo.

    Slow Mutant – April 21st,  2011
  40. I have no problem that Javier has Hispanic looks. I mean look at the discription of the Folken in Majias! But can we at least throw some blue contacts his way? Everyone that Roland comes in contact with remembers his eyes.. “Blue” I do think there are better matches for Rolands looks and agree with most of the DT Junkies like me that have posted names… But again, Blue Eyes Mr. Howard! BLUE EYES! COLD BLUE EYES! Spend the extra 100 bucks and get the guy some contacts if this is who will be playing Roland!

    SteffyBear34 – April 21st,  2011
  41. I don’t hate Bardeem as the Gunslinger and as far as the latin thing, Roland Deschain speaks the high speech which to me has always been a mixture of many languages, including Spanish. As for the role of the Gunslinger I actually believe that it is far less critical a role to get right than say that of Jake Chambers. To find a young actor who can pull off the depth of Jake is going to be Mr. Howard’s true challenge.

    Craig – April 24th, 2011
  42. As for Walter O’Dim/Randall Flagg two names jump instantly to mind, Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman. Both are superb and would be excellent choices.

    Craig – April 24th, 2011
  43. I don’t think his nationality matters, but what about Roland’s blue bombardier eyes? That is part of who Roland is, so maybe blue contacts? :)

    Amy – April 26th, 2011
  44. Bardem as Roland might work OK. He’s got the acting skills, no doubt about that. But when the question is the look, here’s my only issue; he’s too solid… I’ve always imagined Roland being of very slim build and Bardem is just to bulky. Other than that, he’s a decent choice if he can pull the acting off, which I think he can do. Timothy Olyphant was my choice for Roland… and it doesn’t hurt he’s had his share of western rolls, so he can really sell it. I’m sure with make-up they can really try to make him look weathered and haggard. :) Jamey Sheridan was a disappointment as Randall Flagg, in my opinion. He just didn’t do it for me and I really really hope they don’t cast him in the movies or TV show. They should just do a casting call and whoever has the creepiest titter should get the part (mostly kidding).
    I’m mostly excited to see the other roles cast. Eddie is one of my favorites and I’m almost scared to see who’s going to portray him.

    polikjum – April 27th, 2011
  45. This site is slacking cuz I read on Perez Hiltons site yesterday that Bardem is a done deal. Don’t forget that Roland is also described as having very tanned skin because of all the years spent travelling in the sun. I agree he is a little bulkier than I pictured Roland but he’s a fine actor that can pull the part off.

    Pokes23 – April 27th, 2011
  46. just please please, please, oh please make the eyes blue.

    Brian – April 27th, 2011
  47. WOW people come on Roland was silm and more hawk like features why not Timothy Olyphant, his work with dead wood and justified prove he can rock a cowboy hat. I think he has the acting chops. The only think for him might be his voice. As i watch justified every week all i see is roland please before you sign a deal with Bardem take a look at Olyphant

    Tommy D – April 28th, 2011
  48. …and NO SPANISH ACCENT!!! comprende amigo?

    Gunslinger9teen – April 28th, 2011
  49. @craig: Oldman or Rickman would be very intriguing choices for Walter/Flagg/Marten. Some people will just have to disassociate with Rickman’s “Snape” character from the Harry Potter movies. I’ve always been a fan of his since Die Hard.

    Now Eddie… that’s probably the most interesting casting discussion.

    Maestro208 – April 29th, 2011
  50. I’m sure that some of you have never read the books by the rubbish you write.

    Old long tall and ugly is NOT an American white man, he is described again and again as dark skinned burnt darker by a millenium of travelling.

    In book VII, Mrs. Tassenbaum sees him thus “with the unruly mop of gray-flecked hair combed straight back from his brow, she had revelaed the spare good looks and angular features of an interesting Crossbreed: a mixture of Quaker and Cherokee was what she imagined.”

    And how the hell is Ed Norton aged 42 being touted to play the 23-25 year old Eddie.

    Some of you should go back and reread the books because you obviously weren’t concentrating the last time.

    Bango Skank – April 29th, 2011
  51. @Bangoskank I have read the books over and over and I said nothing about Roland’s nationality. Hell, he’s not even of this plane of existence. All I was commenting on was for him (Bardem) to get a dialect coach and lose the thick Spaniard accent. We all know that Mejis and the Calla had a close resemblance of Mexican/Spanish influence. So in closing, Roland was not of Spanish decent. Dark skinned from years of trudging thru the desert and wastelands, yes. But no mention, (except for the high speech) of his dialect. Enjoy your weekend, whatever form of language you speak. Thankee Sais

    Gunslinger9teen – April 29th, 2011
  52. Kinda liking the idea of Jamie Sheridan as the Man In Black. Brings a certain returning sense of congruity to the Stand and The Dark Tower. And his ability to titter laughter is an added bonus.

    double t – May 2nd,  2011
  53. Yeah, I might be one of few who actually liked The Stand. Jamey Sheridan did a most interesting Walkin’ Dude. Just kind of an out there , but I think Christopher Walken would do a freaky Walken(pun intended) Dude. I am very interested who will fill the cast. Once they start throwing names out, we’ll ( DT junkies) be making our comments and discussions. Thankee Sai’s

    Gunslinger9teen – May 2nd,  2011
  54. A couple thoughts here:

    If they cast Sheridan as Flagg again, I wouldn’t oppose it, but if they can find someone BETTER, then I’m all for it, as well. Just, please, also cast him in the reboot of The Stand, too. Makes sense, right?

    • The deceptive, overconfident, comical side of Flagg is not to be overlooked, either. Seems to be a core personality trait of his, which, to me, makes his character all the more sinister.

    I do NOT want this epic project to come close to feeling like a made-for-TV movie, or anything like that. That would be a disappointment of, well… epic proportions.

    Maestro208 – May 2nd,  2011
  55. Javier bardem is perfect for roland (albeit his eyes can be fixed)

    Get two tabs on your browser opened, have the picture of him from up top in one, and the seventh book with roland gripping the rose as the other.

    I dare anyone to argue the choice of javier now.

    Joe Viking – May 2nd,  2011
  56. It sucks I’m not gonna watch the movies because since I first started reading the books I always pictured Viggo Mortensen as Roland. So it would just ruin it for me

    Suzy – May 7th, 2011
  57. Just so long as they have the unsettling bullshooter/bombardeer blue eyes that even stephen king so greatly emphisized its all good in my book. :p

    JR – May 8th, 2011
  58. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! please do not have him play ROLAND… YEah he DOesnt even Have BLue Eyes Roland is pale and has sharp features as described in the novels and Graphic novels - all of which I own and HAVE read . THiS is a HUGE disappointment. Please reconsider. It is still in production and is not TOO late to take back this HUGE mistake. ( Bardem is a great actor I have nothing against him ) I Know everyone envisions the characters differenetly in their mind but We ARE given A DESRciption of Rolands TRAITs in detail and this DOES NOT FOLLOW THAT - the story is amazing and i understand it is the most important part to focus on but the characters are equally important - I had such high hopes for this Story to be put into film even though it is very difficult to transform a novel into a movie successfully. Starting off by choosing the WRONG Actor for the COOLEST character ever made is disheartening. ONCE AGAIN pleas Help and choose someone else PPPLLLEEEEEEAAsssssseEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Sam – May 8th, 2011
  59. BRING BACK JAMEY SHERIDAN! He brought Randall Flagg to life as the malevolent, witty yet creepily evil handsome Randall Flagg, and the guy has damn well still got the look and the personality. Baby, can you dig yo man?

    Chris – May 8th, 2011
  60. He is pretty perfect for the part and he can act his ass off. I can’t wait to see these movies/shows.

    Conner – May 11th, 2011
  61. Personally, I would be thrilled to see Bardem try on Roland’s boots. I feel that his accent could be refined some, but in the context of a spaghetti western, a touch of Hispanic would not be unbelievable. I would hope, however, that they at least get him a good set of contacts. Such a simple, yet crucial, aesthetic choice cannot afford to be overlooked.

    I honestly think that character representation can make or break any film. Just this week, I had finally convinced myself to watch The Stand miniseries. I could not make it further than the second installment. The blatant disregard for character descriptions and key plot elements was absolutely repulsive. In some cases, it even appears that different characters were merged into a single, general-purpose role. I understand that movies are rarely capable of expressing the depth that we find in well-written novels, but one thing that I cannot stand is taking shortcuts.

    As for Flagg, I am surprised that no one in this thread has mentioned Neal McDonough. I can’t quite place it as to why, but his image, and that of the Walkin’ Dude, have been indissolubly linked in my mind for as long as I have read any of King’s Flagg-related books.

    Elijah – May 14th, 2011
  62. Like so many other fans I said if Client Eastwood were younger he would be the one b/c of King’s mental and physical definiton of Roland. However, Bardem will be awesome as Roland. Remenber, an actor can look like/be two different individuals, one in front of the camera and behind the scenes. As long as we can get that gunslinger with that and bounty hunter theme he’s the perfect person all the way.

    Iona Sawyer – May 20th, 2011
  63. Bardem is a complete miscast for Roland. It needs to be a descendent of Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name lineage or it never works… so why not Josh Brolin? Wrong eye color but definitely can walk that walk. Viggo Mortensen can walk the walk and even has the eye color. Karl Urban. Ten minutes with Google nets you ten better choices… Bardem is a ridiculous choice.

    christopher – May 20th, 2011
  64. I guess Bardem is a good actor… but he doesn’t loos the right way for roland…his nose is to big…

    the perfect pig would be the young Terrence Hill: http://www.n24.de/media/_fotos/bildergalerien/terencehill/hill_sw_SUBHOME_Standard_Media_Player.jpg

    but for sake he’s to old now…

    so i could imagine Clive Owen for The Part as Rolnad Deschain: http://wallpaper-s.org/72__Clive_Owen%2C_Sin_City.htm


    cheers from Berlin

    Mr Waffle – May 23rd,  2011
  65. I think that the hardest character to cast will be Odeta Holmes/Detta Walker/Susannah Dean. So to my question. Who do you think would be cut out to play said character?


    CuthbertAllgood – May 23rd,  2011
  66. im still undecided about the decision although my apprehension in mostly based on looks. on one hand bardem will definitely be able to look weathered and sun baked like i picture roland after years of walking. the problem for me is the eyes. rolands looks are so much about the icy blue eyes. im sure they can fix that with lenses and computer and what ever. im excited to see the rest of the cast. im most worried about jake. hes gotta be a good actor. we have to believe that this kid can actually make the single minded death machine that is roland care about something other than the tower.

    rob – May 23rd,  2011
  67. oh and eddie: jame franco. i can see him pulling off the drug addict gone cold turkey and hes funny as hell! plus he did that soap opera thing so i bet hed be down for some tv acting.

    rob – May 23rd,  2011
  68. Just a thought…I came across this today while re-reading Song of Susannah again: 10th stanza, Susannah-Mio, Divided Girl of Mine, chapter 13, Susannah talking to Mia: “Woman, I’m not Roland’s sister, or his daughter, either! You maybe didn’t notice a small but basic difference in the color of our hides, namely his being white and mine being black.”

    willow – May 24th, 2011
  69. Maybe it’s just me, but i always thought that Karl Urban had the best look for Roland. The dark features, the complexion and he’s an excellent actor. Also, i think Sam elliot should play the part of Jonas, when it comes to that. But if it comes to Javier playing Roland, i may be a little disappointed but i’m sure he’ll do it well

    Phil Passero – May 26th, 2011
  70. A tousand people…a tousand different minds and thoughts…

    i’ wont be easy to satisfy everybody…

    maybe they should look for actors who are not that famous at all like in lord of the rings Peter Jackson did….

    to my mind Jake should be played by a Joel Osment look a like…maybe Joel could do it…probably he’s to old right now… http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&client=firefox-a&hs=glB&rls=org.mozilla:de:official&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=KQneTYfgEIzdsgbOtpm1BQ&ved=0CDYQBSgA&q=joel+osment&spell=1&biw=1280&bih=768

    Suzanna could be played by Marjuan Canady…a young actress with a look that suits http://web.me.com/mtcanady/Marjuan_Canady/Gallary.html#2

    Eddie could bye played by Jake Gyllenhaal…he already proofed his talents as an actor and i guess he could figure out the little boy who lives in Eddie http://www.google.de/search?q=jake+gyllenhaal&hl=de&client=firefox-a&hs=Z3B&sa=N&rls=org.mozilla:de:official&biw=1280&bih=768&prmd=ivnsuol&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ei=fg3eTaHvEMTGswa6kvy-BQ&ved=0CCsQsAQ

    So this would be my Choice: Clive Owen as Roland a Joel Osment look a like as Jake Marjuan Canady as Susannah and Jake Gyllenhaal as Eddie

    Jaier is my man for Walter/the man in Black… http://www.google.de/images?um=1&hl=de&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Ade%3Aofficial&biw=1280&bih=768&site=images&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=javier+bardem&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=

    cheers from The Mothertown

    Mr Waffle – May 26th, 2011
  71. At first I didn’t like Bardem, but the more I look at the guy, the more I see Roland of Gilead. He may be hispanic or a Spaniard but who cares? Some may even remember that when Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain went to “Mejis”, there were plenty of Vaqueros to be found. Mejis had to be on the Southern border of the US or in Mexico, if any relation to our world could be made, but then you must ask, where was Gilead in correlation to that? Maybe Roland is of what could be considered Spanish decent in that world, we’ll never know. There were parts in Drawing of the Three I think that made allusion to Roland reminding either Eddie or Jake (cannot remember) of Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, but the allusion wasn’t to his actual physical characteristics, except for maybe his eyes. That aside, has anyone heard of Norman Reedus being thought of for the role of Eddie? I think he’s kinda rough looking, but he is a pretty under-rated actor (check out Boondock Saints if you don’t know him). I think Adrian Brody would be a great choice for Eddie as well.

    Todd – May 26th, 2011
  72. Hey Rob, check out the movie “Let me in”. I think the boy who plays the main role of the kid who gets picked on and makes friends with the girl is perfect for Jake. Gotta dye his hair, but that kid has tons of emotion to work with.

    Todd – May 26th, 2011
  73. Sorry Todd… you are right..there is actually no real description of his physical appearance…but Bardem is not the right guy…u have to feel it…it’s like the scene whrere Eddie has to carve the key…u have to see it with your inner eye…and thereu will see no Bardem at all… the same with the other guys…that’s not the guys who will fit….


    Mr Waffle – May 27th, 2011
  74. I can’t be the only person who thinks John Noble would be a marvelous Marten. He’s a brilliant actor. I’ve never been disappointed by his work. If he could get the accent down, I’d love to see him on board.

    Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) would be a great Eddie Dean in my book. They’d just need to darken his hair a bit. He might not be willing to take on another “junkie” role for fear of being typecast, but I think he’d be smashing.

    The face of my father – June 3rd,  2011
  75. Hugh Jackman would make a great Roland. He has the look of Clint Eastwood which is who I pictured through the whole series.

    Missy – June 5th, 2011
  76. For those of you not keen on Javier Bardem as Roland, just remember the Shawshank Redemption, the character “Red” is described in the book as being a white, irish guy, but they got Morgan Freeman to play him. Seems to have worked out nevertheless seeing as how it’s now the highest rated movie on IMDB and seems to keep making it into a lot of Greatest Movies countdowns, so maybe Bardem isn’t such a stretch, considering he’s achieved more than Freeman had by the time he was in Shawshank. And for fuck’s sake get over his eye colour people, if you’re all such big fans of the series then you know that eye colour changing contact lenses exist seeing as how one of the air flight attendants in The Drawing of the Three believes Eddie is wearing them when his eye colour changes.

    Yoyo – June 7th, 2011
  77. I’m sorry but perhaps the looks don’t matter, but the eyes definitely do. The Gunslinger was always described as a classic western superhero, but the focus was always on his blue eyes and their “coldness” and “sharpness”. Sure Javier could wear contacts, but then he’d look more like Sylvester Stallone in Judge Dredd than Roland Deschain, and, let’s be honest, Sylvester looked pretty weird with those silly contacts. Javier Bardem is a great actor but i don’t think it does the book justice.

    Cody – June 8th, 2011
  78. Bardem is a solid choice for Roland…Remember,old long, tall, and ugly. He has to be tall and rugged, other facial features can be adapted through make-up and effects. Althogh I’ve read Bardem is only around 6 foot 1, and Jackman is closer to 6 foot 3…I still think Bardem has more Rolandesque qualities. For Eddie I’ve thought Ryan Reynolds would be a good choice based on versitility, he can play a dramatic and comedic role atthe same time, and looks. Tatyana Ali would be a great Susannah, if her acting chops are up for the role. It would be a breakthrough for her. Just do casting calls looking for a new talanted kid with some theatrical background for Jake,there’s always great young talent out there waiting to be molded. Gary Oldman also needs to be involved, he makes every film better and I think w all know which role he needs to play…….Long Days and Pleasant Nights

    jam77 – June 9th, 2011
  79. I had my heart set on timothy olyphant as roland i’m disapointed=(

    heather – June 16th, 2011
  80. From the first time I read gunslinger years and years ago I had already picked mortenson, after lotr I was sure he would be perfect for the part. Jackmen would be a great second choice. I was not surprised to see other people had the same thoughts on here.

    I’ll settle for bardem, but it would be setteling.

    mrmojorisin – June 21st,  2011
  81. Had some after thought after previous post.

    Kandyse McClure for susanna, look at her performance in the series ‘persons unknown’ compared to her work anywhere else, I don’t think anyone else could pull off the detta/susannah transformations as well as she.

    James Franco for eddie, Franco already looks like a heroin addict, he’s a great actor, and his face can have that serious stern gunslingeresque look as Eddie matures from addict to gunslinger.

    I’ve heard calls for Gary Oldman as flag, what about Oldman as Father Callahan and Malcovich as flag?

    Oh, and for Oy- Hands down Sarah Jessica Parker.

    mrmojorisin – June 21st,  2011
  82. I had given Roland a lot of thought over the years. It is admitted he was developed after a Clint Eastwood type character. 20 years ago I would have said Scott Glenn. Now I believe there is only one actor that could command the respect of Roland. Sean Bean fits all of my current criteria for the perfect Roland. Right age, toughness, Clint Eastwood type. I would certainly worship him as the last Gunslinger!

    Eddy Forester – July 3rd,  2011
  83. I don’t disagree that he would be good for the part, however I would hope that Ron Howard is intelligent enough to make sure to put some bombardier blue contacts in his eyes for the part!!

    Melisa Benedict – July 6th, 2011
  84. No, please, no! Roland is an old soul… He should be almost abnormally tall, an older gentleman who is handsome in an old west kind of way. He needs to be tough; he’s seen and experienced tragedies which have made him both strong and twisted. Bottom line: this is NOT our guy. He doesn’t have the acting chops for the role. I would rather see Rob Lowe as the gunslinger in ten years’ time… Sounds a little odd, but think about it…

    bex – July 8th, 2011
  85. I agree with Melissa when she says he better wear contacts. While Roland’s appearance may be largely open to interptretation, the eyes, age, lean build and height need to be there. Personally, I think Bardem is a brilliant actor, and the spanish accent may be a very nice tough with all of the plays on the southwest in the novel. He is also tall and potentially lean and lanky. I guess it’s wait and see.

    Jim Schneider – July 10th, 2011
  86. @Stonie 104: I think that you are wrong about Flagg. Timothy Olyphant would be my first choice as the Gunslinger!!!! When I heard Bardem got this part I died a little inside. I really hate to say this, but when it comes to my vision of the Gunslinger Clint Eastwood does not come to mind, it’s Olyphant.

    @thegreatdalmooty: Two thumbs up on Sayer and Richard from lost. But I also think that Titus Welliver (Jacob’s brother maybe a good fit as well) for the part of Flagg.

    @Suzy Viggo: Mortensen would play a nice Roland @Missy Hugh: Jackman is another great choice


    I am soooooo disappointed with Bardem!!!!

    Blaine is a Pain – August 2nd,  2011
  87. Actually after looking at some images of him, I think that Javier could work very well. Someone brought up Tom Waits playing the devil. Actually if we are going with someone who plays the devil well, Viggo Mortensen would be an awesome Randall Flagg. What an acting turn that would be for him. See Viggo in The Prophecy. Uber creepy and uber fantastic acting. He is in the movie for maybe a couple minutes and it’s by far the best scene in the movie.

    JMaxx – October 10th, 2011
  88. He definitely has the facial features to be a “gunslinger” and the only thing that King ever said about Roland’s looks was that he had ‘steel blue eyes’. Nothing was ever said about race or nationality. Also if you think about it, he has been wandering the highways and byways of his world for many years (centuries) so if he was a little darker of complexion than a white man, that would be perfectly fine.

    scott hodgins – November 19th, 2011
  89. Tom Selleck is the Gunslinger.

    Dont get me wrong, I like Bardem and he is a great actor. But almost, and I stress ALMOST, everyone that is a fan of the DT series put the younger Clint Eastwood from the “Man With No Name” westerns into their minds while picturing Roland. Clint is on the wrong side of age to play the part, but so is Bardem…the other way.

    Tom Selleck is the perfect age to play an aging Gunslinger and fits the role to a T.

    Selleck has all the parts needed…tall, lean, aged, grizzled, and he has the perfect steel blue eyes. No need for contacts with him.

    I hope that SOMEONE has contacted Selleck and offered the part. If not Clint Eastwood, then Tom Selleck is the next best thing. He pulled off the western type role with incredibly good cowboy acting in Crossfire Trail and Quigley movies.

    Once again, I am NOT bashing Bardem and I applaud his great acting. He does good work and will fit if thats what it takes.

    I just hope it isnt too late to change.

    Eric – January 11th, 2012
  90. Okay, allow me to clarify a few things from my last post.

    Selleck is probably only a few years older than Bardem, but he just looks the part more…if that makes sense.

    And I know I said he has steel blue eyes and they are probably more green…but they arent dark brown. I didnt notice anyone mentioning Selleck and I just think he fits the part perfectly.

    For me, anyway.

    Eric – January 11th, 2012
  91. Rosario Dawson as Susannah should be great…

    Sibi – January 13th, 2012
  92. While I will admit that I fell right in line as envisioning Roland as a younger Eastwood, I will say that I am not opposed to Bardem. The guy can act his butt off, but will definitely need to be on the lighter side weight-wise to pull off the role, as he can tend to get portly in the face when he is on the heavier side. I actually just looked him up on IMDB and saw that he was in Collateral (small part as a drug lord for the cartel), which I actually just watched last night. I know, I know, he’s not the prototype many have envisioned, but look at the depictions of Roland in official drawings & well he doesnt look like Clint Eastwood, but rather has a darker complexion & hair. Bardem also seems to be just at the right age (42) to play the part for the duration of what is said to be a series of 3 films. What I like about the selection is that an actual actor was chosen, not just an action film star. Roland is as complex an indivudual as he is a natural gunslinger. So getting someone that could embrace those complexities in Roland was very important.

    jerryp2375 – February 6th, 2012
  93. Surprises me that nobody has expressed suspicion over the selection of the actor so many people can’t see in the role of Roland Deschaine in “the Dark Tower”. The original American was British-German. American cowboys and gunslingers were of British-German descent. The Dark Tower books openly abd emphatically base the “gunslinger” character on Clint Eastwood. Clear actors like Hugh Laurie, Viggo Mortensen and Mark Harmon would be a shoe-in for the role, not to mention hundreds of others. But no, it had to be a brown-eyed Hispanic or Spaniard. Doesn’t anyone find that a little odd? This isn’t even to say Bardem isn’t more than capable of being Roland - but it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    james.farr – February 7th, 2012
  94. I have read and re-read the series over and over for years. While I respect everyone’s opinion, we have to keep a few things in mind. 1.Scheduling conflicts. This is going to be at the very least a 5 year project. The same actor that is cast for the movies must also play the t.v. series. That means MAJOR commitment. 2.The actors that are cast must be able to pull off this epic story together. This isn’t just about Roland, but about his Ka-Tet. So the actors must have some chemistry in order to work together for this length of time. 3.This is obviously going to be a multi-million dollar project. So I’m pretty sure they want to get it right the first time. Having someone cast, to begin production, and shooting, only to find out it was a mistake would be devastating. Also as a side note, someone in decent health, since we can’t have our leads leaving in the middle of production due to health reasons.

    1. And most importantly, the cast has to be what Mr. King has envisioned. Living up to his standards, portraying what he meant to convey when writing this amazing story.

    With all that being said, my opinion is that Timothy Olyphant should have been offered the role ages ago. I imagined him in the re-read(after Clint Eastwood) even before his role in Justified. I always thought he was an amazing versatile actor, and his current role as Raylin definitely suits Roland’s character as the inner conflict type. He also fits the age bracket, and is an established, acclaimed talent, along with the look and feel of Roland. I can only imagine they didn’t consider him due to his current commitments, or that he turned down an offer.

    Erin – February 26th, 2012
  95. I think Javier Bardem is a good choice ideed, but it took me a little time to think so. I personally thought of Roland as Sam Elliot (in Thank you for Smoking, where he was playing the Marlboro-Man Lorne Lutch). I thought this would match since Roland arrived at the coast of the sea at the end of the first novell, because it was said, that he has altered a lot after his conversation with the Man in Black. I’m affraid that Javier Bardem will simply look too young and not “washed out” enough to fit the role of a man that travelled hundreds of years alone under worst circumstances… I’m really looking forward to know, by whom the other members of his Ka-Tet will be played.

    (Sorry for my poor english, it’s not my native language…)

    sascha – March 17th, 2012
  96. I desperately wanted Aragorn to play Roland - it’s a shame he wasn’t chosen. I bet he would have jumped at the part if he had been offered it. I can’t understand the twofold making of DT. Is there going to be a trilogy movie plus a TV mini series or, as someone told me, one part of the trilogy to be a cinema release followed by a TV mini-series, then another cinema release and so on. If this is true it’s absolutely bonkers. I wish Peter Jackson was handling this as the books need a truly inspired director to produce at least a 3 or 4-part movie, each 3 or 4 hours long. Even if this were possible they’d never be able to incorporate the whole books. Mr Jackson left out Tom Bombadill in LOTR which, in my opinion, was a shame. The TV mini series bothers me as I live in England and we would probably not get to see this until a year or more after the US and then only on a channel like Sky or Sky Atlantic which unfortunately I don’t have. So I await further news on DT with anxious trepidation.

    Rosalind – March 22nd,  2012
  97. What about Tom Hiddleston as Flagg? Imo, he nailed the part of Loki, and it’s a very similar character…. No real problem with Bardem.

    Overall, I just hope they don’t screw this up like they did with The Stand…which brings me to the most important person involved with this project: Ron Howard. If anyone can pull this off properly, it’s him.

    bmg314 – April 1st,  2012
  98. I think Josh Holloway would be a better choice to play Roland.

    Elizabeth – April 9th, 2012
  99. Hello all

    The movies are going to be hard to make, there is a lot of imagination and detail that will need to work the magic to make Dark Tower series. I don’t agree with the Javier Bardeem as Roland. He is a good actor but I believe Kurt Russell would be perfect for the role of Roland, Zoe Saldana as Susanna, and Sawyer from LOST as Eddie. That would be a great cast

    Kris – April 9th, 2012
  100. Kurt Russell is a great choice for Roland, I never thought of him, but yes, he would be fantastic. And Josh Holloway (Sawyer) another supurb choice for Eddie. Good choices Kris. I’m still worried about the making of this movie and the crazy scheme of one movie, one TV series, one movie, etc. etc. I’ll think I’ll wait until my 75th birthday (I’m 68 right now) and buy the complete DVD!!!!

    Before my last post it’s been ages since I’ve visited this site and I seem to have lost my way around - can anyone point me in the right direction to post a comment about 11.22.63, please?

    Rosalind – April 10th, 2012
  101. No, I can’t see it. Roland piercing ice blue eyes, even if they put contacts in him it would totally be weird. That Bradley Cooper guy could do a decent Roland, after watching Limitless I think he could. I dunno about this guy.

    Tracy – April 17th, 2012
  102. @ Rosalind, I watch all the tv I can’t get in my country online, project free tv isn’t bad, nor is 1channel.ch

    Tracy – April 17th, 2012
  103. I just read some of your comments. This is my first time on this site. Havent read the last book yet. I must admit I was so VERY disappointed when I heard Javier Bardem was to play Roland. I think it may have even ruined the movie, not even made yet, for me. Someone said Timothy Olyphant, sounds good to me. I think he could play the young and the older Roland. Not Bardem! Really bummed out about this.

    Deidre – April 19th, 2012
  104. I agree with some commenters that Viggo Mortenson would make a great Roland. Problem is, he already made a great Aragorn and it would (to me at least) recall that character too much. Not sure about this Bardem guy, but he seems to be a great actor, so looks should be a secondary concern. Aisha Taylor should be Susannah

    DFB – April 20th, 2012
  105. Dylan McDermott would make a excellent choice for the gunslinger. I know that the decision is probably already made but if you haven’t seen him in the movie Texas Rangers, watch it and you will see what i mean. As a matter of fact, watch any of his tv shows or movies and i think you will see the “attitiude” that, at least I, always imagined the gunslinger would have.

    Jeff – April 24th, 2012
  106. One more comment, Timothy Olyphant would be great too and would be my second choice!!

    Jeff – April 24th, 2012
  107. few ideas on the cast, dont know if anyone will like them but here they are Roland: Viggo Mortensen, Javier would do even though he looks to full of vitality, not someone whos spent years of his life with only one goal in life Eddie: Shia LeBeouf. its a stretch i know but he plays a good smartass and can get serious as well Susanna:Naomie Harris. looks just how i imaged Flagg: Peter Stormare, Cillian Murphy,Vincent Cassel or Willem Dafoe

    semantix – May 2nd,  2012
  108. I always thought it’d be great to see it made into a movie. But, the only one to play Roland is too old (Eastwood) and the only one to play Jake is too old (Haley Joel Osment) thus, I really don’t see any reason to even bother.

    bcrulz – May 7th, 2012
  109. To be perfectly honest, I’m not feeling Bardem as Roland at all. It’s nothing to do with his acting skills or even his looks, it’s to do with the fact that he has a thick Spanish accent that– I’m sorry– I just can’t see them being able to bury completely. Call it petty if you like, it just seems like an important character trait to me, and a convincing American/Southern accent isn’t something I’ve ever seen Bardem do, or even TRY.

    I will give both Howard and Bardem the benefit of the doubt that they’ve got some idea on how to make this work, but it just seems like an odd choice solely because Howard wanted someone with acting chops. There are a lot of guys out there with acting chops that much more closely resemble Roland as he’s described in the books.

    I know, I know, f*k the fans, it’s Howard’s movie. That’s true, and it could still be a great series with Bardem that I end up loving, it’s just a bit underwhelming to me initially, being honest. *shrug

    Brad B. – May 8th, 2012
  110. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Gunslinger.

    cdixon – May 12th, 2012
  111. Bardem is okay, but always pictured this: Daniel Craig as Roland, Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill as Eddie, Zoe Saldana as Suzannah, Tom Hiddleston(Loki from the Avengers, he has that attractive/creepy thing going on) as Flagg, and Nathan Gamble as Jake(the blond-headed boy who plays the son in The Mist; he was too little back then, but he’s around 11 right now.) If Bardem is Roland, he HAS to have the blue bombardier’s eyes, so CGI away or slap some contacts on him.

    LMac – May 21st,  2012
  112. Bardem is perfect for the role of Roland Deschain, as long as he keeps the english correct which won’t be a problem, he has the looks, he definitely has the skills of acting this role out perfectly.

    I think our beloved Roland is in good hands.

    Angelus – May 22nd,  2012
  113. Reading through these comments makes me wonder how many of you actually read the books…

    Roland, looks almost exactly like Stephen King. So if you want someone who looks exactly like Roland, too bad- Because King may be an amazing author, But absolutely sucks as an actor!

    Ando – May 29th, 2012
  114. But going by this picture: http://www.avclub.com/articles/javier-bardem-closing-deal-to-star-in-the-dark-tow,54235/

    Javier Bardem looks enough of the part to pull it off

    Ando – May 29th, 2012
  115. So nobody remembers how Roland is supposed to look huh? Stephen King told us EXACTLY how Roland Deschain looks. He looks just like Stephen King. Remember when they met? King actually bellieves it is his twin cause he tells Roland that he wrote him into the books pictureing himself. Roland Deschain should look like Stephen King if we want to be accurate about it.

    Gan – June 2nd,  2012
  116. Josh Brolin?

    Deidre – June 4th, 2012
  117. Tom Selleck. He is the perfect fit for Roland. Plus, he has made some damn good western based movies, he is the perfect age, and he looks the part.

    Eric – June 24th, 2012
  118. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1225406/

    This kid as Jake.

    Jake – June 26th, 2012
  119. isn’t bardem a bit to small to play Roland? he has the hight of a billybumbler. or is it just me who imagined Roland more like a size hugh jackman.

    Negruj – June 29th, 2012
  120. There’s only one Gunslinger and that’s Gary Oldman. Don’t forget, Roland has been driven and tortured all his life, Bardem and all the others mentioned are too young (don’t forget Roland’s encounter with The Man in Black at the end of the first book, which lasts hundreds of years), too clean-cut, too good-looking and they don’t act a patch on Gary Oldman either. Just like his World, Roland is moving on, getting old, sick and emotionally-drained. Oldman may not have the height of Roland, but he can act taller :)

    BadExample – July 9th, 2012
  121. bardem will get lean for the role. lending to his already drawn features.and he is an actor with real chops. and am i crazy for thinkin that bill nye(davey jones in “pirates OTC 2,3,”) could bring something to this movie? maybe father callahan eh, eh

    d.b. lee – July 11th, 2012
  122. I can’t believe that nobody else has pictured Guy Pearce playing Flagg. He definitely has the acting chops to play someone an intricate, manipulative character. He definitely has that throwback look, too.

    michael strasbourg – July 13th, 2012
  123. I dont know who Guy Pierce is. Who has he portrayed?

    d.b.lee – July 14th, 2012
  124. The thing is, Roland is compared to Eastwood’s character, not his looks; that’s how it’s always seemed to me, at least. When rumors were circulating that Vigo Mortinson was a possibility, I felt like he was the closest they could come to how Roland looks in my head. However, Javier Bardem just has a real vibe to him that says to me, he can do this role justice. He’s going to be the best for it character-wise. And as previously stated by another commentor, in some of the recent photos surrounding this whole thing, Javier Bardem is looking pretty Roland-esque.

    Alison – July 20th, 2012
  125. This is not good! Roland has to have blue eyes!!! That’s the whole point of the airplane scene is that Eddie’s eyes change! And Mordred has to have the same icy blue eyes! Geeez!

    Kevin – July 22nd,  2012
  126. Blue eyes can be faked, lenses worked fine for Orlando Bloom in LOTR. Accents are more difficult, and a Spanish accent is a definite no-no. Personally I’d go for Viggo Mortensen as Roland, for appearance AND acting ability. Other cast suggestions, Sanaa Lathan for Susannah, and Aaron Johnson as Eddie.

    rachel – July 26th, 2012
  127. I think the dude that plays Bill Compton on True Blood would be awesome as Roland.

    Ronnie – September 1st,  2012
  128. Timothy Olyphant - Eddie Hugo Weaving - Roland Bill Nighy - Walter/Flagg Almaz (amputeeresource.org/Talent.html) - Susannah Dakota Goyo - Jake

    Picked for resemblance and acting versitility. You’ll be able to pick up Stephen’s ‘GOLD’ with this set of cast.

    MS – September 12th, 2012
  129. I am just throwing it out there but I think Clive Owen would be a good Roland. I always picture him as very tall and thin, and Javier is a thicker guy, defintely in the face.

    angie – November 28th, 2012
  130. I think Clive Owen would be good as well, but; I still think that Dylan McDermott (? spelling) would make a great Roland. If anyone has never watched the movie Texas Rangers with him and James Van der Beek, watch it and then see what you think. He is very similar in that movie to what i have always pictured Roland to be.

    Jeff – November 29th, 2012
  131. Bardem?!?! I don’t see him as Roland at ALL!!! Bardem IS a great actor yes, BUT, the look of the actor to play Roland IS necessary! Not only has King mentioned in nearly EVERY book about Roland’s “blue bombardier eyes” and his Clint Eastwood kind of looks, Odetta/Detta/Susanna/Mia also referred MANY times to his looks as that of a “honky mahfah”, but you also have to take into account the fact that Roland has been living nearly as a scavenger off the land for YEARS! He would be slim and somewhat fit. He is tall, (about 6-3) and yes, I’m sorry, but he’s CAUCASIAN! Why else would Susanna call him thus? Sorry, I am in absolute DISAGREEMENT of Bardem’s casting as Roland! I envision Daniel Craig. After seeing him in Cowboys and Aliens, it solidified it for me.

    I DO think Aaron Paul would be a great Eddie, Sanaa Lathan for Odetta/Detta/Susanna, and Joel Courtney for Jake I see as a perfect fit! I honestly don’t have a clue who should play the man in black though. I didn’t like the guy in The Stand… thought his acting left a LOT to be desired.

    Stimmy – December 8th, 2012
  132. Bardem is a good actor but not Roland. Since my first reading of the Gunslinger in early 80’s I have always seen Clint Eastwood as Roland. That was a missed opportunity. Eastwood is still great on the screen but this role (and great opportunity to make the film a success) has truly “moved on”.

    30 years later I am reading the series again and I think I am enjoying it more than ever. However I have been troubled by who would play Roland if it were ever really made into a movie today. Who could currently play Roland?

    I was watching Person of Interest this week and it hit me…Jim Caviezel should be a strong contender. The right physical characteristics, tall, lean not to mention correct blue eyes and he projects the right amount of steel, quiet confidence and every once in a while blind romanticism.

    I hope they choose someone, not young, but young enough to last though the whole Dark Tower series.

    The larger loss is that this project drags on and on and may never get made. Glad we always have the books and our imaginations.

    CJT – December 15th, 2012
  133. It is obvious Stephan King modelled Rollande after a younger Clint Eastwood, However I think Willem Dafoe could pull off the role or maybe even Christopher Watkins.

    Craig F – January 24th, 2013
  134. I don’t like the idea of him playing Roland sorry i just don’t see it… It hasn’t got anything to do with the looks (Although that would help) but no im all for acting and nope don’t see it sorry, i was thinking more Bill from true blood :-)

    Jade – May 24th, 2013
  135. Seeing him I believe that Mr. Bardom has the right build and physique to play roland but he is missing one thing. His eyes just aren’t Roland. Throughout the novels King place emphasis on the striking and often disturbing qualities of Roland’s eyes. They are described as a pale ice blue in color, and even leaving such an impact on a minor character that upon seeing “Terminator” for the first time he is sure that the Terminator on screen is the man with the blue eyes. The impact of Roland’s eyes and mannerism on the guy so disturbs him that he dies of a heart attack. While a person especially an actor can replicate the mannerisms you cannot change what is behind the eyes and especially early in the series Roland is cold and nearly unfeeling except for his mission to reach the Tower. For that quality I think other persons that have been suggested would be better. All of the pictures I have seen of Mr. Bardem his eyes are to warm to be Roland Deschain.

    Ethlaron – July 4th, 2013