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Sony has been pretty quiet in when it comes to talking about the upcoming Dark Tower movie. We’ve found a few scraps of information here and there, along with some photo’s from the filming days, but the only direct information from Sony has been a change in the release date; being pushed back from Feb 17 to July 28, 2017. Otherwise they’ve kept shtum about the whole affair.

That was until a few hours ago when a movie release poster surfaced:

Dark Tower Movie Poster [click for full size]

So far I’ve not managed to find the official source for this, so the sceptic in me is being a little cautious, but all things point to

ComingSoon.net as being the first to show it.

It’s a great poster of high quality work, so is very likely the real deal.

UPDATE: With Sai King, Idris Elba, and Tom Taylor all tweeting the image this morning, we now know this is official. See below to read what they said.

Very cleverly, New York has been used to outline the image of a tower like structure (see below), with Roland and Jake looking as though they are on a desert plain looking up at their Dark Tower. But it’s when you flip the image over that it gets really interesting:

Dark Tower Movie Poster (flipped)

Now we can clearly see New York, giving strength to the idea that Roland and Jake’s worlds are intertwined, with the Dark Tower at its center. Right at the bottom of the image the tip of the tower is tearing through the middle of New York, giving me the impression that it’s ripping into our world, potentially destroying it.

On the street to the left and right of this fissure we see The Man In Black, with other unknown servants of the Crimson King. Roland and Jake, and Randall Staff, in opposing positions with the Dark Tower at its center.

Another image of the poster, this time as a photo negative that really emphasizes the Dark Tower itself (again, of unknown source):

Photo Negative of the Dark Tower Movie Poster [click for full version on imgur.com]

Today is the 19th, will we also see a trailer released?

6 responses

  1. Of course they had to hire a black guy to play Roland. The Dark Tower is obviously a big, black, phallic symbol.

    Slow Mutant – March 24th, 2017
  2. It has taken some time but I have slowly warmed up to the idea of this movie, knowing that it is not a direct remake of the books but more of a post book 7 interpretation. With that said I am a little concerned since it is nearly April and there has not even been a teaser trailer yet. With a movie coming out in just four months, assuming they don’t bump the date back again, wouldn’t you want more than four months for your trailers to make their rounds across the advertisement world and internet? Is this normal or am I just looking for something to nag about?

    Aloenam – March 25th, 2017
  3. Anyone notice the other people in the poster? A hooded person to the right of MIB and one to the left between two cars?

    Robbie Tubb – March 26th, 2017
  4. This might explain why King chose Idris Elba.


    Does anyone come to this site anymore???

    Aloenam – April 5th, 2017
  5. Still waiting…

    Dave Góral – April 21st,  2017
  6. Roland or Gilead has always been white. Nothing wrong with being a different color. Susannah (one of my favorite characters is black). Please don’t change a characters appearance to try to reach a wider audience. I have all 8 books, but will boycott this movie. To many changes ruin the franchise (read Hannibal, then watch it. You will see.). Make the movie the right way, don’t pander

    Pyro – May 4th, 2017