Sony seeks the Dark Tower

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We have an interesting development on the Dark Tower movie adaptation; Sony have just announced their intent to team up with MRC to finance the movie. Only time will tell if this has any legs to it, but it does look very interesting, and possibly gives us confidence that Sony will see it through.

What’s make Sony’s involvement so interesting is that chairman Tom Rothman was hired to find a global franchise they can get behind to get them on a par with studios like Disney, with their Star Wars and Marvel series, and Paramount with their Transformers run of movies and spinoffs.

This all makes for very interesting news in regards to the Dark Tower because if Sony/MRC are planning to compete on that level, then they’ll need to put a lot of funding and effort to making it into a long running franchise. Howard’s original plan of several movies plus a TV series must still be on the cards.

But what of Ron Howard?

“There are few projects out there that compare with the scope, vision, complex characters and fully drawn world that Stephen King has created with The Dark Tower. I am a giant fan. And, as Stephen himself does, we love the direction that Akiva and Jeff have taken. This is a great opportunity for a director to put his or her stamp on a cool global franchise.” — Tom Rothman

There’s no mention of Howard in that, and the last sentence, “…great opportunity for a director to put his or her stamp on a cool global franchise.” points to a lack in Howard’s involvement. Akiva Goldsman is however still involved, as mentioned in Deadline’s exclusive, his Weed Road production company will be making the movie.

Goldman has also done a complete rewrite on the script for the initial movie, The Gunslinger, and in the process teamed up with Jeff Pinkner (Alias, Lost and more recently, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), with the re-imagined story focusing on Roland and Jake’s relationship — which is really the core of the first book anyway. Apparently Stephen King will also be on board, in a “producing capacity”.

It’s been 2 years since MRC announced their interest in the franchise, and 8 years since King originally sold the rights to J. J. Abrams.

Like Rolands’, our journey is turning out to be a long one. But is this the final step to seeing him on screen?

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  1. Great news, I hope we can have some more info soon.

    pixteca – April 15th, 2015
  2. Glad to see this project is still breathing. Hearing they want to compete with Disney, Marvel and Paramount tells me they are taking this project seriously. However this series will not be as flashy and exciting in the way that Transformers, and Super hero movies are. As long as this film’s, assuming they go that route, opening day isn’t the same as say, Star Wars Ep. 9, or something like it, then it might actually have a chance. Still would rather see it as a series on HBO or Starz though. : )

    Long days and pleasant night!

    Aloenam – April 17th, 2015
  3. I think John Hillcoat would be the perfect director for the Gunslinger portion of the story. I would love to see one of the Following land Roland. Sharlto Copley, Timothy Olyphant or Bardem. I like Aaron Paul but wouldn’t be mad if someone else showed off their junkie impression :)

    Alvin Jankowski – April 17th, 2015
  4. I was holding out for an epic Netflix original series, what they’ve done with Marco Polo among many others is outstanding! But i’m super excited about this, if they go the route of the film/tv format, i really think they should use the tv series to show us Roland’s earlier years, basically follow the comics, maybe slot the skin man in there too as a special halloween episode ha! For years now i’ve been praying for these to be made, like i say i’m super excited, but like most fans i’ll be nervous as hell say true! What are people’s thoughts on casting? I see Josh Brolin as the perfect Roland, and Aaron Paul as Eddie would be spot on.

    SithLord – April 18th, 2015
  5. If this happens, it must not get neutered like much of King’s work on TV. A film shouldn’t even be considered due to the fact it wouldn’t be very successful. Film is dying; make this a TV series only. I concur with those who said HBO or Netflix should get behind this. If done justice, this could be way better than Game of Thrones. Get it done…..with competent people handling it. I feared the worst when Abrams and Howard were slated to control development.

    CrimsonKing – April 20th, 2015
  6. TV series for sure!!!!! No question in my mind at all!


    zentune – April 22nd,  2015
  7. Moive or series i dont care just dont fuck it up.

    Mas – April 23rd,  2015
  8. I say just give the rights to AMC and turn it into a series. If anyone can do it right, I’m sure they could.

    nuclearbroccoli – April 23rd,  2015
  9. Seems to me it would be more like the Harry Potter films in terms of the type of flick you’d want to make. Something that can appeal to both the fans and people who have not read the source material or are not King fans. Admittedly, the Dark Tower is the only series/books he wrote that I really enjoy. Most of the others aren’t my cup of tea. I’m also not a fan of his flicks/adaptations (aside from Shawshank Redemptions).

    Whatever they do, it’s a very ambitious project and I cannot wait to see how other people “see” the books.

    Jacob Chacko – May 1st,  2015
  10. Excited it’s still has potential. What do you guys think of Bryan Cranston as Roland? The range of emotion he showed as Walter white was on par with Roland, especially how he can be calm but intense and then insanely to rage. I think he is perfect

    Brent – May 1st,  2015
  11. I’d love to see the film adaptations on the big screen; however, only if they are done the way they should be done. As someone else pointed out, some of King’s more fantastical literature hasn’t always translated well to film. I’d rather see a 60-70 episode HBO series in the fashion of AGOT. I don’t see TDT series requiring any more than that. A two and a half hour movie would not do the literature justice, in my opinion.

    Jeremiah – May 3rd,  2015
  12. HBO series: Season 1-The Gunslinger and first half of Drawing of the Three Season 2-finish Drawing of the Three intertwined with 2-3 flashback episodes from Wizard and Glass Season 3-The Wastelands intertwined with 2-3 episodes from W & G Season 4-finish all of W & G; begin Wolves of the Calla Season 5-finish Wolves intertwined with Wind Through the Keyhole in its entirety Season 6-Song of Susannah and first quarter of TDT Season 7-remainder of TDT

    …that’s how I’d do it

    Jeremiah – May 3rd,  2015
  13. I would love to see Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) play Roland. He not only looks the part, but the swagger that he carries himself with on Hell on Wheels reminds me so much of Roland.

    Eric – May 26th, 2015
  14. I’m a big believer in the Dark Tower Series. I would think that Clint Eastwood, who Roland was originally modeled after, would make a great director for this film adaptation. I also believe that it should be done in the way that LOTR was done. Also I think Neal McDonough would make a most excellent Roland.

    Woody Hacker – May 31st,  2015
  15. This is pretty much the same article as above but with a little more info about a possible director.

    Aloenam – June 2nd,  2015
  16. Hmm. Up @Brent - Not a bad idea - Bryan Cranston as Roland. I could see it. I’d like to see: ROLAND - Arnold Schwarzenegger (Seriously. And he does kind of look like Eastwood, by the way.) JAKE - Whoever good kid actor. Don’t really know any. EDDIE - NOT Aaron Paul please. I always thought of Eddie as the John Leguizamo type. Somebody with a good Brooklyn accent anyway. SUSANNAH - Hmm. Is there a Black female actress out there with no legs? I’m sure they could CGI no legs… FLAGG - Hayden Christensen? Keanu Reeves lol? Hugo Weaving? Michael Keaton? Johnny Depp?!

    I too, just hope they put the movie, or TV show, or whatever it will be (maybe VR by the time it’s done lol, jk I hope) together brilliantly enough to rival Star Wars and the likes.

    ODD's LANE – June 26th, 2015
  17. Anson Mount needs to play Roland, nobody else will do.

    PJ Beaudry – July 18th, 2015
  18. Holy sh*t! Just dropped by after years and this site is still active?!?! Thought the Dark Tower movies was as dead as Oy!

    Slow Mutant – July 20th, 2015
  19. I figured out the best cast to play the characters in the Dark Tower movies. Chris Pratt plays Roland, the leader with the dead mom. Zoe Saldana plays Susannah, the strong kickass female. Bradley Cooper plays Oy the talking furry creature. Oy’s best friend,Jake,played by Vin Diesel, since Jake and Groot both died and came back. That leaves Dave Bautista to play Eddie, the person with the troubled past and the ability to fight mostly naked. Guardians of the Dark Tower! Trademark 2015.

    Slow Mutant – July 25th, 2015