Warner Bros to back Dark Tower movie

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After several months lost in the wilderness we finally have another studio showing interest in adapting Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic Western; The Dark Tower. Mike Flemming is reporting that Warner Bros are in talks – in fact very close to closing a deal – with director Ron Howard and partners, to fund their adaptation of this epic fantasy.

If you remember, Universal Pictures originally took up the option to back Howard on this hugely ambitious project with Akiva Goldsman writing the script for a full movie trilogy, plus a couple of TV series. But, last spring Universal put the whole thing on hold asking Goldsman to drastically cut the budget until two months later, in July 2011, Universal walked away after deciding they still couldn’t handle the cost of making such a project.

That Warner has taken an interest in this shouldn’t be such a surprise when we recall that just a few months back Brian Grazer was interviewed by MTV News stating that the TV segment of the project would be taken up by critically acclaimed studio HBO (Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers). As HBO is a Warner Bros sister studio, this indeed bodes well for Dark Tower fans.

Warner Bros themselves are no strangers to mega multi-part movies having backed projects such as Harry Potter and the Matrix, so they’re certainly going to have the willingness and resources to back something as grand as The Dark Tower.

For now, everything that was in place previously is set to remain; Howard, Grazer and Goldsman, with Mark Verheiden (Battlestar Galactica) being brought in to co-write the TV series, and Javier Bardem in the lead role of Roland Deschain.

A possible production start date is Q1 2013.

It’s great to see a studio of Warner’s stature take an interest in the Dark Tower. With their recent big-budget movies and HBO’s quality track record I’m really getting excited by this news.

This saga has been on-going for several years now; J.J.Abrams was first on the scene way back in 2007 when he famously bought the movie rights for $19, and yet each time we’ve been left disappointed. Still, summer is just around the corner and I’m getting lots of positive vibes, so I’m going to put my neck out and say I think this could be it; the Dark Tower will be a Warner Bros movie.

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  1. This is great news! (For now.)

    Dark Tower is really a good fit for WB and I’m glad to see (very glad) the TV series attached to HBO.

    To all the creators involved in this project…keep it real.

    Danny – March 14th, 2012
  2. This is good news but im just not seeing Bardem as Roland of Gilead. I love Bardem in no country,hopefully im wrong about him as the gunslinger. I also would like to say to the creators…dont forget the face of your fathers.

    ride the handsome – March 14th, 2012
  3. With the exception of Javier as Roland, I am SOOOOOO excited!

    Aloenam – March 14th, 2012
  4. Warner Bros. as opposed to Universal: +1

    Howard, Goldsman, Grazer, and crew: -1

    Bardem as Roland: nil

    At least being back to a net of zero is better than negative (where this would likely have “not happening” standing).

    Maestro208 – March 14th, 2012
  5. Oh, wait…

    HBO’s involvement: +1

    Now we’re positive!

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – March 14th, 2012
  6. been saying it all along…this belongs on HBO…the only place that will do it justice.

    deflep71 – March 14th, 2012
  7. Javier Bardem: +1

    He is an excellent actor.

    macdiver – March 15th, 2012
  8. I was having my lunch at work yesterday when I read this. I was seriously so shocked that I had to stop chewing for a while.. I could almost hear the todash bells chime!

    This is just terriffic news! Let’s just hope they don’t divide the story in too weird a way, and through that mess it all up..

    Long days & pleasant nights

    Dida-chick? – March 15th, 2012
  9. @macdiver: I absolutely agree; however, there is much debate over this for multiple reasons, many of which I can see and agree with. I could see him with the role, but there is at least one (and probably more) known actor who I feel could do a better job - Daniel Day-Lewis - but an unknown would be preferable as long as he has top-notch acting chops. We’ll see how all of this shakes out. I’m glad it’s back on a front burner now, so to speak.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – March 15th, 2012
  10. @Maestro: I respect your opinion on this matter as Daniel Day-Lewis is an excellent actor. Having said that, lol, I’d pick Bardem over Day-Lewis who has become just too much for me over the years…dare I say too hammy for my tastes.

    Bardem was an interesting choice…I’m not sure how I feel about it either. I know he will be able to handle the part intellectually with no problem. So it’ll come down to type. Will he fit the clothes and mannerisms we’ve all imagined over the years. We’ll see. Hopefully so.

    I always imagined Lance Henriksen when I read Roland.

    Danny – March 15th, 2012
  11. It’s going to be tough for a lot of us to get the Clint Eastwood images out of our heads for Roland when we eventually see him onscreen. For me, I always envisioned some sort of hybrid between Eastwood’s, stature, contemplation, and squinty looks with the dark-haired impression of Ray Liotta (I know - never would I choose the actual actor to portray Roland). My bottom-line: gotta have the acting chops for this role first and foremost.

    Maestro208 – March 15th, 2012
  12. Timothy olpyanth was who I always imagined, I was a huge deadwood fan and like justified.

    Mrgruby – March 15th, 2012
  13. I can only envision Eastwood as Roland. Tho, I think Olyphant would be great in this series. I can see Olyphant, as Eddie as well.

    hathaway – March 16th, 2012
  14. Truly excellent news all round really. Bardem can pull this off no problem at all. So long as the story remains intact and all the vital scenes played out properly this cant fail. YAAAAAAY. Im very very happy.

    DrawnGunslinger – March 16th, 2012
  15. This is really groovy. I still do not want to get my hopes up though. I think Bardem will make a good Roland, but I guess time and Ka will tell.

    Aimee – March 18th, 2012
  16. I would really love to see them drop the television series, and strictly make films for the large screen only. I know how difficult that would be, but personally I think that would be better.

    LD&PN fellow DT Junkies

    Aimee – March 18th, 2012
  17. I think everything about Warner Bros. and HBO is splendid. When they said J.J. Abrams would direct it is was excited and despite that not happening, i am looking forward to Howard directing the series. As many before me have said though, please not Bardem. I agree with Maestro208 that Daniel Day-Lewis should portray Roland. The way Day-Lewis looked in the Crucible would be a perfect rendition of Roland in my eyes.

    Epicmarkvan – March 18th, 2012
  18. Holy cow, I havn’t seen The Crucible, actually I never heard of it until now. I’ve always agreed with the idea of Daniel Day-Lewis as Roland, but now, I really can’t picture any better choice! I’m convinced, DDL IS Roland Deschain of Gilead.

    This picture proves it! http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3842873344/tt0115988

    Please Ronnie-boy ditch Bardem, and give DDL a call, I beg you!


    Dida-chick? – March 19th, 2012
  19. I would just like to put out an idea…Soundtrack for the dark tower. Puscifer has a song called “Mama Said” and it is perfect. It has an old west feel to it without being steriotypical, and the words are a great fit to the whole feel of the movie. “wake up son o’ mine momma got somethin’ to tell you changes come life will have its way with your pride, son take it like a man hang on son o’ mine a storm is blowin’ up your horizon changes come keep your dignity take the high road take it like a man listen up son o’ mine momma got something to tell you all about growin’ pains life will pound away where the light don’t shine, son take it like a man suck it up son o’ mine thunder blowin’ up your horizon changes come (changes come) keep your dignity (keep your dignity) take the high road (take the high road) take it like a man (take it like a man) momma said like the rain (this too shall pass) like a kidney stone (this too shall pass) it’s just a broken heart, son this pain will pass away”

    Kristina – March 19th, 2012
  20. Very interesting, Kristina. I’ve only heard their new album streamed online once a while back, but Puscifer sound pretty awesome (which is expected because of the Tool connection). I could totally see something like this adding to the final production. Thanks for sharing! :)

    @Dida-chick: Been saying DDL all along! ;)

    Maestro208 – March 20th, 2012
  21. I like the idea of Puscifer having songs in the movie. While on that topic, I feel alot of the songs from Avenged Sevenfold would work.

    Epicmarkvan – March 20th, 2012
  22. I love it! I just really wish they would change who is going to play Roland. I cannot for the life of me picture Javier Bardam as Roland. No matter how many times I look at a picture, he does not match my image of Roland. Maybe he can pull it off, but I have serious doubts. All I know is I cannot wait for these movies! Hopefully they stick as close to the books as they can, otherwise they are going to really mess things up.

    Tina H – March 20th, 2012
  23. THE DARK TOWER as an HBO Series ??? AWESOME NEWS WOW HBO is an Perfect Fit for THE DARK TOWER. HBO always does a great job with its shows (For Ex. The Sopranos,True Blood,Boardwalk Empire,Game of Thrones,etc.)


    MICHAEL ROCCO of Long Island, NY – March 20th, 2012
  24. Wow I haven’t visited here for awhile but Im happy that the the project is growing legs again. I’ve always said that hbo is perfect to handle the tv series aspect and Warner is a way better studio than universal for this kind of story. I still think Bardem is a good fit for Roland as long as they can make his eyes blue. As far as the soundtrack goes I’ve always pictured the first movie starting with “Bad company” (the original not that crappy remake) and the last movie ending with “Hey Jude” as the credits start to roll. Anyway im glad these movies sound like a real possibility again. Long days and pleasant nights to all.

    Pokes23 – March 21st,  2012
  25. @Pokes23, I don’t know about “Hey Jude” in the credits.. It somehow doesn’t feel right. The song plays an important role in the books, one can’t deny that. But for some reason it would feel a little cheap ending the last movie with that. I’d rather see something original, written just and only for this story in the ending credits. I’m thinking somehting like that Annie Lennox song that plays in the ending of Return of the King. But that would ofcourse mean they’d have to get Howard Shore on board writing the score (which for the record wouldn’t at all be a bad idea).


    Dida-chick? – March 21st,  2012
  26. @Dida-chick I strongly disagree and I think your buying into the misconception that these movies should be anything like the Lotr trilogy. To me the key to these flicks will be knowing when and when not to take themselves too seriously. The rings movies were great in their own right but by the beginning of “return” it felt like if frodo farted it would have major implications on the fate of the world. Not to mention lotr has a happy ending and the tower doesn’t. So my opinion is that some sleepy annie lennox tune on top of a shore score would feel alot cheaper than playing a song that’s a constant part of the series. Sure if they do these movies right it wont be the first time we hear a version of this song but it might be the first time we hear the beatles version of it. Now if the final movie ends with the scene of Eddie, jake and Susannah in the ice rink it probably wouldn’t work there. But if it ends with either the tower door slamming behind Roland or the super tragic ending of Roland being doomed to keep re-living his life over and over again I can’t think of a better tune to cap it all off.

    Pokes23 – March 21st,  2012
  27. @Maestro208, I know you have, and I’ve, as I said, never disagreed with you. You should have spoken of The Crucible earlier and let me out of my misery of fighting actors not good enough to have the looks and acting chops to pull of Roland. :)

    @Pokes23, you know, everyone has their own visions. But sometimes those visions get influences from other people. I had already written a bunch of lines explaining what I meant by my last comment to prove to you that im not buying into anything and that I really didn’t mean howard shore and annie lennox should do the ending tune but that something similar could work. I just wanted to tell my thoughts of this matter. But I got to thinking of your suggestion and thus came to think of the following idea, which made me trash everything i wrote before. So thanks for the seed that (at least in my head) grew into an awesome idea. :D

    I think the ending should be divided as it is in the book. Only instead of Stephen Kings warnings about ruining the end by reading further, the true ending with Roland having to re-live everything should be shown after the ending credits. When he gets up to continue his journey the picture should fade to black and the words “The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed” should appear. While these last pictures of Roland are playing I could really picture Hey Jude playing with a lot of ambience, as if it was played through a really old radio, in the background, stopping just after the first two verses before the drums kick in. It would give it a sort of twisted, sick feel somehow. The dividing would also give the viewers the same option as the books give. Either you stop watching, or you follow the whole story to the end (although i never saw it as an option while reading to stop before the very last page was read).

    Tell me what you think of this!


    Dida-chick? – March 21st,  2012
  28. To clarify: the ending before the credits should imo be the one where Roland walks towards the tower and Patrick walks away from it. It could also be a combination of this and New York footage. So that it seems like a kind of happy ending. And as it is in the book, everything that happens after that should happen after the credits.

    Dida-chick? – March 21st,  2012
  29. just a thought, i am not cirtain they will end the movie with the returning to having to do it all over again. I heared King is writing a new dark tower book. Perhaps he will create a new ending. i am interested in how it might change the loop he has created. by the time they start filming, they may be able to incorperate his new installment. I liked the circle he created with the end of the sieries as is. but i respect his abilities enough to be open to what he will do with it next.

    Kristina – March 22nd,  2012
  30. sorry nevermind, the book hes written adds to the sieries but is not a continuation. my bad. will do my homework more thoroughly next time!

    Kristina – March 22nd,  2012
  31. While I do love Bardem’s work and he is an exceptional actor I simply cannot get behind this choice. Daniel Day-Lewis has a history of getting completely into his roles and I feel that this project would tax him into a nervous breakdown. I would hate for his health to suffer just for me to get a good film.

    That being said…I wanted Hugh Laurie. He has that grizzled look, the blue bobadier’s eyes and most importantly, I can see him saying something like “You do what you have to do, and I’ll do what I have to do, and we’ll see who gets the goose.” I can see him dancing the Commala. I can see him tanning the deer with Suzanna. I can’t see Javier Bardem doing any of these things.

    The rest of the casting will be extremely critical. If they cast Halle Berry as Suzanna I may just boycott this. She doesn’t have what it takes to pull off the Detta/Odetta/Suzanna trifecta. Oscar or no Oscar she just doesn’t have it. She’s not the only black actress in Hollywood for crying out loud. Get someone who can play the part.

    Wu – March 22nd,  2012
  32. Personally, I think King should have the final say on which ending goes with the last movie but, film them all. Then offer the “alternate endings” via the DVD release. At the end, I waited months before reading the actual final chapter…I can’t say it didn’t give me the warm and fuzzy feeling inside to know Oy was a beautiful shep but happily ever after isn’t in true King style nor is an ending at all (Hartford and Hope)…I do agree that staying true to the books while condensing into 3 movies is a must. Gunslinger is a tease while the Drawing really pulls you in…Anyway, as far as Roland is concerned, I think we all have the same image in our heads and hopefully, 30 minutes into the movie, that image will be changed by a star performance with whomever is blessed with the legendary title of Roland Deschain of Gilead.

    EA – March 23rd,  2012
  33. @ Wu: Seriously? I agree about Halle Barry, but come on; Daniel Day-Lewis is the epitome of what we would rightfully want from an actor to play this intense leading protagonist of Stephen King’s magnum opus. You don’t think he can handle this? I respectfully disagree.

    While Hugh Laurie is a solid actor, he’s too typecast into everyone’s minds as “House”. Just like Viggo Mortensen is “Aragorn” to countless millions of fans out there. Plus, I just can’t see it, personally, but that part is purely my own opinion. Idealistically, an unknown would be the best, but what are the odds of finding one with the acting skills who also hasn’t been discovered yet? It can happen, and I’d love it to, but I’d say the odds are probably somewhere around 19 million to 1. Give or take. ;)

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – March 23rd,  2012
  34. Javier Bardem’s great, but he’s no Roland–he is so wrong for this! Timothy Olyphant is a far better choice, not only in looks, but in the way he moves, the way he talks. He’s a gunslinger. I hope they reconsider the casting here!

    Krista T – March 23rd,  2012
  35. Would love to see Daniel DL play Roland, but I think Bardem could pull it off. Why is no one talking about the role of King’s larger character, the man in black? I always pictured Gary Oldman in the role. No one does creepy villian better.

    tfry – March 24th, 2012
  36. I agree that Daniel Day-Lewis is a truly amazing actor. But I am referring to his tendency to live as that character for the time the production is on. To live as Roland for the length of time it would take to do this part would A) remove him from being able to take on other projects and B) wouldn’t that wear on anyone’s mental stability after a while? I’m not saying he isn’t capable of doing it. What I’m saying is I don’t want an amazing actor to go off the deep end for me to get a good movie.

    Timothy Olyphant is fantastic. He’s not old enough. Bottom line. Sorry, that’s just how I feel about it.

    Wu – March 24th, 2012
  37. @ Wu: thanks, and I do see exactly where you’re coming from. It’s the same thing as Jim Carrey when he played Andy Kaufman and totally immersed himself in that role. It was eery how he seemed to BE that person, and Jim was known to have had to decompress and find himself afterward. But it worked out very well, and he’s himself again. For a role like Roland Deschain, I tend to think that this is acceptable. Plus DDL only commits himself to one role every __ time period, anyway. He’s very picky because this is how he works (i.e., he won’t only half-commit to a given role). I see what you’re saying and I hear you very well, but, I don’t know… I think it’s what we would want. It’s also the epitome of “great” acting to actually live the role for awhile.

    Timothy O. is too young and pretty, imo, and I see why several posters have also mentioned him, too. I just worry about this getting too “Hollywood” with gleaming, beautiful actors in it. Just my $0.02.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – March 24th, 2012
  38. We all seek our own Dark Tower in one way or another. Not everyone is a Gunslinger, but some of us are. Many do not remember the face of their father, but many of us will never forget that face. One must embody the traits of a Gunslinger, must believe in the lessons,and live his life in such a fashion in order to properly portray such a figure as Roland of Gilead. There will be water if God wills it. Thankee sai, John C Simmons

    John C Simmons – March 24th, 2012
  39. There seems to be a lot of people wanting unknown actors/actresses to be cast in the lead roles. Obviously with Howard confirmed as directing this is nought more than a dream but I’d love to see Danny Boyle as the director. As well as having a talent for picking relatively obscure actors he has a fantastic record of making great films both in terms of quality and financial success on a smaller budget. If he was directing I’ve no doubt he’d get this done on the budget warner bros./whoever else wanted. As for Rolands casting I struggle to see Bardem as Old long, tall and ugly. Daniel Day would be as good a choice as any for me, short of a Clint Clone/Time Travelling Clint, though I still would love to see Viggo. I’ve said it before but I just cannot see anyone else but Ed Norton playing Eddie. I imagined Eddie being in his early 30s at the start of the tale and to be around 40 at his end so I don’t see too much trouble in terms of age and appearance there. As for Detta/Odetta/Suzanna I definately agree that Halle Berry should not be cast as her/them. Even after much wikipedia-ing I am completely stuck for anyone I can see as being suitable for the part. Wish I could remember more of the movies I’d watched!

    Oythebumbler – March 24th, 2012
  40. According to the book The Road to the Dark Tower, the timeline indicates that the books take roughly a year. Also, Eddie is in his early 20s when he is taken from The Leaning Tower. Edward Norton is just too old to play Eddie. Tian Jaffords? Sure I’ll go with that. But not Eddie Dean. I have a few people in mind for Eddie but all of them are flawed. Jake is going to be the most difficult. They’ll have to go older to get someone who can play that level of maturity.

    As far as Flagg is concerned…what about Robert Carlyle? (Mr. Gold from Once Upon a Time and Col. Ives in Ravenous) Just watch the scenes when he’s Rumplestiltskin back in the day and you’ll see it, I swear.

    Father Callahan is going to be a real challenge because well…pretty much everyone I wanted for that role is dead.

    Wu – March 24th, 2012
  41. I would suggest, in my humble opinion- that they scrap the idea for a big-screen movie. There would be a great advantage to keeping it “limited” to an HBO produced project. Simply put, having it become either a mini-series, or better yet a season long (even possibly multiple season) production lends the air-time necessary to make sure all the i’s are dotted, and t’s crossed. I’m thinking a weekly series, an hour per episode- as its a model that’s worked exceptionally well for HBO. For example, take “Deadwood” as a model, but then swap in “The Dark Tower” storyline, and you can see that it’s surely possible to do these great books justice. Maybe go with 90 minute episodes rather than an hour… Hell, I dont care- as long as they stay faithful to the characters, the story line, and the detail that Stephen King built the books around.

    The idea of HBO taking on the entire project to me, is simply drool inducing, but I guess I could “survive” if it were a joint venture between Warner & HBO.

    Hoping it comes to fruition, and definitely keeping fingers and toes crossed as much as possible until I hear its been “locked in” for sure !

    Art1972 – March 25th, 2012
  42. YES!

    A perfect fit! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5wJbT2yhFM

    NJM – March 27th, 2012
  43. This would make a better epic series like walking dead and others.

    The potential is awesome and cant wait for the un-found door to click open. A film would ruin this piece of work something far longer is needed as to not loose anything. Although we have read the books imagine someone learning the story for the first time, things like eddy’s gun fight or the meeting of odetta will be cut and she will be regular Susanna within an hour.

    Long days and pleasent nights si.

    dave – March 27th, 2012
  44. as far as the movie/ tv show going foward can not wait for the day i read that shooting has begun and Javier Bardem is a fine actor but just not right for it. brown eyes wrong build just cant see him in it. on the other hand andrew lincold from the walking dead IS THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB just close your eyes and see him walking in the desert on the trail of the man in black

    t_deschenes – March 27th, 2012
  45. I really hope they don’t screw the pooch on this. This has the chance to become truly epic. I hope they choose to include King in the production process.

    Chris – March 27th, 2012
  46. I always thought that Roland was based on the actor Gilbert Roland, a Mexican actor who came to America. He starred in a lot of movies in the fifties and sixties and would have appeared in tv series like gunsmoke etc. which you would presume Mr. King would have grown up with. It would be interesting to hear who he based the character on. I know the Eastwood thing and that was probably there but I think the Gilbert Roland thing was there too. Don’t know any actor who looks like him now but Day Lewis would probably be closest.

    cuser – March 27th, 2012
  47. SPOILER ALERT Speaking of the ending, I want to ask a question off the more dedicated DT fans that has bugged me for some time and maybe they can clarify. It has been a while since I have read the books so my recolection of events in the 1st book might be a little hazy BUT When Roland does go through the last door in the tower he returns to the start off the 1st book. Instead of this, I’ve allways wondered why he didn’t return to the place where he awoke at the camp fire after speaking with Martin/Flagg/man in black. The reason being that after he awoke from speaking with Martin, I think that it is said in the book that he had felt like he had aged in years or something similar (don’t know the exact wording he used!). Ive allways asumed that it was Kings intention to make us believe that what we experience in the series is not Rolands first trip to the tower (the frequent deja vu is a dead give away in the last book). But anyway I just wanted to know what peoples thoughts are on where he returns to in the first book. One possibility is that it was more poetic to use the 1st sentence of the first book, rather than explain the camp fire scene…

    SheemieR – March 27th, 2012
  48. @NJM

    OH YES! Loved it!

    The only songs I’ve heard before that were inspired by DT are the three Demons & Wizards songs - Touched by the Crimson King, Terror Train and the Gunslinger. And of course Somewhere Far Beyond by Blind Guardian. It’s fantastic to see that this saga has inspired other musicians too and not just Hansi Kürsch who sings in both BG and D&W.


    Dida-chick? – March 28th, 2012
  49. @Sheemie


    The reason he goes back to the time in the dessert is because that is the first moment Roland becomes absolutely sure that he will reach the Tower. Why? Because he’s already been there. Some small part of him knows he will reach it because he must always reach it. There’s an excellent short story by Ursula K. Le Guin that illustrates a point like this. I’ll have to find the title, but it is collected in the book The Wind’s Twelve Quarters. Essentially, there is a village where everything is always wonderful, but in order for it to stay like this one child must live in seclusion and filth. Some residents learn this and find they can’t accept it, so they leave.

    @ Cuser

    Roland is based in part on The Man With No Name (Eastwood) and the knight errant of Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came (which owes no small nod to King Lear). Watch Pale Rider and read the poem (you get a small glimpse of it in the last book as a DEM from King himself to Suzannah and Roland). You’ll see it very well.

    Wu – March 28th, 2012
  50. @sheemieR-been awhile since I read the first one too but to my recollection Roland is walking through the desert dehydrated and delirious and drifting in and out of consciousness. So I always figured that King picked that moment for the ending because of Rolands frame of mind at that particular moment. @maestro - I guess we’ll agree to disagree about the soundtrack but I completely agree with your idea about the ending. Maybe not at the very end of the credits because the journey through the tower would still be a good solid five minutes of movie but I could definitely see it working after the first minute or two of credits roll. But only time and Ka will tell. Long days and pleasant nights to all

    Pokes23 – March 28th, 2012
  51. @ Pokes23: Maybe you have me confused with Dida-Chick? ;) I won’t touch how this should end, as anything that’s decided will be interesting to me. As for music, right now I’m feeling that a lot of original instrumentation (sans vocals) is definitely required, a la LOST. And, even better, some scenes could really punch poignantly with subtle chants/hymns from someone talented like Lisa Gerrard (hear: Gladiator soundtrack, etc.). Because most of these settings, like Mid-World, Gilead, Hambry, etc. are fictional, original music is best, imo. Less of the “song” spectrum, and a lot more along the “soundtrack” spectrum. Although, whenever they travel to NYC, or when Callahan’s gallivanting about, then rock/indie/classic rock tracks could work very well, too. I can’t see Howard Shore’s orchestral talents working too well with this, but, then again, the guy’s a super talent and he’s surprised me before, so never say “never”.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – March 28th, 2012
  52. @Maestro208, Yes. Thank you, an original soundtrack is exactly what this needs. Michael Giacchino is a really interesting suggestion for writing the music. Giacchino used a lot of noise created by different parts of a wrecked plane to compose the music for lost, I can see how that would work well with DT too. Only the music for this should then probably be composed by noises made by guns, oil pumps, old computers and.. wheelchairs? :D


    Dida-chick? – March 29th, 2012
  53. My apologies Maestro my last comment was indeed intended for Dida-chick . I g uess I need to make sure I have my coffee and a popkin before I hop on here and start jabbering :-) oh well LD&PN

    Pokes23 – March 29th, 2012
  54. How about Anson Mount from AMC Hell on wheels?

    hamlet13 – March 30th, 2012
  55. Eddie Redmayne my choice for Roland

    Kevin Jones – March 30th, 2012
  56. I am from Spain, and although I would be happy if Javier Bardem could be part in a project like that, I think it would be a bad choice to play the character of Roland.

    Opcrom – March 31st,  2012
  57. @ Kevin: Eddie Redmayne just recently turned 30. That’s too young, and he actually looks like he’s in his early 20s. I have no idea how well he acts, but his youth is working against him, for sure. Plus, in my own opinion, he looks too Euro-chic to me for Roland’s grizzled, cold, and strong-willed character.

    @ hamlet: I can picture Anson Mount as Roland, but I’ve never seen him acting in anything to this point. He’s been mentioned before, and I believe the producers could really make him be Roland. How’s his acting, in your opinion?

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – March 31st,  2012
  58. @Kevin: Anson Mount’s biggest role to date is Hell on wheels.He has the look and Roland didn’t really give any great soliloquies.I think he would be a good pick.

    hamlet13 – April 2nd,  2012
  59. @hamlet13, err, if Roland didn’t give any great soliloquies, I really don’t know what books you have read?

    Roland is whitout a doubt the far most complicated character in the whole story, thus he is the hardest to cast-I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of Hell on Wheels but I’m pretty sure judging by them that Anson Mount would be a bad choice for the role of Roland. He may have the look, as a matter of fact he is one of the best choices lookwise, but his acting, judging by the 2 episodes I’ve seen, is a little dull and cold or empty or something.. Roland needs that quirky mysteriousness and warmth that shines through his rugged and cold outer shell. In my opinion Mount doesn’t posess these characteristics. Daniel Day Lewis on the other hand, does. He can be both fatherly and soulless at the same time. As we’ve seen plenty of times before.


    Dida-chick? – April 3rd,  2012
  60. @Dida-chick, I do see your point but being that almost everyone wants to bring up Clint when debating who should play Roland would lead you to an actor who is a little “cold or empty” as he was in his early westerns. My fear is that hollywood will screw it up as they do with most of Mr. Kings work.

    hamlet13 – April 3rd,  2012
  61. I’m still pretty wary of Ron Howard at the helm with this, folks. He’d probably try to get Tom Hanks to take the lead role again. No thanks; not for this role.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – April 3rd,  2012
  62. @hamlet13, sadly, as we all know, Hollywood can never produce this in the way we all picture it in our heads. But I want to believe the input of Warner and HBO together will make it a whole lot better than one single studio would be able to.

    Clints acting in his early westerns actually resembles Mounts acting, I never realized that before. With the one difference that mr. Eastwood was already back then more cool than Mount will evere be. For some reason, I don’t picture that Clint when i compare him to Roland. The Clint I picture is more of how he portrayed Josey Wales in “The Outlaw Josey Wales”.


    Dida-chick? – April 4th, 2012
  63. @Dida-chick?, I do agree “The Outlaw Josey Wales” set the bar for any western or western type movies. Lets see what direction they go and hope for the best.As a side note, I still have nigtmares over what they did to Bag of Bones.

    hamlet13 – April 4th, 2012
  64. Like most people, we want it, but wont hold our breathes. One thing i will say is, Warner Bros, Do It, you will make serious bucks, and make millions of people very happy indeed. Dazza47

    Darren Lovatt – April 6th, 2012
  65. Sorry if it gets anyone bound up, but I’ve been reading these books for twenty years, and Hugh Laurie should definitely be cast as Roland. House is almost exactly the same sort of withered, troubled, single-minded, and self-loathing fuck that Roland is, when it all boils down. I didn’t even know who Laurie was until sometime around Wolves of the Calla, but he’s the man for the job. Eastwood would be perfect, if this project had started fifteen or so years ago.

    Matt – April 7th, 2012
  66. I’m rereading the whole series again to have everything clear for when The Wind In the Keyhole comes out on the 24th. I’m a little obsessed with the Dark Tower, and I’m stating to think the only good that will come from the movie is a wider readership of the books. the down side is a big loss of money for the studio, and a half done series of movies.

    My understanding of the truth.

    Roland is a hard sell. The movie must start with “The man in black fled across the desert, the gunslinger followed. Next we back flash to the dwellers hut on the edge, and his raven Zoltran. Roland tells his story to the dweller, it’s scary, and that is the truth. Tull is dead, and that is the truth. The man in black brought Nort the weed eater back from the dead. Roland only brings death to Tull, and that is the truth. After a flashing gold, bedding the barmaid, and profaning the church, Roland uses his gun to preform an abortion on the local preacher woman, then kills every man, woman and child in the now defunct town of Tull. Zoltran eats the mules dead eyes, and that is the truth. beans beans the musical fruit. fuck you and horse you rode in on, and that is the truth. This movie will make people mad.

    Huge Laurie is the only one who can play Roland, and that is the truth. House is over, and that is the truth.

    Roland is still a hard sell. Roland thinks the boy is the man in black and almost shoots him. The boy, (Jake), Jake (the boy), thinks about killing the gunslinger (Roland). Roland will betray Jake. and that is the truth

    The boy is already dead.

    The Gunslinger saves the boy from a demon, and that is the truth

    Roland takes mescalin, ties Jake up and leaves him alone with a human jaw bone. then goes off to fuck the demon he saved the boy from.

    Jake is a trap set for Roland. The man in black is the real bad guy, but it’s hard to tell.

    I think the movie goers will be freaked out, and that is the truth.

    Jake is saved from the slow mutants, and almost makes it out from under the mountain. Roland lets Jake fall for the tower.

    The Prisoner has a hard time with Roland. The lady of shadows has a hard time with Roland Roland kills the pusher and it is all the truth.

    You only start to love Roland about half way in to the third book, and that is the truth.

    I am starting to think you can not sell this film to middle America, and still keep the readers happy, and that is the truth.

    I hope you get the Joke (Jake’s final English paper), and my point. You can not even think of starting any where but with the first book. and Roland is a hard sell till he saves Jake from The Tick tock man in Lud. That’s a lot of story (two and a half books) with the hero as the scary guy. Obviously we readers would love a true to the books movie, But I can’t see middle America doing anything but going on the attack agents this movie.

    Ron Howard you have a hell of a film to make, and I hope you can pull it off.


    Flying turtle – April 8th, 2012
  67. Hey I would love to see this movie get made, but Javier Bardem? Nahhhhh. No no no way.

    SammyJ – April 8th, 2012
  68. I know this is going way out on a limb here, but I think M. Night Shayamalan or Tim Burton could do this film pretty good. But only if Burton doesn’t try and do anything over-the-top. The reason I say this is because they are both wonderful at setting mood and telling stories. You can tell when a film was directed by either of them. Their films have a distinct “touch” to them. That’s what will be needed for movies/TV series for The Dark Tower. This story is so full of a unique mood and atmosphere that a director that can portray said mood and atmosphere is needed for the project.

    Also, Timothy Olyphant or Viggo Mortensen are my top picks for Roland. On the other hand, the only person I can see as Eddie would be Sam Rockwell.

    Lunchbox – April 10th, 2012
  69. I would like to ask all who read this to go backward into your minds for just a moment to the 1st time you read, or listened, your way through the DT series. From “The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger flowed” to The Way Station to the tunnels under the mountains to the Man in Black to the doors on the beach to Shardik’s forest to the Speaking Ring where Jack was drawn to River Crossing to Lud to Blain to Kansas to Mejis to the Callas’ to New York to Fedic and on to the Dark Tower itself. A Story that took decades to tell and to some degree is still being told. A Tale that, to many of us, will live above every other story we will read or hear or watch for the remainder of our days. A Story that no matter where we may be in our lives or what we might be facing, will always give us a feeling of coming home… I would have you try and relive your 1st moments with the DT series because I have a question I would like to ask you and I would like your answer to come from those days before your opinion may have been swayed or corrupted or otherwise tainted by forces that I cannot properly articulate at this time.

    Put quit simply my question is this: Did anyone of you while reading or listening to the 7 DT books at any given moment think or feel that Roland was anything other than a thin, dirty, rugged, whether beaten, old western, American-esk, Clint Eastwoodish-like cowboy?

    In all honestly it never, ever, ever crossed my mind that he was anything other than the description just described one sentence ago. Therefore why has Ron Howard and company cast an actor who is clearly not even remotely close to the vision of what the books or even the comics/graphic novels encourage us to imagine? I like Javier Bardem, I honestly do, but this is just a bad casting for him and for the Dark Tower films/Series altogether. He is simply the wrong guy to play Roland, it’s that simple. IMO they are so off base they might as well have cast some Asian guy to play our beloved Gunslinger. Believe me I have read many of the pros and cons everyone has posted about him and I have tried my best to believe in the very convincing optimism of those who are pro Javier but I can’t keep fooling myself anymore. Simply put you can’t just cast a Russian to play James Bond or get Tom Cruise to play Zorro or cast Jet-Li to play Captain America and you most certainly can’t cast a Hispanic in Javier Bardem to play Roland Deschain of Gilead. In the case of the Dark Tower Ron Howard and company have reached beyond the natural boundary, structure or blue print-call it what you like-of Roland’s character and have cast Javier Bardem and its wrong. To me this is no different than if in the upcoming movie “Lincoln 2012” they cast Denzel Washington as Abraham Lincoln. (They cast Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln) None of us have any doubt that Denzel would be incredible as Lincoln but he is simply wrong for the part just as Javier is wrong as Roland. The most frustrating thing about all this is that I will be helpless to see this when it hits theaters and when it starts its run on HBO. Helpless because I am still hoping against hope that it will be awesome. The most fearful thing about all of this however is if I’m sitting in the theater or in my seat at home and it just turns out to be awful. The is supposes to be the freaking Dark Tower man, I’m not pleased to see that the fans on this site seem to be taking this production more seriously and know more about what to do with casting and storytelling than the ppl we are counting on to get this thing done right do.

    If Ron Howard with Javier Bardem pull this off then more power to them. But if Javier Bardem is the best Ron can come up with for Roland then I’m a little worried about who else he will pick for the other roles. That being said I cant help but think this whole production is headed for disaster.

    I look forward to reading your responses to my question & rant. LD&PN

    Aloenam – April 10th, 2012
  70. Yeah, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it won’t be as good as I want it to be. Have no expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

    I’m sure Bardem will be at least decent in the part, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s well-suited for it.

    The Walkin' Dude – April 10th, 2012
  71. Yeah, sadly that’s pretty much what I’ve resigned myself too. In all honesty I don’t think Bardem will be anywhere near as bad as say… Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. He is a good actor after all, but I agree 100% with you about him not being “well-suited” for the part. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Aloenam – April 10th, 2012
  72. All of the negativity regarding Bardem as Roland reminds me a bit of the casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker. I thought it was a shitty casting job…until I saw the movie. Bardem is a great actor and he has PLENTY of time to understand what he will need to to do the part justice.

    Also, just a thought, Rosario Dawson wouldn’t make a horrible Detta…

    Andrew – April 10th, 2012
  73. @Aloenam, I absolutely, completely agree with you. Javier is a terrific actor. But he is completely wrong for this part. And I too fear how having him in the lead will turn out.

    In my mind, mr. Bardem never looked anything like how I pictured Roland. But for some reason his way of speaking in very short sentences, sometimes reminded me of how Native Americans speak. I know i’m completely off from the character by saying that, but I think an accent (or a hint of an accent) like that could work pretty well for him. That being said and if Javier could twist his hispanic accent a little, I imagine he maybe could pull off the part. But then again he doesn’t look the part, so he wouldn’t be any good.

    “The is supposes to be the freaking Dark Tower man, I’m not pleased to see that the fans on this site seem to be taking this production more seriously and know more about what to do with casting and storytelling than the ppl we are counting on to get this thing done right do.”

    Thankee sai for the good words! But who knows, maybe Ron and the gang are evesdropping on our thoughts and discussions. At least let’s hope they are..


    Dida-chick? – April 11th, 2012
  74. Hah! That would be a pleasant fiction, now wouldn’t it, Dida-chick?

    I empathize with your sentiment there, Aloenam. I also see how Bardem could really bring something special to the table, but I still lean toward something not seeming right… but only as it pertains to the Roland we all, as READERS, imagine. Bardem could be what King needs to bring this beloved character to the big stage/audience/universal appeal/whatever because of the twist he could give to the character. If they stick with him, then I’m hoping for the best that this will be the case, even if it strays from the impression that the books have given us over the years. Acting comes first, and the rest we can adjust to, especially if the acting is convincing.

    What matters most onscreen is that the story is told, and told well.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – April 11th, 2012
  75. I began reading the series when I was in my 30’s, letting my daughter read it after me. One of the things she commented on once was “I don’t know why but I can’t get over why Roland looks so mesmerizing”. I told her “I think it’s because there are very few men with jet black hair and blue eyes”.

    During all the books, I kept thinking of how good Scott Glenn would be. Then, I realized he might be a bit too “seasoned”. After the LOTR, it was Viggo Mortenson, and Crispen Glover for Eddie, and Angela Bassett for Detta’. Now, Viggo might be too recognizable, or we just can’t get him out of our heads as the King…but I still think he would be a wonderful choice. DDL was superb in “There Will be Blood” and “Last of the Mohicans” so I can see him as Roland.

    As for getting his (Mr. Bardam) Hispanic diphthong under control, I bet most of you didn’t know that Rick from The Walking Dead is a Brit, did you? His real name is Andrew Clutterbuck (Lincoln for Hollywood purposes…). If Michael Caine can pull off half of the Uncles in “Second Hand Lions” as a southern recluse, anything is possible.

    If Mr. Bardam is cast, I only hope they won’t use the awful hair he had in Old Men…

    I personally can’t wait. We better all be around past 12-21-12 is all I can say! I do have to say however, that Ron has never let us down, and I trust him now.

    Sandra Allen – April 14th, 2012
  76. @ Maestro208: I’m afraid you are correct about the importance to the Acting and Storytelling pertaining to the big screen. That being said, the sad part for me is that there IS a way to cope with Javier as Roland but it means separating myself from everything I know and understand from the books. Going in blind and treating this production as if I know nothing about it and simply trying to enjoy what I’m being shown seems to be the only remaining course for me to take. That will be extremely difficult to do because that sort of thing does not come easy to my personality.

    Heres an interesting question: What are the odds on Bardem becoming too expensive for Ron Howard to cast him as Roland if the new 007 movie is a huge success? Anybody know about that kind of stuff or am I just grasping at straws?

    Aloenam – April 16th, 2012
  77. The only relatively serious adjustment to Roland’s character with Bardem in the role would be his ethnicity, and I think the production team - and writers - can pull it off if they take it seriously and blend everything together well. Yes, it’s different from the books, as Roland is neither Spanish/Latino nor straight-up Caucasian - he’s a unique race from a unique, fantasy society of Gilead. That alone allows for wiggle room, true, but Bardem very strongly resembles a Spanish/Latino race, so therein lies the challenge. Do you fundamentally change the culture of Gilead to fit our lead character’s very strong ethnic appearance because of the casting choice, or do you play it off as Roland always just being different from everyone else? I LOVE Bardem as an actor, so, if they’re adamant on keeping him on board as Roland, then I’m very curious how they’ll pull off this aspect of the characters involved. If the role is still open for other actors to audition, then they might have an easier time without changing as many back story pieces… if they can find the right person for the part.

    I don’t think Bardem can change his body to that of a wiry build, but I know that he can lose enough weight to at least appear on the thinner side than we’re used to seeing him. That’s a minor detail, though. This will be very interesting….

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – April 18th, 2012
  78. This has always been Roland to me… http://www.darktowercompendium.com/dt1-08.jpg

    Suggestions so far have been good (‘cept for Olyphant - imo he’s too pussified for the role - fine enough for Deadwood and Justified, but we need a Roland who has glass in his throat and Oly just won’t do). I agree with DDL or Viggo and would like to throw in Jim Caviezel as an option. He has the physical aspects needed for the role as well as intellect, grace, and screen presence.

    Also, there is only one Randall Flagg… http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2166403328/nm0574534

    And I believe HBO owes him one anyway.


    Allie – April 20th, 2012
  79. Hey everyone. I’ve been following development on this site since Abrams initial involvement. When I read this, I had to post my relief at HBO’s involvement. I was terrified that this would go to a major network + be ruined by the censorship. I think Bardems a solid pick. He was on my list. Along w/ HBO. Now if Ka would just see fit to push Guillermo Del Toro back toward the tower….

    TheColdVein – April 21st,  2012
  80. Can’t wait for this, but Javier Bardem is NOT Roland. They need to drop this fast. I don’t know who is, but it’s not him.

    Anthony – April 22nd,  2012
  81. I don’t know why you people seem happy, WB is notorious for producing poor novel to movie adaptations. Just look at It and Harry Potter for starters, they are terrible.

    Josh – April 22nd,  2012
  82. I can’t believe no one’s mentioned Thomas Haden Church as Roland. He seems perfect to me.

    Lil Cam'Ron – April 22nd,  2012
  83. I’m having fears about tomorrow. I suspect I won’t be able to work at all. I’m just going to be on the edge of my seat, waiting for the clock to strike 4 so that I can run to the closest bookstore. Oh discordia how I have waited for this day to come!

    The following weeks (days?) will be like the most amazing drug. I’ve waited for this moment, to take a trip into midworld and stay there mentally from the first to the very last page, for way too long. It’s going to be awesome.. I will be hypnotized by the dark tower once again, like back when I first read the series..


    Dida-chick? – April 23rd,  2012
  84. Now that thIs seems like its happening again, I’ve got a growing concern over casting for Jake. There are a fair amount of decent adult actors to choose from for a lot of the roles. A good child actor that’s able to pull off Jakes depth and sincerity is going to be hard to find. Anyone else worried at all about this?

    Xavier – April 23rd,  2012
  85. Xavier: 2 young lads spring to mind for my ideal Jake - The guy who played “young Peter” in the flashback episodes of Fringe or the one who is currently playing the crippled prince in Game of Thrones.

    The two I’m worried about are Eddie and Susannah. Though for Susannah I think that Kima from the Wire could pull it off even though she’s not as dark skinned as Susannah is described I think she could pull the attitude and different personalities off well.

    Semaj – April 24th, 2012
  86. I’ll ante up. How about Viggo Mortensen? Pretty convincing in Appaloosa. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2984023040/nm0001557

    Mind you he hasn’t got the height…

    SlowMutant – April 24th, 2012
  87. I never really thought I’d find an actor that I could see as Roland, but Jon Hamm comes pretty damn close.



    Phlox – April 24th, 2012
  88. If u’ve ever seen Deadwood- Timothy Olyphant would be ur only choice for Roland. Absolutely awesome. And hes a versatile dniugh actor that he would make a kick ass eddie too. But seriously- olyphant in deadwood was roland… Pls pls pls tell me bardem isnt set yet. I LOVE him, but not the best choice for this role. Michael fassbender(?) is a close 2nd. Actually he’d rock it too.

    dawno f the dead – April 25th, 2012
  89. … Not happy bout Bardem as Roland … and have doubts about who would REALLY fit the role!? But it would have to be an actor who would agree to starve himself to get as skinny as I imagined Roland in some parts of the books!

    Oh, and casting for Father Calahan: James Cromwell :)

    Kriz – April 25th, 2012
  90. Oh and in the role as Roland: Eastwood with a hell of a lot of youth serum pumped into his vains ;)

    … Seriously, besides the obvious troubles of doing his own stunts … could’nt he still do it with the right make up … he is THE Roland to me! … offcourse ignoring the fact that he’d probably say HELL NO!

    Kriz – April 25th, 2012
  91. @Phlox: I can see the possibility of Jon Hamm doing Roland’s character justice, and really epitomizing his look onscreen, but the primary problem with him is that he IS Don Draper on Mad Men, and that is an incredibly popular show. Much like Viggo Mortensen IS Aragorn, like it or not, and it is not wise to cast someone with such a typecast identity as this new and fresh enigma of a protagonist (to most casual moviegoers who have not read this tale) in this epic saga. Know what I mean? It’s unfortunate, but, hey… who knew Jon Hamm before Mad Men exploded on the scene? We can probably also pull that off for this series; actually, that’s what I prefer (even over Daniel Day-Lewis, whom I would love in this role) - a relative “unknown” who not only looks the part, but can rock it with his acting skills.

    Thanks for putting that recommendation into my mind, though. That’s what this forum is for. :)

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – April 25th, 2012
  92. they shoud at least have a drink with “el topo”director alejandro jodorowski to get that creepy western vibe in the movie.

    Degan – April 27th, 2012
  93. As long as Howard can keep Warner in line, I don’t think they’ll mess it up as much as they did HP. I also see a lot of promise with HBO involved, so the adult themes necessary can remain in the production. On the subject of Bardem, I don’t believe he’s right for the role, but I believe Howard and his team can make it work. Ron seems dedicated to the project, and that gives me hope for it.

    RamAbbalah19 – April 28th, 2012

    So we all know that when things get turned into movies; stuff gets changed - it’s inevitable because what happens in a book is often too long or just wouldn’t be right on screen. I can see this being a big problem for this one because we all love it so much.

    If it were up to me I’d be really gutsy and make the biggest change right at the start - the movie would begin at the END of the book. Roland WITH the horn. That way you could make some changes and it would be canon. Not least you could have a totally different ending. One where everyone lives for a start (I’m thinking it would diverge when Eddie gets shot - in this Roland would warn him with the horn so he’s avoid it, thus changing all of the events after).

    Semaj – April 29th, 2012
  95. Yuck, I forgot to proof read that - sorry :P

    Semaj – April 29th, 2012
  96. Michael fassendbander as Roland. There is an illustration of Roland with his brim covered eyes and a massive grin. This matches MF’s grin. Plus, he has the perfect blue eyes and acting chops to do this.

    Sign him up now.

    Dan – April 29th, 2012
  97. I wish people would stop complaining about Bardem as Roland. Somehow I think he will do fine considering the fact that casting pros have made the choice in him. Take my word for it, then when it comes out, and all the nay-sayers love him in the role, I won’t need to say “told you so”.

    Darrel S – April 29th, 2012
  98. By the way, just because Clint Eastwood and Daniel Day Lewis were young enough to play the part when some of you read the series, doesnt mean that either one of them would still be believable in the role. No one wants to see Roland with a cane.

    Darrel S – April 29th, 2012
  99. Umm… Warner Bros. is not the problem here. Them taking over after Universal bailed is a GOOD thing, imo. If anything presents itself as an initial, potential problem, it’s Ron Howard being at the helm. We need a visionary behind this who isn’t afraid to deliver this thing with the raw edge that it deserves. Just looking at The DaVinci Code, etc., ugh… I really pray that he doesn’t b.s. this tale and flop with it. Optimism is required.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – April 29th, 2012
  100. Semaj, I have to say that I’m glad it’s not up to you. There is no need to mess it up by making huge changes like that. Everybody lives? Really? The fact that it is not exactly a happy ending is one of the things that makes the series great.

    The Walkin' Dude – April 30th, 2012
  101. Jim Caviezel for Roland. Hands down. I could see Hugh Laurie. But my clear #1 choice is Caviezel, based on his performance in Person of Interest.

    Naomi Harris (Tia Dalma in Pirates of The Caribbean, she is also in the new James Bond movie) for Susannah.

    Those are the only two that my opinion is set on.

    Oh, reading The Wind Through The Keyhole now. Yay!

    JayMad4 – April 30th, 2012
  102. Bardem will be great,but only if he loses a lot of weight. He looks too healthy for “old”,”worn out” Roland. They will also have to make the eyes “Roland blue” which should be easy. I don’t have a problem with Bardem. I am not sure about Howard and Goldsman though. I wish Frank Darabont could be involved. We all know about his great skills and his ability to reflect King’s literature to the screen. He also proved he can do post apocalypse with “Walking Dead” which Stephen King loved. All of his King adaptations are legendary (green mile,shawshank redemption,the mist) Just why can’t he be the one!!!

    Falan Filan – April 30th, 2012
  103. the best fit for detta walker would be the pregnant prostitute from hustle and flow as for eddie he was only in his early twenties at the start so he’s a little harder and roland is the hardest and most important of all it is so hard to get clint eastwood out of my mind i just recently after reading wind through the keyhole thoght of josh brolin and the way he looked in that crappy movie johna hex and to some degree true grit as for music there is a hank iii song called ghost to a ghost that has a spaghetti western sound and talks aboght vampires and wolves well no matter what happens i cant wait

    honkykong – May 1st,  2012
  104. and before i forget from the first time i read the stand flagg has always been james hetfield in my mind i know he,s not an actor but that was how i pictured him now that i have read all the dark tower books i think they could use several actors for him as it is said he always looks simaler but never the same sometimes old sometimes young handsome and ugly

    honkykong – May 1st,  2012
  105. Eddie’s character, to me, is the easiest of the bunch to cast for this epic project. Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad”. Watch some episodes if you haven’t had the pleasure to yet, and you will see exactly what I mean.

    As for Susannah, she’s a lot more challenging, and a no-name with convincing acting ability would be my preference. Someone totally fresh because of the multiple personalities involved. Jake? Probably the toughest of the bunch. How about the kid who plays Carl in “The Walking Dead”?

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – May 2nd,  2012
  106. @ Maestro208: I scoffed at first but Carl from “The Walking Dead” really isn’t a bad idea for Jake. He definitely has a vulnerability about him that I see in Jake. Carl has also shown flashes of being cold and hardened by the circumstances of his environment, which is more or less a transition Jake had to go through. I don’t see how the actor who plays Carl could do The Dark Tower & The Walking Dead but all of the complications aside I wouldn’t be disappointed to hear he got the role.

    Aloenam – May 4th, 2012
  107. I know some will disagree with me but i always thought the perfect way to do the The Dark Tower series would b to do it digital like avatar or like disneys A Christmas Carol . I think that would offer a lot of advantages to do the books justice. First you could work with Mr. King and creat all the caracters as he saw them in his mind . And that way u could have such powerful caracters such as Roland voiced over by any great actor regardless of looks or even age. That would also work to keep from running to a scenerio like harry potter wherin by the time the last movie is filmed the actors have aged much more then the caracters there pl aying . Also if u did the whole movie digital you would have to have actors in front of green screens or poorly made sets for some of the harder to do scenes . Im sorry but Im HUGE Stephen King fan and love the DT but his books usually dont translate well into movies. The level of fantasy and detail Mr. King provides would b hard to duplicate and do tje series justice with movie sets and flesh and blood actors. I say watch disneys A Christmas Carol and see if u dont forget in the first few minutes that its all digital and forget that scrooge is voiced by jim carrey . Something i dont think he could have pulled of doing the actual acting in flesh and blood. However they decided to the movies and whoever they choose i hope they do it justice not screw the movies all up with there own visions that have nothing to do with the books . You know like giving Roland brown eyes and a glock 9mm cause they thinks it better for the big screen or something.

    Gary – May 5th, 2012
  108. I´d like to see the cast from preceding SK-Films (for example Jamey Sheridan, Matt Frewer, etc.) This would be great!

    Malvin Marvel – May 5th, 2012
  109. Don’t be pessimistic about the alledged casting. Who thought Heath Ledger was going to amaze people with his take on the Joker?

    Glenn – May 6th, 2012
  110. Bardem will be awesome as Roland! A lot of these other suggestions I’ve read wouldn’t be able to come close to projecting the emotions that this role will call for.

    Corban – May 8th, 2012
  111. I think Bardem would be great in the roll. Only thing I can say is they better give him some blue contacts! Can’t wait for this to start being made.

    Tina – May 8th, 2012
  112. Mickey Rourke would make a great Roland. Call me crazy if you will but I am sure of it.

    5Ash – May 8th, 2012
  113. Roland is not Spanish, so ta —- with Javier Bardem. Also, Akiva Goldsman’s most recent contributions to the film world, writing wise, are The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons so I’m not so pleased with this either. I know he’s done some good as well, as has Ron Howard, but they’re both hit or miss, and neither has ever done anything akin to the Dark Tower, in all it’s surrealistic, fantastic glory. They aren’t right for this.

    Warner and HBO are awesome, but even they can’t make it good if everything else involved is wrong. Not too optimistic.

    Joe Kick – May 8th, 2012
  114. Spoilers again

    Walkin’ Dude: Yeah so maybe they’d not have to make huge changes but I’d be happier with that then that hokey Christmas alternate universe thing, not to mention the actual end, which basically tells us he’s gonna win “this time round” anyway.

    Semaj – May 8th, 2012
  115. So, about the new book. I have to say I loved the story within a story within a story concept. I also thought that the material was great, it kind of reminded me of Tolkiens Silmarillion. A group of side stories that give you more texture to the world the heroes live in. I was a bit sad that Roland and his katet were just a passing mention but when it comes to the Dark Tower I’ll take what i can get. Ok, now you can commence with the casting calls.

    ride the handsome – May 8th, 2012
  116. If only we lived in a world that contained time traveling doors: Eastwood could have been Roland; A young Gina Torres(Zoe from Firefly)would have been Susannah; a young Casey Affleck/Sam Rockwell would have been a fantastic Eddie. But no, we ain’t in Mid-World.

    Am I the only one hoping for Eastwood to play a different role, say Stephen Deschain, Father Callahan, or Aaron Deepneau?

    I think Bardem can play Roland mentally, even though he lacks the blue eyes…who do you people want, Nicholas Cage? Let’s all be thankful THAT didn’t happen. Can you imagine? Cage as Roland, Halle Berry as Susannah, Adrien Brody as Eddie, Hailey Joel Osment as Jake…BARF!

    Just finished “The Wind Through The Keyhole”. Do you think they’ll include that?

    HorribleEyes – May 11th, 2012
  117. For the sake of argument I’d like to put forth Guy Pearce as Roland. An oddly ugly/attractive man.

    These were who I pictured in my head while reading: Allison Lohman-Susan Delgado Helena Bonham Carter-Coral Thorin Jonathan Pearce(I think…Juan Peron from Evita)-Mayor Thorin Clint Howard-Gasher

    There’ll be more, I gotta Google some actors.

    And an ammendment to my “worst cas possible”…Shia LeBouf as Eddie, PLEASE NO!

    HorribleEyes – May 11th, 2012
  118. HorribleEyes (worst cast):

    Ben Stiller for Eddie CG, voiced by Eddie Murphey for Oi

    Semaj – May 14th, 2012
  119. Anson Mount for Roland. He is Cullen Bohannon in Hell on Wheels on AMC, he’s great. Clint Eastwood is how picture Roland but can’t get him Mount is the next best thing. Josh Brolin would be great too I think, he managed to make Jonah Hex almost cool…almost. Timothy Olyphant could play Eddie, I had never realized it but he is who I picture when I picture Eddie.

    KAH – May 17th, 2012
  120. Can’t wait for the movies, hope they happen. Havier would be a great Roland, but I think ideally Viggo Mortensen is the spitting image of Roland. (But he probably wouldn’t want to do it, knowing him) One thing I’m worried about is that spoiler alert it would not make sense for the characters to become conscious that they are part of books in an alternate reality. If the movies are done RIGHT, they MUST become conscious that they are part of a movie based on the book. If the first image is not of Roland with his horn I will be very disappointed. P.S. Jarred Leto should be Eddy, also the spitting image.

    Dan Bradford – May 17th, 2012
  121. Excellent news. Weeeeeee…. until they drop the project like last time. Im not getting excited until I see physical proof that shit is underway.


    RoontTwinnerDave – May 18th, 2012
  122. i was just watching superbad on comedy central and the black girl at the liquor store made me think of susanah she looks like she has the ability to be super sweet or sooo so sassy i really hope they get this right we can only hope i agree with horible eyes abought alison loham but but susan delgato is a 16 year old girl and dosent show up till the 3rd or 4th book shed be in her 30,s by the time they film that far into the books wellits all make beleive and she is really sweet i can overlook it

    honkykong – May 19th, 2012
  123. Has anyone played around with the idea of Hugh jackman playing Roland? He’s similar to a young Clint Eastwood. Although, if he had the role, Jackman would need to really slim down haha. Also the best soundtrack to me would definitly be a slow, western style modern day song. Or possibly blues-ish. Think of the beginning of both the Hangover movies. Rain Down Like Black Hell, if that is the name, Would also be a great fight scene background.

    metalman87 – May 21st,  2012
  124. Bardem as Roland, I just can’t see it, and as much as I love Hugh Laurie in House and could see him, I could totally see Josh Brolin as Roland. He takes after his father in that he is a great actor, just give him some contacts and he’d be great. I wasn’t a fan of Jonah Hex as a movie but Brolin did a great job, and to me he has that Eastwood vibe.

    lunarrose – May 22nd,  2012
  125. It has become pretty quiet around here lately. Well I guess everyone is just too busy reading The Wind Through the Keyhole. I know I am.

    The funny thing is, although there hasn’t been any news about this happening for over two months, I still find myself returning here almost daily. Or if not that often, then at least several times/week.

    Hopefully we’ll find out more about this project again soon.

    I remember myself some while ago suggesting the kid from Walking Dead for the role of Jake. I want to reclaim that suggestion. After seeing the first season a second time, I just don’t think he’s good for the role. He may have the potential to play a badass from time to time, but other than that I don’t think he’s that good an actor.


    Dida-chick? – May 22nd,  2012
  126. my gunslinger would be Michael Biehn…..He was great in everything hes been in but I remember his role in Tombstone well.The man knows guns!!!

    Darcy Edgar – May 22nd,  2012
  127. what about Charlie Sheen as Eddie?

    Darcy Edgar – May 22nd,  2012
  128. whos playing Oy? lol

    Darcy Edgar – May 22nd,  2012
  129. Oy is being played by Andy Serkis (Gollum from LotR), motion cap savant. Seriously I hope Oy is a cross between a lemur, badger and teto, the companion pet from Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”. Clearly I’ve given way to much thought into the film adaptation of the characters but why stop with Oy. Roland = Josh Brolin (please not Javier) Eddie = Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) Susannah = Gina Torres (Rutina Wesley if you want to skew younger) Jake = any talented Disney kid will do ya well Sai.

    Gregor – May 24th, 2012
  130. would like to see vincent cassel play someone… sam elliott would be a great stephen deschain… would love a score by graeme revell or clint mansell… even with some remixes by klayton… wizard and glass music by corvus corax… yes please!

    fisherandsons – May 24th, 2012
  131. great news! I´m so waiting for this movie. I agree with many: Javier Bardem is an excellent actor but I don´t see him as Roland AT ALL. Michael Fassbender is a GREAT candidate, he has the perfect blue eyes!

    Ce – May 24th, 2012
  132. I’m liking a lot of these suggestions. I’d really like Bardem, but he just isn’t thin enough; the gunslinger’s been living on the road for far too long, and Bardem doesn’t look like he can get that ropy. Hugh Laurie seems too old already, but otherwise perfect- maybe there’s some Hollywood magic that can be done? The biggest problem I’m seeing cast-wise is Jake. Whoever they pick will be in his 20s by the time they finish it out. There doesn’t seem to be a way around that, other than the CGI that was suggested… or having b-, c-, and d-teams working simultaneously. Which part would we like them to ruin the most? As much as I generally hate CGI, I think that’s the best chance at not destroying the whole thing. Give them the time to actually make it. But as someone else pointed out, we can only be disappointed if we expect something. They might make a fantastic set of movies that kills all hope of living for the readers.I’d prefer they didn’t do that. But I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to end up like most SK books-to-movies, or most books-to-movies in general: the people in charge are going to have to make massive cuts, and they will have NO idea what’s important in the story and what isn’t.

    And hey, is no one seeing Eastwood as CORT?

    Senaji – May 25th, 2012
  133. @fisherandsons I think Sam Elliott should be in the cast too but I always pictured him as Eldred Jonas. The elderly coffin hunter with the silver mane and moustache. The moments with Stephen Deschain are always with a really young Roland so he can’t be that old. Maybe Kevin Costner would make a good pops Deschain, just throwing it out there.

    Ce, I would be ok with Fassbender as Roland, he’s a great actor.

    Gregor – May 26th, 2012
  134. Michael Fassbender definitely looks the part to me, and he is an intense actor who takes his craft pretty seriously. Good call. Sam Elliott has a place in this tale, as well, and my opinion is also that he is Eldred Jonas. Can’t you just see him with that hand tattoo and that attitude? Perfect. Aaron Paul is still Eddie, in my opinion, and I cannot for the life of me think of anyone better for that role. Daniel Day Lewis as Roland is my pipe dream, but Fassbender… I bet he’d consider the gig and seriously do it justice.

    Ron Howard and crew, please get off the Bardem kick. Great actor, but he’s getting way too busy now and he’d have to change too much to even pass as Roland in this project. I’m sure he could pull it off, but seriously now… let him go and do his 007 stuff and what-not.

    Just finished The Wind Through the Keyhole, too. It’s really great to be reacquainted with Mid-World and its unique inhabitants, including Roland’s ka-tet, again. Hit the spot. :)

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – May 26th, 2012
  135. To my mind, production, direction, screenplay, etc…are all just as or even more important than casting-anyone out there remember Dreamcatcher, The Stand, It, countless others? Good S.K. books don’t always turn into good S.K. movies:(( I’m hoping for a stunning & sweeping epic e.g. lotr…Not trying to be a negative Nancy here but I don’t want another Langoliers on our hands.

    zentune – May 27th, 2012
  136. Well while looking forward to here more about this and am optimistic about it I just hope they stick closely to the books so as not to screw them up. Another book series I would like for them to pick up is the Inheritance cycle but they would have to remake the first one because the studio that did the first one screwed it up so bad that the second one cant be made.

    Joe – May 27th, 2012
  137. Nobody is gonna suggest Zoe Saldana as susan/susanna/Odetta/Detta?

    Dr. Gunslingeromc – May 28th, 2012
  138. Just throwing this out there-Bruce Campbell as the man in black?He also worked with a well known director named Sam Raimi who you might remember from the Evil Dead and Spiderman series.Also does anybody remember a movie called The Shawshank Redemption?or The Green Mile?Two great movies directed by Frank Darabont.Not ALL King movies turn to shit.I think if Ron Howard loves the books as much as us he will do his best to do them justice.And I still pick Charlie Sheen as Eddie.Wasnt he a drug addict?or do the actors have to be “new school”?

    Darcy Edgar – May 28th, 2012
  139. Don’t forget Frank Darabont also gave us “The Mist”, another great(and dark) adaptation from Stephen King. He’s clearly a King fan who adapts his work in a natural and compelling fashion. Darabont recently left AMC’s “The Walking Dead” maybe he can get involved with DT somehow. I would love to see him as Producer and Showrunner on the HBO series or writer and director of the feature films.

    Gregor – May 29th, 2012
  140. I hope this movie happens!!!! Just a thought, I think Daniel Craig would make a better Roland, what do you all think?

    Bob – May 29th, 2012
  141. after watching hatfeilds and mcoys I feel that costner is the only man on earth who can play roland, I pictured him when reading the first book way back in 88, when it came out in paper back. Keven Costner IS Roland and they should not even think about makeing this film without him. In fact, I dont know that I would even go see a dark towr movie without him. if it sucks it will surly taint any futer readings of the series thatI might enjoy.

    joe leo – May 31st,  2012
  142. kevin sorbo as te tic tok man robert england ( who played the original freedy kruger) as gasher. the girl who played the scared whore from the unforgiven. she was also the little girls mother from the first crow film as coral thorin josh brolins wife from planet terror as susana ria would be the really tough one to cast not sure about her. and the guy costner throws off the roof in untouchables as jonas and costner as Roland for certain

    joe leo – May 31st,  2012
  143. I’m on my second go around reading the Dark Tower; seems like I find something new when I reread it. I’ll be first in line here in New Orleans for the movie you can bet, but would you believe I don’t have HBO?! lol…as soon as this is a done deal, I’m getting it, just to watch the DT series!!

    Chris – June 1st,  2012
  144. I was very worried when I first read that Ron Howard wanted to do the whole feature film/mini series approach but, now that there may be a chance HBO will be involved, I am completely on board with the idea. Mid-World is an ugly, savage place full of things that just aren’t allowed to be shown on network television. AMC (The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad) would work too.

    Someone mentioned earlier that Mickey Rourke should play Roland—not on your life sir! But, I DO think that he would make a pretty fantastic Cort.

    Someone else (sorry, I’m not backtracking to find who) also mentioned Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) as Eddie. That is 100% spot on, in my opinion. He has both the look and the chops for the role.

    Clint Howard was mentioned for Gasher which is probably the only person suggested so far that will actually make it in the films; big bro Ron always seems to throw him a bone in his movies. He’s also uglier than sin, just like Ol’ Gasher.

    Hugh Laurie would make a pretty good Roland except for the fact that when I see Roland on the screen I want to think “There he is, that’s Roland!” instead of “House does a pretty convincing Roland”.

    Call me crazy (I’m sure some of you will) but I always thought that if there was ever a Dark Tower movie made it should start with Roland with The Horn of Eld (as someone suggested above). I mean, we already know how the written story ends, it ends with the beginning. The movie version could be a continuation of the books, a sort of sequel that follows the same characters in the same timeline. BUT, that being said, the only way I would accept the new ending is if it came directly from the mind of King himself. Don’t write off the idea of the horn being in the films just yet, let it soak in for a while, get a good, long taste of it. It would be the only chance we ever have of seeing what Roland’s final reward is, what his lifetime(s) of suffering and sacrifices were all for. I’ll say it now and I’ll say it until the trailers are over, the lights dim and I finally get to see Roland: I’M HOPING FOR THE HORN.

    FINALLY, one thing I feel the need to mention: @Flying turtle - I thought your “and that is the truth” post was genius! Yet, it did not get one compliment or comment or reference whatsoever! So here you go, pal. KUDOS.

    Oh yeah, I also want to see Zach Galifinakis as Shardik and Andy Dick as Blaine the mono hehehee XD . May we find our Tower, Constant Readers, and breach it, and may we climb to the top! LD&PN

    Dandelo's Horse – June 2nd,  2012
  145. having the horn of eld in the movie would be totally unfaithfull and I am sorry to say it more than a little lame. the books must be represented just as they are. and th moment people start screwing with the them yr done 4. That being said, some of the stories in the last two books will be dificult to transulate. The ending with the crim king throwing grenades from a balcony. hard to pull off, but I am willing togive it a chance only if they are honest to it all. and only if Costner plays the GUNSLINGER………

    joe leo – June 2nd,  2012
  146. Kevin Costner? Really? Just because he wore a cowboy hat in a movie you saw once doesn’t mean he would be a good Roland. And how would having the horn be unfaithful? Sure, it would be unfaithful to the story if the ending was that Roland is destined to repeat his quest for all eternity but that wasn’t the case! He has the horn now! Don’t you want to see what happens at The Tower now that Roland has the horn? Doesn’t Roland deserve to complete his quest?? This isn’t The Dark Tower books, we’ve already read them a hundred times. This is The Dark Tower movies and the only chance we will ever have of seeing our old friend get his redemption. Jeez, don’t you even like our Dinh?

    Dandelo's Horse – June 2nd,  2012
  147. I certainly didn’t mean to upset anyone, but I feel that what SK was saying at the end of the novels is that a story of this nature dosn’t nes have a definative ending. I too understand that it would be cool that after all this time of contemplating he was able to come up with some new ending that was more of a closed lid as upposed to the opnen ended ending of the seventh/now eighth novel. Buti feel that what Roland really is, is a casting of what Michael Morcock called the eternal champion. who created Elric of Melnibine, and Hawkmoon, as well as guys like Robert E Howard who created Coan, Edgar Rice B. who created John Carter of Mars and Tarzan. and stories of that nature seem to go on and on. now I’m not comparing SK to these guys cause I know he is on a different level. But I do feel that the stories are best when left as is. As for Costner, he is one of americas true western heros who has portrayed many different western typs convincingly again and again. as well as having a dry minimalistic aproach to dialoge that is perfict for Roland. I admit that he dos’t seem to be the first pick of anyone on this board, and really the argumant is only important to superfans like I and urself who truly care about how the final product is represented on screen. I have very little hope for this, or any project that trys to bring these amazing stories to life without being as close to the letter as is humanly possible. P.S certainly didnt’t mean any offence, just hoping without much hope that somehow this story gets brought to the screen and looks half as good as it has the three times I have read through the series.

    joe leo – June 2nd,  2012
  148. No offense taken, sai. The last thing I want is to get into a heated argument with a fellow tower junkie. All of us who have taken this journey through The Dark Tower and related works have our own unique vision of this world and one reader’s opinion is no better than any other’s. Thanks for being classy, I got a little condescending there. XD

    I know that I am in the minority with the whole horn of eld thing, it’s just that I REALLY want to know what happens when all of the pieces are in place and Roland finally gets to see what is beyond the final door.


    Dandelo's Horse – June 2nd,  2012
  149. Well Lets just hope that someday all of our argumants are pleasently put to rest. I mean why is this taking so long…. they have made so many Sk books and stories into movies and or TV shoes in some form or another. prople are clammoring for this. at the very least they should commit to producing the Gubnslinger as a one shot film with theh rest of the scripts ready should the film prove to be profitable on a franshise scale. IE Harry potter. Batman, James bond, but even if it wasn’t sucsesfull ( I was heart broken when John Carte of mars came out and floped reascently) at least we would have the one film to admire and love, and u never know when something might strike a cord with the public. I hope if it happens, it go’s over big enough for us to get to see the end. There is a lot of story to tel in those books, so many charicters it’s crazy. Many a slip b’tween the cup and the lip, Roland might say. I just wish good or bad they would get the damn thing going. And while were at it lets get film versions of The Stand, and It, Both awsome stories that have never been done right. and what about the Tallisman, and Black house. I mean if they can do cats eye, Maximum Overdrive, Sleep Walkers, and The Langoliers? I meain, what the Hell?

    joe leo – June 2nd,  2012
  150. Thumbs up to everything in that post. There was supposedly going to be a talisman movie or tv series, but I think it’s dead now. The made for TV version of IT was ok, if you never actually read the book. The book was absolutely terrifying the first time I read it! The mini series was WAY toned down for tv, which is why the idea of The Dark Tower as a mini series worried me so much (until this possibility of HBO). I did enjoy what they did with The Stand, considering it was on network television, but I would LOVE to see a rated R trilogy made from The Stand (PLZ NO MOLLY RINGWALD THIS TIME!). Maybe if The Dark Tower movies ever happen (and are successful) then they can go back and make a new Stand movie with whoever they cast for The Man in Black as The Walkin Dude. I’ll tell you what, whenever I make my first billion I will completely fund these movies myself XD

    Dandelo's Horse – June 2nd,  2012
  151. Dark Tower Inspired Song - Gunslinger


    blakebguitar – June 5th, 2012
  152. Not Bardem, I think there could be a more fitting choice for Roland. Daniel Craig has those beautiful natural blues that are so highly discussed in the series and he can maintain that brooding brow and weathered features. Not sure if he fits the “old long, tall, and ugly” as described in Eddies eyes, but Craig’s rough and tumble features could be a winner. Seeing as how Eastwood can’t possibly do this role, we all have to try to see a different actor as Roland.

    Rachel – June 7th, 2012
  153. I’d also like to see the horn appear right at the start of the movie and have it as the final chapter of Rolands story. If I were righting the ending I’d have Roland saving Jake from the van and then have Roland dying saving Jake from Mordred. It would have Rolands love for his son outweighing his ambition and ultimately leading to his demise. It’d have the son repeating the mistakes of the Father with Jake losing his ‘real’ father as Roland lost his mother.

    I’d also have Jake take Sheemie into his new tet with Sussanah and have them both die thereby again having the son succumbing to the same fate as the father with the deaths of his whole tet. For the final scene I’d have Jake awakening on another level of the tower by a volcano (or such) with a strange creature peering at him saying “popa jock?’ before preceding to have the creature bite off two of his fingers, thereby implying another infinite loop ending.

    Or maybe I wouldn’t do any of that and it’s just an idea that popped into my head as i read the last 10 or so posts.

    I like the Lawrie for Roland idea and would add him to my ideal team of: Danny Boyle (Director) Brian Kirk (Co-Director - helping with the fantasy/tv) Ed Norton (Eddie) Benicio Del Toro (Man in Black) Leonora Chrichlow? (Sussanah - a little annoying as Annie in being human but I think she was meant to be and looked good in the ad i saw for fast girls yesterday) Eastwood (Cort - although I also liked the Rourke suggestion)

    Oythebumbler – June 7th, 2012
  154. Forgot to add that the above would avoid that snlightly naff scene with Jake, Sussanah and Eddie in the park.

    Oythebumbler – June 7th, 2012
  155. @ joe leo “Many a slip b’tween the cup and the lip, Roland might say”

    that wasn’t Roland’s quote. That was in the movie Young Guns. Nice quote, just credited the wrong cowboy.

    manni ramirez – June 8th, 2012
  156. To me the biggest problem they will be is Jake, because this is bound to take at least 8 years to film and how are you going to keep some one young for that long?

    van man – June 8th, 2012
  157. does anyone else see Zoe Zaldana as a perfect Susannah?

    blaine is a pain – June 8th, 2012
  158. Not really. I’m sure she’d be fine as Susannah, but not “perfect”.

    The Walkin' Dude – June 8th, 2012
  159. The difficultly of casting Suze is her age. I got the impression in the second book that she was quite a bit older than Eddie. I don’t remember the details but I gathered she was in her 40s whereas Eddie was in his 20s. That’s why I picture an age appropriate actress like Gina Torres or Vivica A Fox. If they were to go with a younger actress, like many have suggested, I would go with Rutina Wesley (Tara from True Blood would rip ya a new a-hole as good as Detta or Mia every could!).

    Gregor – June 9th, 2012
  160. Really glad you folks aren’t in the film business. Some really terrible ideas being tossed around in here… Sheesh

    Mac – June 9th, 2012
  161. Flagg from the stand tv series as flagg\fannen sam elliot as eldred jonas… i like the vivica a fox as susannah\odetta idea timothy oliphant as roland only cause hes the as close to eastwood as we can get….eastwood as cort…genius!!!that would bring the whole old master teacher theme full circle in the story and with the actors ONLY Tim curry as dandelo… opening song as we watch wide aerial shots of man in black fleeing as roland follows…“cowboys” by portishead NO DANIEL CRAIG AND NO KEVIN COSTNER… oh, and who will play stephen king?

    "bango skank" – June 10th, 2012
  162. What about Tom Hardy as Tick Tock Man

    Andrew – June 11th, 2012
  163. No Sam Elliot as Jonas, his voice is about 3 octaves too low!

    Dandelo's Horse – June 11th, 2012
  164. If Bardem loses a ton of weight, cleans up his accent and wears blue contact lenses, I can squint and ALMOST see him pulling it off… but perhaps that is just my wishful thinking? I’m glad to see so many other DT fans are as confused as I am about this casting… it does not make any sense to me that he would be signed and annouced so early in the piece and be so physically wrong for the role? to me this casting disaster bodes very badly for the quality of the end production not to mention the faithfullness of the adaption to the actual work of Sai King.. but damn I want it to be awesome I really really do!

    angela daugther of larry – June 11th, 2012
  165. Main actor discussion: It’s no discussion at all… We all SAW Roland walk through the desert. We all SAW him enter the Tower. Every actor must fail by this images (besides Eastwood in earlier days).

    Bardem is not my Roland but that’s not the point. Viggo Mortenson never fit into my image of Aragorn but it worked… It does not matter, as long as the Movie/TV-Show-Series catches the spirit of the Tower.

    Hope to get additional good news Say Thankee

    chris – June 11th, 2012
  166. Eastwood as Cort?

    You people do realize that Cort’s going to have to have a pretty active fight scene, right? The man is I cannot imagine Eastwood being limber enough to make it believable.

    The Walkin' Dude – June 11th, 2012
  167. (Oops, hit the Return button too soon.)

    The man is 82 years old!

    The Walkin' Dude – June 11th, 2012
  168. Common, can you just see an octogenarian Cort swinging a stroke cane at Roland’s hawk as it dives at his face.

    Gregor – June 12th, 2012
  169. As mentioned before, NO ONE will be able to fulfill our expectations as Roland when he is first shown on sceene (unless it is a complete unknown who just really IS Roland) but hopefully it will be someone talented enough for us to come to accept and possibly even love as Roland. This will be the case with all of or beloved Ka Tet. And also as mentioned before the harest casting will be Jake, due to this taking years to complete and thus a young actor will grow older. The casting will work itself out one way or another and hopefully for the best. My worries (which I also believe someone has already mentioned) are in story line. As much as starting at the end (Horn in play) intrigues me the problem I have (and most other Dark Tower fans I would guess) is that I want others to experiance what I did when I read it, that means the same story not some new happily ever after story, we can all hope for it to be what happened but we don’t really need to see it. We need it to be as close to possible, but we all know there will be changes. My kids are reading the Graphic Novels and I love the way the story is told in a proper time line, but’s it’s just not My Tower. And I hope the movies and tv series try to keep the story line the same, but they won’t and for probally lots of differnt reasons. So also as mentioned before I will hope for the best but not be dissapointed in the outcome as long as the story gets out there for my non reading friends and family to somewhat see what the hell I’ve been goinng on and on about for the last 15 years!

    zerodinh – June 12th, 2012
  170. @Zerodinh, thank you! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Making a movie/tv series version of what could have happened if Roland had the horn, would just be stupid. It’s not what the story is about..


    Dida-chick? – June 13th, 2012
  171. @ Mac: I agree with you there, and I do sincerely hope that the casting director makes some good and solid decisions with this. Not much for me to add except that I’m seeing some folks get pretty carried away with suggestions that are questionable, at best, imo.

    No offense to anyone here (we’re all fans, of course, and we want to see this come to fruition at some point in time), but an overtly Hollywood-ized, glamorous production with too-recognizable and/or has-been actors would be a legitimate kiss of death for this entire endeavor, folks. Seriously. Please think about it. I don’t have all the answers, but I stand by my few suggestions re: casting, and they fit this criteria. Different strokes for different folks, but to go the circus route is just plain indicative of not really understanding the nature of what these books are all about. All just my opinion, of course.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – June 13th, 2012
  172. If no one likes Bardem as Roland, why they want him to play his role??? First time I read The Dark Tower, I imagined Roland like Clint Eastwood… He is too old, I know, but there has to be someone else who look like Roland more closely than Javier, he is totally the opposite!!!

    Despite that… I’m so excited we finally are going to have “our” movies!!!!! =D

    TkB13 – June 14th, 2012
  173. I must admit that we are an interesting group of fans to say the least. I mean, the movie is not even being made as far as I can tell, but there certainly are some varried and passionate ideas on the film that no one has yet comitted to even making. oh well…………I just hope the dang thing gets made at some point in the near future. At the very least it would validate all of our ideas on what makes this thing awsome on the first place.

    joe leo – June 14th, 2012
  174. Yup, fair point, joe leo, and well said. It’ll take time, as do all good things.

    You know, the one biggest thing that has me apprehensive about all of this is not the casting of Bardem (he could totally pull this off, but with a lot of work, weight loss, and the production team pulling out all the stops), but the involvement of Ron Howard. I’m not a hater, but man… he has A LOT to prove if he takes this on because I feel like there are a bunch of better visionaries out there who could sincerely do this epic tale justice on the Big Screen. He would be one of my last choices, so… I guess I need to nerd up and go with a classic quote from these books regarding the matter: “There will be water if ka wills it.”

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – June 16th, 2012
  175. Maybe !! Clint Eastwood could play Roland hard as nails teacher?? DDL I think should play Roland!! Not happy about Ron Howard directing. The dude really butchered the da vinchi code. Overall I’m happy but quite nervous. This has to be bloody perfect.

    Must be Mr Kings opus and all of our DT dreams!!

    Matt Evans – June 17th, 2012
  176. This is great news. Thou iam having a hard time imagining Javier Bardem as Roland. His build and stature to me is all wrong. Timothy Olyphant is a better choice but still a bit not quite there in the sense of his overall appearance and attitude.

    But when i watched AMC’s “Hell on Wheel’s” i was stunned. Anson Mount plays the lead. And he does it well in a no bullshit way, just like i imagined Roland. Naturally i as well see that the best fit would be Clint Eastwood. But then we would have to find a door that opened to 1995 or something like that and pull him here :S

    Magnifico – June 18th, 2012
  177. Vivica Fox as Suze?!? What?!

    How ‘bout we have Lindsay Lohan as Susan then, huh?

    We’ll cast Burt Reynolds as Callahan. Kenny Rogers can be Jonas. Good ol’ Carrot Top can be Ted Brautigan.

    ALL plastic ALL the time. :-/


    HorribleEyes – June 18th, 2012
  178. Susannah is a very difficult character to cast. The actress has to switch between the vitriolic psychopathic Detta, the warrior wife confluence of Suze and for an extent the demonic Mia. To my recollection Suze is in her 40s and I haven’t seen many suggestions that fit the bill. Vivica A Fox is an older performer who has paid her dues on tv and has become a solid journeyman actress in many features including Kill Bill. Do I think she’s the perfect Susannah Dean… no but part of playing the “who would you cast” game is choosing a known actor who’s in a realistic stage of their career to play the part, thus no Halle Barry or Zoe Saldana (no offense to those who suggested such).

    Speculations aside I truly feel these films should be mostly cast with very talented up-and-coming actors to avoid the distraction of a-list actors not matching what we’ve visualized. Of course the reality is we will have many recognizable celebrities, likely Javier as Roland. What it boils down to is if the material is good a talented actor will make it so. Any qualms or distractions would quickly dissipate if the dialog and execution is trig. Lets hope its so.

    BTW Unless any of us work for Imagine Entertainment our casting suggestions shouldn’t be taken sooo seriously.

    Gregor – June 19th, 2012
  179. Actually, Burt Reynolds as Callahan might not be half bad. ;)

    The Walkin' Dude – June 19th, 2012
  180. Aw, if they didn’t lag they would have had a perfect Jake: Asa Butterfield. He’s exactly who I pictured, just with lighter hair. And he’s a kid who’s got depth - I’ve liked all his roles since Mordred on Merlin. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm815628544/nm2633535

    Not against Jon Hamm as Roland either. Since I don’t have cable and have never seen Mad Men, I have no reference of him as another character. Josh Brolin works for me too. Eddie is about 24 and needs to be played by someone in the 25-30 range maybe someone like Joseph Morgan? http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2657127680/nm0604784 He can be shitty and charismatic all at once. Odetta/Susanna is supposed to be 10 years older, so someone in her 30s - I personally like Taraji Henson. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0378245/

    Emgem – June 19th, 2012
  181. As long as Norm Macdonald isn’t Burt’s acting coach I’m down with that. The big question is… full or sans toupee. {;-)

    Gregor – June 20th, 2012
  182. Here’s what many of us are missing and are going to have to accept, at this point in time at least…Javier Bardem is going to be Roland. He’s a great actor and will do well. The magic of film these days is that much is possible and i will take great acting over a bad acting look alike ANYDAY. Books are about imagination and wonder, and so are good films. I have a wish list too…Fassbender tops it but its just not happening. Aaron Paul is tied up in Breaking Bad, Tim Olyphant in Justified, The Walking Dead suggestions in The Walking Dead. Ron Howard is at the helm and while I’d prefer Christopher Nolan, its Ron Howard. So while we all debate these things that are set, we are mostly missing the PHENOMENAL news, universal is out, WB is in and they are not afraid to see things thru to the end and take a leap of faith. Ron Howard plus WB and HBO is a gift. Ron Howard plus Universal was discordia brought to life. Deep down inside we all know movies from books are rarely as good as the books. Imagination is boundless. please don’t do anything but Hey Jude and some time appropriate songs when our Ka-Tet is in the American universe.

    I’m happy and excited and que sera sera. If the movies suck we still have the books

    bangoskank – June 20th, 2012
  183. I’m revisiting the series for the 3rd time & it just gets better! I’m fine with Ron Howard. I was ecstatic about JJ Abrams doing it & wish he hadn’t cried off… Howard is a capable & diverse director, which leaves me optimistic that he will be able to capture the tone of the books.

    I must, however, voice my serious concern about Bardem. I have NOTHING against him, he’s just not MY Roland (and based on fan reaction I’m not alone) I seriously wonder if the upheaval over his attachment to the deal didn’t cause a halt in production (finances & logistics were cited, but if the fanbase is less than 50% happy, no company’s going to finance a massively epic, nearly indescribable, genre splicing adaptation to a movie with an unknowable appeal & possibly narrow target audience if the (hefty but not huge) cult following is displeased with the proposed cast.

    These are more than books to me & can not wait to see them on a big screen! That said, I’d HATE to seen them done wrong. For what my opinion’s worth (and I don’t claim to be “right”), I feel Howard should allow the project to develop long enough for Bardem to pursue other movies & put SERIOUS effort into getting the cast perfect. I could care less about huge sweeping shots of Lud & Thunderclap…even the Tower itself if Roland, Jake, Suze & Edddie aren’t properly cast.

    Long Days & Pleasant Night to you all! (taps throat 3 times) Peace!

    neverwell19 – June 21st,  2012
  184. Well said, bangoskank. I’m still holding out hope for Aaron Paul and Fassbender, myself. It’s do-able unless something in their schedules proves me wrong. :)

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – June 22nd,  2012
  185. Gracias, Maestro…Fassbender Would be amazing, but for Eddie I Would choose a Guy named Joel Kinneman. He’s the male detective in AMC’s The Killing and the rich dude who fucks over the two main characters in that crappy electricity alien movie That came out last Christmas, The Darkest Hour. But I’m just waiting for the day they say Production has Begun and I will give it an open hearted chance. Maybe all it does is lead the masses to the books, and for that, I’d be grateful, because Then I could meet more ppl that I could have a decent convo with Hahahaha

    bangoskank – June 23rd,  2012
  186. I hope that WB makes up it’s mind on whether or not they’re going to produce The Gunslinger. Having the Dark Tower series on a shelf in both book form and movie form. As for the cast, they better pick the right people to act. Their best choices would be new faces. Besides, that’s how Stephan King would do it.

    19 – June 25th, 2012
  187. Also, if they screw up anything then their ka will go downhill.

    19 – June 25th, 2012
  188. I am not in favour of Javier Bardem as Roland!!!!! He’s not what I imagined at all. Not as sexy as the guy I was imagining!!!! Why don’t they just make it as 8 films? Cannot absolutely, positively wait!!!! I love this series so much!

    sharon – June 25th, 2012
  189. Super excited to see there is going to be a movie, and a tv series to boot (=D) but I don’t like the dude they chose to play Roland, that Javier What’s-his-pickle. We shall see though =)

    Tracy N* – June 25th, 2012
  190. I read The Gunslinger when I was a young man out of the Navy and going back to college. (I’m the same age as Stephen King–for whatever that means.) It was a quirky little book; unlike anything else he had published. Over the years I read every other one–what? ten thousand pages? I think this is probably the biggest saga, best well written “magnum opus” of the modern age. Of course, Clint Eastwood was/is the model and image of Roland Deschain, but too much time has passed. Eastwood is in his mid-seventies. Really it was the role of a lifetime for him and it’s sad. I think Bardem is an intriguing choice though. In No Country he was the silent, dangerous, always coming at you character–with a weird haircut. Change the image a bit, keep him a man of few words. Forty years ago Brando was cast as the Godfather when everyone thought Anthony Quinn was the perfect actor, and natural pick, for the part. That worked out pretty well. This series will depend on some good screenwriting and pacing. Like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, they should keep the heart of the story, but trim things down to the essential parts. But not pull the punches King has written. Oh, should he really appear in the later books–as himself!?

    Tom Mud – June 26th, 2012
  191. How about Clive Owen for Roland?

    Morgan – June 26th, 2012
  192. Clive Owen would be good. He’d fit the part very well. Not only has he got the “gunslinger expression” down pat but he also fits the description King gave very well.

    19 – June 27th, 2012
  193. I would stand behind that recommendation, Morgan. Good option!

    My favorites for Roland so far: Daniel Day Lewis Michael Fassbender Clive Owen

    All require “long-shot” circumstances to fall into place nearly perfectly, and a no-name actor is obviously ideal for this, but, given the known power-actors whom could resemble our gunslinger relatively easily, these are my picks.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – June 27th, 2012
  194. After having read the books and listened todo the whole them on audio hundreds of times, do the whole series in anime style. The reason for this is no matter what, no one is going to be satisfied with the live version. LotR had to do this as well. It still took 20 years after that animated version came out that someone had the vision to do it right. Many people have talked about casting parts in live action but no consensus can be made. Here is my lame attempt anyways: Callahan = bill nighy Walter= jamie sherridan Cort= john goodman or anthony hopkins Eddie=ashton kuchar(just think about it) Susannah=naomie harris Roland=digitized version of Clint Eastwood Crimson King=Gary oldman Ticktock man=Mickey Rourke gasher =joseph gordon Hewitt Dandelo =Tim Curry

    crimson-king – June 30th, 2012
  195. I totally agree about Javier NOT being right for Roland. Also Javier is one of my favorite actors (I can’t wait to see him in Skyfall). Yes, there have been many instances of an actor being cast to much discord and turning out to be great. But, even with the right hair cut and contact lenses and major weight loss, I can not see it, I don’t get it. Daniel Day would be good, Clive Owen, too. Tim Oliphant definitely IS a gunslinger and may be good to play Eddie? The fact is tho, I can not think of an actor that would be absolutely perfect (to me Clint in his mid thirties is the only human being that fits the bill).

    Long Days

    Stoney Deschain – June 30th, 2012
  196. Ooh Shia LeBouf might make a good Eddie? He is young but, I think he could pull off the smart arseness.

    Stoney Deschain – June 30th, 2012
  197. Why not Christian Bale as Roland…I get that he may not want to after investing so much time in the Batman trilogy. Anyways if Ron Howard wants Bardem (and Bardem wants to do it) Javier is what we will get. To bad that the CGI of Jeff Bridges in Tron didn’t look as good as I had hoped and thus became more popular and less expensive…then they coulda (woulda, shoulda) given Clint the same treatment.

    Stoney Deschain – June 30th, 2012
  198. Wow, I’d have never thought of Fassbender, but that’s a fantastic suggestion! A good point was made about Brando as the Godfather….all the same, I think if nothing else, Bardem’s voice would just not jive, so I don’t. Christopher Nolan would be an amazing choice for this (provided her was interrested in committing to such a big film) That said, I’ve loved Christian Bale since Empire Of The Sun & after watching 310 To Yuma, have been hoping he’d be interrested. When JJ Abrams was involved, I wanted to see Josh Holloway (Sawyer) as Roland. Cut his hair & give that man some boots! His intensity & range as Sawyer (from badass to lover to smartass) to me could be the perfect Roland. As far as Shia LeBeouffghte, don’t let that kid anywhere near this thing! IDK who would kake a good Eddie (Eddie is Eddie in my mind & he’s the hardest character for me to even muse about potential actors) but Shia sucks, IDK what Speilberg saw in him, but making that kid famous didn’t do anything good for the movie world in the last 6 years.

    Anyway, If Howard walks, then we’ll see who takes up the reigns… Tom Hanks was in The Green Mile & is a King fan, so I wonder what’s up with these rumors.

    neverwell19 – July 1st,  2012
  199. The young Jeff Bridges in Tron wasn’t perfect, but really opens doors for moviemakers. In this instance, tho I want real person. James Cammeron achieved something incredible with Avatar, but I think he’s the only guy who has that trick down pat right now… and he’s busy with the sequels to Avatar, which will likely keep him busy for a minute.

    That technology, however would be a MUST in a dark tower series. I suppose King’s son could play young King, but Having King Play king at both ages (young King scene he’s bearded & it’s at night, making it all the more feasable to obscure & keep digital character in shaddow etc) but several other characters are portrayed at different ages… also, please, please, please…somebody BEG Anthony Hopkins to reprise his role as Ted for this! Honestly, that’s all I wasnt! uh.. And maybe Tim Curry as Dandelo :)
    Long days pleasant nights…

    neverwell19 – July 1st,  2012
  200. Neverwell19 all of you points are great. To All, please forgive the Shia reference I was clearly not in my right mind at the time. Josh Holloway would look the part for sure. As far I know Ron Howard is sticking with this project. The more I think about it, Oliphant would do very well. And please please, find a way for Gary Oldman to be in this. I am watching 5th element right now and am reminded again what a chameleon he is. So good. This may be another off the wall suggestion but maybe for Eddie James Franco? Just suggestion of course. He is older than the character would have been. What I know for sure is that I can not wait for this project to be reality, but could wait if need be to make things right. What right is we won’t know till we see it. I fear “The Stand” miniseries type thing happening, but am hopeful for a “Shawshank” or “Green Mile” outcome.

    Stoney Deschain – July 1st,  2012
  201. @ Stoney: Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad is the only “known” actor whom I believe could fill-out Eddie’s character and do it justice. Check him out. ;)

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – July 1st,  2012
  202. Stoney, I think I’ve heard James Franco mentioned somewhere on another thread & forgot about that. I would definitely aprove! I’m unfamiliar with Aaron Paul, but I like Brian Kranston & have been meaning to check that show out. Please forgive my typos above, I tend to get a little excited when I talk bout the tower & forget to proofread (cry pardon). Actually, I saw a film recently (forget film & actor’s name…again cry pardon) but the gut who played Captain Pike in the New Star Trek film was in something recently & I remember thinking that he would do Roland Justice as well (mayhap not a perfect Roland, but a dignified one)

    Oh, and Gary Oldman could play anything, hell, he could play Susannah & I wouldn’t gripe lol… Actually Oldman is amazing, I’ll watch anything he’s in just cause he’s in it, Drexell, Sid Vicious, Mason Verger, Commisioner Gordon..what can that man NOT do?

    I think above all (forget star power) The Dark Tower needs great actors like Oldman (yeah I know he’s a star so bad example) but there are really good character actors out there. I mentioned before that the epic landscapes in TDT series are gona be great on screen, but it truly is a character piece & great actors are a MUST!

    neverwell19 – July 2nd,  2012
  203. Viggo Mortensen as Roland would be a much better fit…

    Gaea – July 3rd,  2012
  204. Liam Neeson should play Roland this guy doesnt look or seem like Roland to me. i really think neeson could close the deal, besides what about the gunslingers “killer blue eyes”?

    Kyran R. – July 3rd,  2012
  205. Gaea… I think Viggo would be awesome, but they’d have to cast some shorter actors to play Eddie and Susannah since Viggo isn’t tall enough IMO. I always pictured Hugh Jackman playing ‘the man with no name’, but I don’t know if I can see him playing Roland… he’s a little too buff I think. He’d have to stop working out for a while.

    Robert – July 4th, 2012
  206. viggo mortensen as roland . giavoni ribisi as eddie

    mycroka77 – July 5th, 2012
  207. ready for this? dolph lungren as the tick tock man.

    mycroka77 – July 5th, 2012
  208. cloris leechman as rhea the witch

    mycroka77 – July 5th, 2012
  209. erikah badu as susanna

    mycroka77 – July 5th, 2012
  210. comedian jim norton as gasher

    mycroka77 – July 5th, 2012
  211. i wish peter jackson was directing. im no lord of the rings fanboy, but those films were beautifully made….i feel his expertise would suit the material perfectly

    mycroka77 – July 5th, 2012
  212. Some Eddie suggesstions:

    Scoot McNairy or Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I wish Giovanni Ribisi were young again. Reading the book I pictured a guy somewhere between Casey Affleck and Skeet Ulrich…why? Don’t know. If Gary Sinise weren’t so tiny he wouldn’t have been an awful Roland. I honestly don’t hate Bardem for it. I’ve only seen him in “NCFOM,” so my opinion is limited. The fact he’s foreign may bode well. Roland seems/is foreign. Eddie/Jake/Suze’s world makes no sense to him. The words fumble his tongue. He’s off-puting, yet your drawn to him. He is a strange man from a strange world focused to accomplish an insane task no matter what is in his path. I think Bardem may not look like Roland, but he can certainly act like him. If movies were cast based on physical descriptions rather than character descriptions Nic Cage would be Roland. Think about it. That is NOT high praise.

    Gary Oldman IS an awesome actor, you really could plug him in anywhere and he’d fit. His shady side as a Big Coffin Hunter could be great, but he could be a great Brautigan, or even Dandelo.

    I’m really curious about the whole “Stephen King the character&writer,” and how that’ll work.

    Oh, and I pictured Jane Kazmeric(sp?)for Sylvia Pittson when I read. Again, why? Don’t know.

    Hope you enjoyed my musings. It’s late, and I’m rambly.

    Horrible Eyes – July 6th, 2012
  213. @Horrible Eyes, conserning the “Stephen King the character&writer” issue, as someone mentioned earlier, one idea could be to have Joe King (Stephens son) play the young Stephen. Denying he looks like Stephen would be plain stupid. And he’s also about the closest you could get to having young Stephen King play the role.

    Tell me this picture isn’s how you imagined Stephen while you read the books:



    Dida-chick? – July 6th, 2012
  214. I think the actor’s name is Will Patton(the other coach from “Remember the Titans”)seems like he’d fit in this series. Josh Brolin too. I’m not sure where.

    Hector Elizondo for Lupe

    John Noble(Walter Bishop from “Fringe”)could be Hart Thorin.

    Come to think of it, Joshua Jackson(Peter Bishop)wouldn’t make a bad Eddie.

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Mort. Dominic Moynihan(sp)for Henry Dean.

    Olivia Wilde possibly for Mia? Mia really depends on Susannah, they need to jive.

    Tilda Swinton for Cordelia Delgado…opinions?

    A funny fact, when I picured Mordred while reading, I pictured someone between Jack White and Colin Morgan…why? Don’t know. Whoever they cast for that needs to pull of crazed, yet centered.

    Horrible Eyes – July 6th, 2012
  215. Giovanni Ribisi & Joseph Gordon-Levitt?! Well, well, well… polar opposite but inspired ideas… man… I could see both, still voices are more crittical than faces for me. Maybe in reading, the voices are more defined than faces, but I’d go for either of those. I’d say Dominic Mognahan (SP) but he kinda already did the junkie on the plane thing once… :)

    I think Iggy Pop would be an amazing Eldred Jonas & while I’m thinkin of musicians, I think they could drop Tom Waits in just about anywhere, especially in Mejis or Tull… hell, he’d be a great Sheb!

    Dolph Lungern as Tick Tock..hmmm.. is that horrible or awesome, I can’t tell! lol!

    While we’re getting outlandish, what about the guy who plays Bill from Trueblood as Roland… don’t crucify me, just musing.

    neverwell19 – July 6th, 2012
  216. tilda swinton is a true talent….supreme actress…….

    mycroka77 – July 6th, 2012
  217. christian bale as roland. his intense dedication to his craft is remarkable

    mycroka77 – July 6th, 2012
  218. eldred should be played by mickey rourke

    mycroka77 – July 6th, 2012
  219. cort should be played by that british actor…….short, stocky fellow . can’t recall his name……44 inch chest is one film i saw him in…… he also played nicholsons right hand man in the departed

    mycroka77 – July 6th, 2012
  220. i think toby kebbel would make a great eddie

    mycroka77 – July 6th, 2012
  221. gilbert godfrey as the voice of blaine the train

    mycroka77 – July 6th, 2012
  222. ed harris as rolands father

    mycroka77 – July 6th, 2012
  223. jeff bridges as father calahan

    mycroka77 – July 6th, 2012
  224. Do you think they’ll go into any of the insomnia story? Because if not, Patrick Daneville may not make sense to people

    bango skank – July 6th, 2012
  225. if the dt goes well for wb they could make a killing off doing connecting book movies. like “eyes of the dragon” or “black house”. and many more. and i must say this. iv always seen tom cruise as the man in black

    tempest – July 9th, 2012
  226. That’s funny… in a way, I kind of pictured Tom Cruise, as well, but with a slightly different look, and that same weird vibe that he brings to his more intense/darker characters.

    Jeff Bridges as Callahan? Hmmm… I could see that, but too much star power in this will kill the genuine essence of the tale, imo. I can totally see Ed Harris in here somewhere, though, and Mickey Rourke would probably make a killer Cort or Ticktock Man.

    LD & PN

    Maestro208 – July 10th, 2012
  227. The only person who should play Callahan is Clint Eastwood

    bango skank – July 10th, 2012
  228. I like how they’ve done Game of Thrones. One star (Sean Bean), a few familiar faces, And a bunch of unknowns. There are great actors out there that are unfound

    bango skank – July 10th, 2012
  229. Quick question, why don’t they just have try outs and choose someone who isn’t famous? After all that’s how King movies are. When had there ever been a face in a King movie who was well known? Usually that’s how people became well known.

    19 – July 11th, 2012
  230. these days you need big names to get something of this magnitude off the ground. it’s not like the material has teenagers salivating…… the dark tower is a tale for true KING fans. i dont need a star studded cast… but the main characters should be actors with clout thus bringing attention from people unaware of rolands journey. outside of green mile, pet cemetery and The Mist, films based on KING’s work have been campy and boring. The Stand was horrible, despite gary sinise(whom can do no wrong)

    mycroka77 – July 11th, 2012
  231. i read somewhere that Ben Afflec wants to do the STAND…..

    mycroka77 – July 11th, 2012
  232. As long as he’s Campion or whatever his name is (the guy that crashed into the gas station and caused the spread of Captain Trips), I’d be fine with it.

    The Walkin' Dude – July 11th, 2012
  233. every Frank Darabont/Stephen King collaboration has been brilliant. Nicholson was known b4 “The Shining” (Kubric) Hanks was known b4 “Green Mile” Robbins and Freeman were known b4 “Shawshank”. “Stand by Me” was maybe the best example of “not known actors” in which the movie itself was intelligible. Known actors or not the important part, IMO, is really sticking to a “style” which blends classic sci-fi, spaghetti western, modern visual technics (ie LOR/New Version WaroftheWorlds), and proper compression of the vastness in the story itself. It should not look like LOR, but it should not look like 3:10 to Yuma (Russell Crow/Chris Bale vs) either.

    Stoney Deschain – July 11th, 2012
  234. I have heard/read rumors about a big(ger) budget version of “The Stand” And Ben Afflecks name has been attached as a director.

    Stoney Deschain – July 11th, 2012
  235. @ Tempest I totally agree w/ you. The way that the comic book movies have exploded could occur with this stuff too. The original audience is not as large but, not everyone was a huge fan of Ironman prior to Downey jr. I think that alot of younger folks have been reached due to the Dark Tower graphic Novels. I think those fans would only bolster the box office receipts. (captain obvious speaking LOL)

    Stoney Deschain – July 11th, 2012
  236. They should Just hire Jeffrey Dean Morgan over Javier Bardem. Same damn face, just as good of actor, and half the damn money. I don’t know about you guys, but Morgan also seems to have just a touch more machoness to him. I think that extra bit would bode well for the flick.

    demsmine – July 16th, 2012
  237. Alright, time to put my fanboy boots on… :)
    ..and yes it pertains to The Dark Tower

    Watching Dark Knight Rises Red Carpet footage earlier & there were 3 celebrities who had nothing to do with TDR pictured at the end… One was Ron Howard! With the Mammoth movie TDR is bound to be & the draw that Christian Bale has as an actor now (now that the Batman films have concluded) Could Ron, perhaps, be courting Christian for the role of Roland?

    Now, I’m just musing here, so please refrain from pointing out that a big time director being at a red carpet event for a Huge summer movie could be just (plain & simply) only that… but check out the footage for yourself. Maybe just wishful thinking, but a boy can hope…

    There will be water if God wills it….

    neverwell19 – July 17th, 2012
  238. Javier Bordem is actually perfect. Later in the series Eddie realizes that Roland looks not only like Clint Eastwood but also like Stephen King because he created him but was inspired by Eastwood. Bordem ONLY looks like Clint Eastwood when you imagine that Clint Eastwood and Stephen King had a baby; Javier Bordem. Actually a good Roland, I didn’t think so at first but yeah…

    Michael – July 18th, 2012
  239. OMG Eastwood should TOTALLY be Callahan!!!!!

    Michael – July 18th, 2012
  240. When reading it I only pictured the rock star guy from The Stand movie as Eddie. Roland is indistinct, no one can really do it, but Viggo Mortensen would be good at giving intense looks and twirling his fingers. Any one notice that in the final three books, Roland does the ‘move it along’ twirl on like every page?!

    Michael – July 18th, 2012
  241. In the film series, Roland should have the Horn of Eld to signify that this is a continuing cycle beyond the books, maybe that will leave the ‘ending’ with more mystery for the avid reader. In this ‘cycle’ maybe we can exclude King as he has expressed he wants to do.

    Michael – July 18th, 2012
  242. I am worried and actually kind of afraid of this project/movie. Probably like many of you, I’ve read and imagined of what I see as The Gunslinger. The problem with a movie no matter who directs it is they will put Their own twist on the movie and cast it how they want it. What substance will make this movie work to make the money for the studio? Hollywood scares me when they take a book/series this sacred from fans like us and try to make it into a profit. Nothing against Ron Howard, but I hope Stephen King is right beside him every step of the way if this gets made. I would be severely upset (yes, I would be) if this is just a thrown-together project with deadlines and the completion is not complete. In a small way I almost don’t want to see this movie if it happens.

    John – July 19th, 2012
  243. I agree with Micheal about Callahan.

    19 – July 21st,  2012
  244. Roland = Rutger Hauer

    13 – July 21st,  2012
  245. Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort of Harry Potter; Hades from the new Clash of the Titans) would be a good Eldred; he had that imposing presence but the higher voice. Sam Elliot could be a good Cort with a little more weight. Bringing back Hopkins and Sheridan to reprise their roles is an excellent idea. Try Sean Penn for the older Sheemie; he did well in I am Sam as someone mentally challenged. No ideas for the younger version. Jeffrey Donovan, Joshua Jackson, or Robin Dunne (Dr. Zimmerman from Sanctuary) for Eddie is a good idea, as well as Gina Torres for Susannah. Jim Cavaziel or Kevin Costner would be good for Roland, but probably Jim would be better because he is less well known. For Roland that would probably be best. I like the idea of King’s son playing his younger self, with him playing his older self, obviously.

    bmadd69 – July 22nd,  2012
  246. I think Fassbender would be perfect as Roland: blue eyes, charismatic, tall&skinny…and a very good actor. Bardem is a great actor too, obviously, but I think since Roland is so well defined in the books, the producers should try to be as close to the text as possible. And sorry, but I think Howard is a bad choice. This is no Da Vinci Code, this is epicness at its pure form. I don’t wanna see the nth blockbuster with lots of money and no soul.

    P.s. About Eddie…oh Eddie, I pictured him as Edward Norton since the very first time, so I’m quite disapponted he’s too old for the role!

    fabitha – July 22nd,  2012
  247. The main theme song for The DT Series should be Outlaw Torn by Metallica… It fits perfectly. Check it out if you don’t know it.

    vuduchild – July 22nd,  2012
  248. And Aaron Paul (Jesse on Breaking Bad) MUST play Eddie.

    vuduchild – July 22nd,  2012
  249. Aaron Paul would be perfect as Eddie, you should do casting!

    Jason – July 24th, 2012
  250. Ron Howard and Bardem have been in movie news all week yet not one mention of DT … Bummer…

    Jinchu – July 31st,  2012
  251. They’re in the news today, and it’s that Bardem is out and Russell Crowe is considering

    Brandonmac – August 2nd,  2012
  252. Woah!!! Woah!!!! Woahhhhhh!! everyone needs to read this. I found this on multiple place on the internet. So it must be true. ;) http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/22220/the-dark-tower-russell-crowe-in-talks-to-star

    bango skank – August 3rd,  2012
  253. The day I finish Wind Through the Keyhole more news comes out… Ka?

    Jinchu – August 3rd,  2012
  254. Michael – August 3rd,  2012
  255. THEY CANCELLED IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!! OMFG R U SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!? …..and some no name company might get the rights???? O Discordia! TIME TO RENEW THE DEATH THREATS ON STEPHEN KING AGAIN!!!! Aint his fault but we need to get something done here

    The.inappropriate.fondler – August 23rd,  2012
  256. I also wish to say to ALL the cast and crew and directors Do Not Forget The Face Of Your Father!!!! This movie could and should be one of the biggest movie series of all time!!! Every time I have watched LOTR or even Harry potter the new Star wars movies or any other epic saga movie that has been put out I constantly wonder “why has nothing been done to see Roland, Edddie, Susan, Jake and OY on the screen????”. I do believe that Mr. King knows what he is doing and is waiting for the right time! Heck I even think he’s planned this all along…. So I am on book 4 of the series that I started years and years ago, I patiently waited to restart and finish the series, to have it capped of with just the thought of an epic movie, I am so excited.. I only wish that Clint Eastwood was still in his prime because to me I have always pictured him as Roland when I read he books Thank you Mr. King and every one involved P.S do not shoot with your cameras shoot with your minds!!

    Misty Shee – August 29th, 2012
  257. Hey Yall! Just food for thought. You know actors will do anything to make their money. Including dropping crazy weight to look their part. With make-up and technology he will probably do just fine. Like a lot of you will say, dont have high expectations. Stephen King’s vision is something very hard to bring alive! Lets just be happy this is happening. I give respect to Ron Howard for taking a huge responability. Cant wait to see this come alive. Reading DT series for a fifth time and just love it!

    B_Rye_64 – April 4th, 2013