Dark Tower – Yep, we're still waiting

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The year has turned over and we’re but a handfull of days into the new one. I’ve been snoozing here in my cozy little crib dreaming other-worldly dreams and in general, taking things pretty darn easy. That is, until I got the latest round of emails and comments asking, nay, demanding some news! I only wish I could have something to report for you, but life is not being particularly cooperative at the moment.

Still, as I’m awake now, we might as well take stock of where we are with the Dark Tower movie saga.

The last we heard, Universal had pulled out of the running and the movies were left high and dry. Ron Howard is currently traveling around Europe, researching material for his new F1 project, Rush – a film about the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt in the ’70s. He’ll start shooting in February, with a release planned for the end of the year.

Brian Grazer told MTV News that the TV series would be done by HBO, “We’re going to do [‘The Dark Tower’] with HBO,” Grazer told us. “We’ll do the TV with HBO, and we’ll do the movie with…to be determined. We’ll do it right” but quite frankly, I’m not taking this seriously. Once a studio is onboard that decision could very well be changed.

As we all know by this point, Stephen King is releasing a new Dark Tower instalment, The Wind Through the Keyhole, which is set to be released April 24, 2012 – that’s just over 100 days for those who are counting! Not that I am…honestly…

And that about wraps up the current situation.

Dark Tower Predictions

I guess this’d be a great time to put our prediction hats on and see if we can foretell when we might get our first instalment of the DT movies.

There’s been a few quotes from Ron Howard along the lines of, “we are continuing to work on the script to find ways to make the budget more manageable and still deliver the work in a way that the project deserves…These kinds of projects often take years to come together in the right ways. But I am in love with the material, and the minute it can come together in the right way, I am fully committed to it” but because of Ron’s work on his F1 movie, I wouldn’t expect anything to be done on the Dark Tower until next year, at the earliest – even if he can find a studio to back him.

Considering the up’s and down’s of this project over the last few years, that’s about as adventurous as my prediction is going to get.

I’d love to hear your own predictions so c’mon, don’t be shy, let’s us know your thoughts in the comments.

All things considered, I’m expecting it to be pretty quiet for 2012, so I’m going back into hibernation – until April 24 anyhow…

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  1. It will be 10 years before we see these, if ever. The world has moved on.

    Restaurant of the Mind – January 13th, 2012
  2. Well well, look who decided to wake up at last!

    What I am most interested in at the moment is how long it took between the first rumour to the release of the first season of Game of Thrones? I’m suspecting we are in for a wait about as long as that one.

    Welcome back Mike, thanks for the update!

    Dida-chick? – January 13th, 2012
  3. Ka is like a wheel. They’ll come around eventually.

    JVOSS18 – January 13th, 2012
  4. Movie not a-come-a, damn that is a bumma, Ron is not the one-a, he’s busy in summa, maybe come a-fall-a, wouldn’t bet a dolla, Director should be balla, or not made at all-a.

    J-God – January 15th, 2012
  5. Well it is some compensation that although there seems to be little word of the movies happening, there is at least a new story on the way to look forward to.

    Get your preorders in folks lets show some interest in the series that the suits will notice.

    DrawnGunslinger – January 15th, 2012
  6. Hile Tower Junkies, I have to state I am not a major fan of reading. (more of a TV/Movie enthusiast) I just keep re-reading the 7 books. I call it reliving the “quest”. I find, almost everytime, something new or signs that show how the ka-tet all feel they’ve been there before. It has been quite a while since I have returned, here, to this site.( I was todash for a time and those “monsters” are real) I hate to admit it, but it is going to be a wait for the full visualization of our books. Until then “Long days and Pleasant nights”

    GUNSLINGER19 – January 16th, 2012
  7. Well, this appears to be good news in my opinion. Better to take their time and make the magic happen - including using the best-fitting cast (which I do not think they had back when we discussed this and bounced names around all over this board last summer) - all when the pieces line up nicely. It’s a huge undertaking, and it’s got to be carefully planned. The Dark Tower has great potential because of the material, and Hollywood can jazz up the spectacle to draw in the casual movie-goers and such (although, please don’t expect Harry Potter, nor esp. LOTR), but this also has the potential to let us fans down, and big-time, if poorly executed onscreen. Something about a turtle comes to mind… but the one that involved a hare….

    @ J-God: that was hilarious! Well done.


    Maestro208 – January 16th, 2012
  8. I can picture it as just a tv series of about 5 seasons or so to play out the story properly and more freely like Breaking Bad on AMC (people who are familiar with Brewaking Bad may know that Aaron Paul who played Jesse was rumoured to play Eddie Dean) .Dunno bout anyone else but in not happy with Javier Bardem playing Roland. To me the character of Roland is a slightly gaunt (from travelling the dessert and eating little) and an most probably American (however Bardem accent could account for the espanic lingo and influences shown in wizard and glass). I always thought Micheal Biehn would be the perfect person to play the flawed warrior.

    I aggree with Maestro208, either take their time and make it right or dont make it at all

    luke – January 16th, 2012
  9. @ luke: I’ve been catching up on Breaking Bad and, wow! I can totally see Aaron Paul doing justice to Eddie’s character and bringing him to life in that special way that complements Roland’s unique nature. The Drawing of the Three’s scenes would be very entertaining with him cast as Eddie, indeed.

    Maestro208 – January 17th, 2012
  10. agree about jesse from breaking bad as eddie, just started watching season 3 of bad and jesse is perfect for eddie.

    but i think this project is still years off at the earlier although i have a gut feeling it will be done. another interesting DT note is that bioware the game developer responsible for the new star wars the old republic game was considering making the MMO based on the DT if lucas wouldnt give them the SW license, which he did so its all water under the bridge, but a DT MMO would of been pretty sweet too

    steve – January 19th, 2012
  11. I think Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) is a no-brainer as Eddie, for sure. There isn’t much else to talk about, so revisiting our casting ideas could either bide the time until news breaks or it could get annoying. I’ll take a chance and throw it out there again that I feel Daniel Day Lewis is the best “known” talent out there who could truly BE Roland. The guy devotes himself completely to each character that he plays, he looks the part, and his acting chops (most importantly in this important role) are incredible. The problem? Day Lewis is super-picky and only grabs a big role to immerse himself into every several years. That’s not a bad thing, imo. Also, Jim Caviezel certainly wouldn’t need any assistance from blue contacts, and the camera seems to love his visage while he can act, but what would he show us as Roland? I’d consider him if he could be fierce and badass enough, but Day Lewis seems to have it all, again, imo. Thoughts?


    Maestro208 – January 19th, 2012
  12. I cannot, for the life that still breathes in me, get Jim Caveizel out of my head as Roland. Just look at him now in Person of Interest….He is what I have been picturing the WHOLE 25 years It took me to complete my quest!

    Jay Palmer – January 19th, 2012
  13. I think adrian brody would be good as roland

    shane – January 20th, 2012
  14. I am so glad to fine this site. This is one of the best book series I have ever read. I’m happy they are at least still talking about a movie or Tv series.

    Rick – January 21st,  2012
  15. Adrien Brody as Roland? I really can’t see that.. He’s way too scrawny imo. I’ve always pictured Sheemie having some of the characteristics Adrien has. Maybe he could pull of that role instead?

    I’m having a bit of a dilemma deciding on who I’d like playing the role of Roland. I’m not totally convinced Javier is the best choice, although I do enjoy his acting a lot. I just don’t see him as one who has been wandering the desert for ages.. Also I think it should be someone more American, I do believe that’s what King intended in the first place. Somehow i’m having a hard time seeing Jim Caviezel as Roland too. He’s not fatherly enough and I don’t think his voice would suit the Gunslinger.

    I just gave the movie adaption of Hearts in Atlantis a watch. And I absolutely loved Anthony Hopkins as Ted Brautigan. Wouldn’t it be just fantastic to see him reprise that role for an adaption of tDT?

    Dida-chick? – January 21st,  2012
  16. I just started re-reading the series today and all I could think about was ‘what the hell happened to tDT film?’

    I am glad that HBO will (hopefully) be doing the television series, but I hope it does not fall apart and end up into some mutie.

    Finished the first book today, going through the second tomorrow.

    Thank you, good sir, for your updates.

    And by the way, the best actor to play Roland would be Viggo =P

    flavorjunction – January 21st,  2012
  17. I had an inspired flash yesterday while reading Wolves for Roland–Gabriel Byrne!

    roontbumbler13 – January 21st,  2012
  18. Anson Mount is perfect for Roland. (doent hurt that the Gunslinger is his fav Stephen King book either).. Lives in NYC, but is from the south. He is talented, intellectual and just perfect.

    Christine Marquis-Dale – January 22nd,  2012
  19. Everyone needs to do a google image search for Anson Mount and look at the first image that comes up…… THAT IS THE GUNSLINGER!!! Well done Christine. And Love the idea of Aaron Paul for Eddie Dean. How about Justin Bieber for jake? JK!!! I just think it would be good to watch that kid die a couple of times, lol. Lets hope for a quick resolution and a great production. Would rather this take 10 years and have it done right than 2 years and have it end up like Micheal Crichton’s TimeLine move. And they better keep Paul Walker as far away from this movie as possible, unless it is just sweeping the set, that guy cannot act and he destroys movies.

    thegreatdalmooty – January 23rd,  2012
  20. Hile Junkies, Anson Mount definitely has the look. I like the palaver of the cast. I could see Adrien Brody as Sheemie. All he would have to do is reprise his character from “The Village”. Nothing against him, but the nose is a bit big-big. I still think the mom from “Karate Kid” with Jaden Smith, would make a pretty decent Susannah. LD&PN

    GUNSLINGER19 – January 23rd,  2012
  21. @GUNSLINGER19: Thank you, I knew i had seen Brody doing a role that reminded me of Sheemie, I just couldn’t remember where!

    Mount really does have the look. But imo he’s a bit too young (and I want to say pretty). Also I think his acting is a little faceless and dull. Maybe in a few years if they would keep him on a strict whiskey and cigar diet, with the occasional popkin..


    Dida-chick? – January 24th, 2012
  22. Personally, I think the first mistake in casting this movie would be trying to find someone who is “known”, rather than finding the real perfect candidate for Roland. As an example, there were talks of doing a movie adaptation of “A Confederacy of Dunces” with Will Ferrell playing the fat, homely, mustachioed, slob of a man that is Ignatius J. Reilly. Seriously? I cannot FATHOM how any group of people would agree that he was the ultimate fit. Every time I envisioned Ignatius while reading the book, I thought of Milton from “Office Space”. I would LOVE to see AMC or the like turn it into a series rather than deal with the all-star cast and overblown CGI that would completely ruin it for me, when a big studio gets ahold of it.

    Another thing on my “wish list” is that they try to achieve the mystique of Roland’s world without doing an entire movie in front of a green screen, with a bunch of CGI. Certainly there are creatures, portals, etc. that could not be achieved well without CGI, just…don’t overdo it! Every time I see the video for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros “Kisses Over Babylon”, it reminds me of the first line: “The man in black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed.” The video has some mystic elements to it, but little to no CGI.


    Above, I saw someone making a suggestion for casting Detta/Odetta/Susannah. I think the woman who plays Lettie Mae Thornton (real name Adina Porter) in True Blood would be fantastic in that role. And Anson Mount certainly has the “look” for Roland. Never seen him act though, so can’t make a call on that.

    Nathan Lucas – January 24th, 2012
  23. The perfect Roland is Daniel Day Lewis. Hands Down.

    Jason – January 24th, 2012
  24. @Dida-chick? @everyonewhosuggestedAnsonMount

    I did not know it was the guy from Hell on Wheels. He probably would be the best candidate for Roland. I think mayhaps if they were to grey his hair out a little he would be great.

    Today I learned who Anson Mount is.

    The more you know

    FlavorJunction – January 24th, 2012
  25. I keep picturing Viggo as Roland. But after seeing Jeff Bridges in CrazyHeart and the True Grit remake I think he’d be excellent as Roland too. Adrien Brody. Nah, but not because he skinny. He packed on a good 25lbs for predators but still he’s just not Roland to me. Too young as well.

    Rockford – January 25th, 2012
  26. Kurt Russell might make an interesting Roland too. Loved him in Tombstone. “Skin that smokewagon and see what happens.” Best line, ever!

    Rockford – January 25th, 2012
  27. Hile Junkies, I do so like this part of our palaver. @Nathan Lucas: I do like your idea of finding the “right” Roland. Still not a fan of Javier Bardem, friendo. Put out an open casting call on ALL of the cast. Let’s see where that takes us. @ all Junkies: I can’t stop reading these books. What’s funny is, as many times as I’ve read them I have lost my memory on alot of it. So there is always something new to discover. It’s almost like Alzheimer’s. ( I don’t doubt there is a little bit of that going on with me). I’m in the wastelands with our boy Jake watching Henry and Eddie making their way to the “evil” house. Can’t wait to see where this leads. LOL. LD&PN

    GUNSLINGER19 – January 26th, 2012
  28. @gunslinger19

    Haha that is why I love reading these novels!! I always forget something. I read fairly fast and I usually try to keep pace with whatever is going on within the pages. But every time I re read them I always catch something or probably just remember it once again. The whole book is impossible to describe to another person. It’s like a dream that is always fleeting.

    I still look forward to any updates! Thank you all for being such a great ka-tet.


    FlavorJunction – January 26th, 2012
  29. @Flavor Junction: Wow!! Excellent way to put it “A fleeting dream”. And your right, sai, it is hard as Hades to describe these quests and adventures to the non-tower junkies. The look and response I usually get, upon trying to describe them, is smiled confusion. I get the “yeah, that sounds …ah…cool. Ya’ know I get that same look when I tell people I’m 45 and play D&D. I know i just opened myself to be pummeled with smart ass comments. Bring ‘em on. But I feel there is a bit of geeky-ness in all of this ka-tet. More palaver to come. LD&PN P.S. Yes I’ve kissed many a girl and have had sex also. LMFAO

    GUNSLINGER19 – January 27th, 2012

    Hahahahaha, so true about the geeky-ness. I just got a part time job at a Crown Books store to help with the bills and I am always engaged in palaver with each person who purchases a science fiction novel. Hell, even if they purchase a regular novel I’ll spread the knowledge of The Beam as long as they listen. Is there a forum or any other place where others talk about tDT series? I am fine just posting here as I see that there is a lot of folks who contribute in the comments. For the longest time I have just lurked around and read the articles by Mike, but recently I decided to at least add a comment. As always, its a pleasure to drop by here and get my fill of tDT thoughts and predictions. LD&PN flavor junction

    FlavorJunction – January 28th, 2012
  31. Adrien Brody always looks ready to cry, so no Roland for him please. Anson Mount IS too pretty to play Roland, but with good make up it might make a difference.

    I cant picture Roland without it being Clint Eastwood in his younger days. I certainly think Eastwood should cameo.

    Brendan Gleeson for Cort and Naomie Harris for Susannah. If you dont know who they are: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0322407/ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0365140/

    DrawnGunslinger – January 28th, 2012
  32. I started reading the dark tower books late on, a year ago maybe and feel like I have been a part of it for decades. For some reason i always avoided reading them. As a massive King fan it would take a split second to list the novels I haven’t read. But I basically bought the Gunslinger wanting to be apart of it all after hearing unconsistant but intriguing comments over it in the ether and gave in over time. Part of the whole time it took King to finish the story may be a positive, being so late i have all seven at my disposal and feel an urge to blaze them all. I have to remind my self to be in the moment and enjoy each, current sentence because i am always wanting to know what happens in the next book or how it ends. Currently I am to start wolves of the calla but right now im reading 22 11 63 ( i like to take a break for each volume so im not over whelmed and appreciate the greatness at every relapse) which is awesome. Love the return to the 50’s Derry era of Pennywise aka -somthing- gray in 22 11 63 btw. I’m a late bloomer but a flinging hearty fan!!!!!!!!!! I have been reading every comment and agreeing and learning and appreciating throughout. I generally try not to spill over the internet whether on youtube - waste of time getting involved - or facebook or whatever but I have to say I feel at home here! What does everyone think of Michael Biehn (Kyle Reese from Terminator) as Roland? One more thing; It is inexpresibly refreshing to hear that every one is familiar with Breaking Bad - being from the uk ONLY my close friends are familiar and that’s it. Phew, that’s a load of lol.

    luke – January 28th, 2012
  33. Adina Porter would be too old for Detta/Odetta/Susannah because I think the age difference would be too far for Eddie and Susannah. Instead(!), her daughter from the show True Blood, Tara, played by Rutina Wesley(Tara’s character can be CRAZY, mean, sassy, sweet, and all while easy on the eyes). She’s for some reason been who I CAN ONLY picture as I read the books.

    Roland: Daniel Day Lewis(Kurt Russell 2nd) Eddie: Aaron Paul Susannah: Retina Wesley Jake: (depends on when production finally starts. Jake is a young boy and by the time it does, any of my suggestions will either be too old or awkwardly into puberty.) Blane the Pain/Train (Voice): Stephen King

    1-2-3 START FILMING!! Hell, I’d take any additional role to audition for!

    Teee-Baggg Swaim – January 28th, 2012
  34. Hey Luke, thank you for my final nominee for Roland! Michael Biehn! Yes!! Good call! Roland: Daniel Day Lewis, Michael Biehn, or Kurt Russell Eddie: Aaron Paul Susannah: Retina Wesley Jake: (depends on when production finally starts. Jake is a young boy and by the time it does, any of my suggestions will either be too old or awkwardly into puberty.) Blane the Pain/Train (Voice): Stephen King

    Teee-Baggg Swaim – January 28th, 2012
  35. Kurt Russel would be a strangely good choice. I can see it.

    DrawnGunslinger – January 29th, 2012
  36. My impression of Roland when we 1st meet him is that he is 40-45yrs old. After his palaver with Martin he finds himself with graying hair at his temples and 10yrs older. So now he’d be 50-55yrs by my own rough count. With that in mind we have these actors suggested in this blog to play Roland.

    Adrian Brody-38yrs old, 6ft’ 1in skinny enough and for the most part has a passable look but I question whether or not he pull off the heartless “I don’t give an F” look that I imagine Roland needing to have throughout the series. He certainly has the soft look he would need from time to time but the hard look doesn’t seem natural enough for to him to pull off for a role like Roland’s.

    Gabriel Byrne-61yrs old 5ft’10in and has the talent to do the Job but he is more the age I see Roland in book 7 and far from Roland’s age when we find him in book one. Furthermore by the time this thing actually gets going he could be 65yrs of age and by then I think that would be little to old for our Gunslinger.

    Anson Mount-38yrs old 6ft’0.5in and from what I have seen in Hell on Wheels could pull off a Roland. Certainly has the gauntly look of a man wondering the desert for years, he has just enough of the salt and pepper in his hair as far as his overall talent as an actor I really haven’t seen him outside of Hell on Wheels so it’s hard to say but I would not be completely upset if he was cast as Roland.

    Daniel Day Lewis-54yrs old 6ft’1in he’s got the thin look & Defiantly has the talent for the role. I know he is real picky about his roles but if he were to cast for Roland and get beat then it’s a conspiracy.

    Jeff Bridges-61yrs old, 6ft’1.5in, not sure he would be thin enough or could lose enough weight to look the part. And very much Like Gabriel Byrne he would be to old by then time it’s all up and running.

    Viggo Mortenson-53yrs old 5ft’10.75in, thin enough and has the look & the talent to do it. Overall he’s not a bad choice.

    Kurt Russell-60yrs old, 5ft’9in, used to be thin enough but now he’s getting that “old man fat” look to him so I don’t know if he could make the weight cut or not. He’s a so-so actor imo but has played enough roles similar to Roland’s that he might be able to pull it off. His age and height are a big issue though.

    Michael Biehn-55yrs old 5ft’11in thin enough and has a passable look. Does he have the resume for the job? It’s debatable but I think he does.
    The man cast as Roland: Javier Bardem-42yrs old, 5ft’11in, with a frame like his he will never look like he has been living in the dessert for years. Has the talent but in truth I just don’t like him as Roland.

    IMO I the individual cast as Roland needs to at least be 6ft’0in, thin enough, or able to lose the weight and look thin enough, for the part and be at least 40-55yrs or look 40-55yrs by the time filming starts. That being said the qualified candidates from the above mentioned, in no particular order, are: Adrian Brody, Anson Mount, Daniel Day Lewis & Viggo Mortenson. Of these four here is who I prefer 1: Daniel Lewis 2: Anson Mount 3: Viggo 4: Adrian Brody

    Aloenam – January 29th, 2012
  37. Okay. Now that I have given it more thought, DDL would totally be a kickass Roland. Michael Biehn is cool, but I would rather he stay in my head as Kyle Reese. Both him and Kurt Russel played around with irons in Tombstone, but I think that Lewis trumps them both.

    I am so glad this site is here. I am halfway through with book 2 and I am looking forward to my weekends off when I can read for four to five hours without having to care about doing anything else.


    FlavorJunction – January 29th, 2012
  38. Also, one thing that I think that they should do (if they decide to get the show rolling) is start off with the television show in the manner that the graphic novels had done - at the start of it all. Young Roland along with Alain, Cuthbert, and Jamie. Let the show start it off and and then have the movie start with ‘the man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.’ If I could film a movie I would most definitely love to do a short film of The Gunslinger. The possibilities for this is just too damn great. The show doesn’t even have to start off the way that I had said, it can start straight from the beginning of book one. I just want this to be played out on the big screen.

    FlavorJunction – January 29th, 2012
  39. Roland-Viggo Mortensen, hands down.

    Eddie-Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    The Pere – January 30th, 2012
  40. I thin Daniel is too old for the part. Sorry. Has anyone considered Jeffrey Dean Morgan? He looks like he could be Javiers brother but is from the U.S.. Actually when I think of Roland, even though he was in the desert, I still see him as a little more thick than DDL. And Aaron Paul as Eddie is an awesome choice! Just really want to see this get made!! I started reading TDT waaay back, but never got into the other books until my husband started reading them. Cannot wait to finish them.

    DTGal – January 31st,  2012
  41. Hugh Laurie as Roland! He’d be epic!

    Joey – January 31st,  2012
  42. i love the idea of Hugh as Roland :) I think Alfre Woodard would be a GREAT Susannah. She can pull of crazy really well.

    cj – February 1st,  2012
  43. I’m so glad to see many of you - and newcomers alike - opening up to the idea of Daniel Day Lewis as Roland Deschain of Gilead. :) I just couldn’t shake the idea last year around this time, and I figure if he’s still there in my idealistic image of this very important casting decision, then he could stick. Then again, is he likely to be the man for the role? Too many variables involved, such as his picky-ness in role selection, but I sincerely do hope that whoever produces this someday actually gives this man a call.

    Aloenam has BINGO!


    Maestro208 – February 1st,  2012
  44. i’m not really sure why (possibly because i don’t really watch a lot of tv and what not) but i always pictured Robert Redford as Roland. he is obviously to old now. ever since i saw him in the last castle i thought he was perfect. when it comes to a character like Roland it’s more about the look and the persona than anything else. i always pictured Roland as being very worn out but determined almost sad. and i think Redford would have personified that perfectly. but like i said he is too old now for it to matter. now in terms of people who are for lack of a better term “eligible” i like either Viggo Mortensen or Anson Mount.

    sasquatch – February 2nd,  2012
  45. Roland - Viggo Mortensen Eddie - Joseph Gordon-Levitt (perhaps Heath Ledger if he was still around), Ryan Gosling Susannah - Zoe Saldana Jake - ?

    Luke Mountney – February 2nd,  2012
  46. Daniel Day Lewis would be pretty amazing, I agree. As for Hugh Laurie, I think Roland deserves more than a mediocre actor with a very generic television drama. We may as well cast Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy if expectations of Roland are that low.

    The Pere – February 2nd,  2012
  47. Hey All,

    The Pere, I agree that Hugh Laurie is not right for this part, but I think you underestimate his acting potential. He is a very well respected actor in England and here in the U.S.. Still urge every one to at least take a peek at Jeffrey Dean Morgan on IMDB. I am still pondering Susannah though.

    DTGal – February 2nd,  2012
  48. Ok, point taken. Just glad you agree with me in some part. Now I can also agree with you on Jeffrey Dean Morgan. While many did not like the picture, I thought his portrayal of The Comedian in Watchmen was phenomenal.

    The Pere – February 2nd,  2012
  49. @The Pere

    I agree with Morgan’s role in Watchmen. Jackie Haley as Rorschach along with Morgan as The Comedian was one of the greatest adaptations of characters into a film I had seen.

    As far as Morgan portraying Roland, I dunno if he has the right build. In my mind Roland looks exactly like Clint Eastwood - wiry, thin, and with that harried look that would remind you to take him seriously even when he’s joshin’ ya.

    FlavorJunction – February 2nd,  2012
  50. @FlavorJunction

    Haha I think you have that exactly right. Clint Eastwood is the ultimate character for Roland, since he was the man Roland Deschain was actually based on. The latest he could have played the role though in my opinion was around the time he made the movie “Unforgiven” sadly he’s a bit beyond his prime now. Maybe they could get away with casting him as Old’ Don Callahan though? Ha

    The Pere – February 2nd,  2012
  51. I recall in a hardcover of one of the later books there is a full-color illustration of Pere Callahan and it screams “old, harried Eastwood” with its likeness. Would be a fantastic supporting role, if possible. Christopher Lloyd would also be good, just off the top of my head….

    Any ideas for others who could do justice to Father Callahan onscreen?

    Maestro208 – February 2nd,  2012
  52. I don’t agree with Viggo as Roland, personally it’s just not how i pictured Roland in my head. which i guess is the problem we all have here, however i do picture him looking very close to Eastwood (but not quite).

    I know I’ve mention Micheal Beihn a couple of times as the Gunslinger but I have recently seen online somewhere a post about him as the Man in Black.

    What are your guys’ view on who to play the sorcerer antagonist?

    Whoever finally plays Roland; allot of people are going to be disapointed

    luke – February 3rd,  2012
  53. @Maestro208, imo Christopher Lloyd is a little too goofy for playing the Pere. Since Don Callahan is of Irish descent, I think he should be played by someone who also is of Irish descent. I know he really doesn’t look anything like the Pere, but I would love to see Billy Connolly portray him. He could maybe have the look if they’d starve him for a few months.

    Dida-chick? – February 4th, 2012
  54. Interesting suggestion, Dida-chick. I can start to see that. Yeah, the problem that’s plagued Lloyd is his Back to the Future roles as the goofy scientist, but, putting that aside, he may be able to pull of the intensity that courses under the surface of the Pere. Never say never! Either way, I believe several of these casting choices will be nice surprises. The only one that I’m pretty dedicated to that I also feel has a real, legitimate chance of signing on the dotted line is Aaron Paul as Eddie. He would absolutely nail this role, in my opinion.


    Maestro208 – February 4th, 2012
  55. As sort of a passifyer you might try the Audio Books to hold you over till the movie/s comes out, I just listen to them over and over

    Sy Gunslinger – February 4th, 2012
  56. @Gunslinger19 Hile, nice to see you on here again. I have missed the palaver with all the fellow DT Junkies. Like you I seem to forget what has happened in the books. Could be due to my TBI or the fact that I am just getting older lol :) I initially liked the idea of Javier Bardem, however lately I have begun to think there might be someone better. I think some if not all the roles would be better with unknown actors. I have a tendency to see certain actors as the characters from other roles, therefore it is difficult to watch them in other roles. Hope that made sense. Anyway, Zoe Saldana has been on my mind for several months as the role of Suze. Although I don’t think I have seen her in any roles, she fits close to how I imagine her. I love to read, but I find myself reaching for the series more often than not. My husband laughs because he will ask what I am reading, and before I can answer he asks if it is The Dark Tower again. @Sy Gunslinger, the audio books are amazing. These are the first audio books I have ever listened to, and I am hooked. I love to listen to them at night when I go to sleep. I find myself often dreaming of other worlds. I still see Tim Cury playing the role of Gasher. I think he would be perfect for the role. All for now, more palaver to come. Long Days and Pleasant Nights.

    Aimee – February 4th, 2012
  57. If HBO are making the t.v. sections surely that makes warner bros. obvious candidates for the films as they are both part of warner group? Plus with Harry Snotter and the Batman trilogy finished they should be looking to pick up another big project? As for casting the only character that immediately leaps out at me as having an actor perfectly suited for him would be Ed Norton as Eddie.

    Oythebumbler – February 5th, 2012
  58. I fully agree with those that see Anson Mount and Viggo. Anson Mount is my 1st choice. As I said in a blog elsewhere, When I first saw him Roland came to mind instantly. This series will take along time to travel through all of the material I think. People like Clint might not be in for the long haul. I just wish they’d get something – anything – going and not drag it on like Duke Nuk’em. The world is moving on.

    Franko – February 5th, 2012
  59. It’s funny how many casting suggestions there have been for the role of Gasher, since his part in the story after all isn’t really that big. But since he is a pretty colorful character, he is one of the easier characters to picture someone playing. @Aimee Tim curry as Gasher, that’s an interesting suggestion, but don’t you think he’s maybe a little too classy and gentlemanish? At least that’s the picture I’ve got of him. When I read tWL, I immediately started comparing Gasher to Gollum and thus my choice would be Andy Serkis.

    Now who should we pick for the role of Henry Dean?

    LD & PN

    Dida-chick? – February 6th, 2012
  60. I just don’t see Roland as being quite as old as the “popular” choices everyone has named to play him. At least not until book 3. In the first book, I see him @35ish. Where he is wisened & hardened, but still has the energy to trek across a desert, mowing down an entire town along the way. Then we awakens after his encounter with the man in black, he is then 10yrs older, joints starting to stiffen & greying. Also, I do agree with some in the fact that if and when this epic series does get made, they should choose an actor that can grow and age with the series of films (ie; Daniel Radcliffe/Harry Potter). If done as it should be done, the series of films will take years, so not only choosing the right actor, but at the right age is very important. Daniel Day Lewis, Anson Mount, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Viggo…while good choices, are all just too old! Frankly, I also think they all look too (for lack of a better word) “ethnic”, with the exception of Mount. Clint Eastwood (think “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” & “The Outlaw Josey Wales”), is The Gunslinger. But he’s of course older than dirt, so who is the heir apparent? Well Hugh Jackman certainly looks the part, is about the age & has the Eastwoodesque edge to him, plus I believed Roland to have darker hair. But could we all get Wolverine out of our heads?

    jerryp2375 – February 6th, 2012
  61. Question:Has anyone mentioned Anson Mount from Hell On Wheels for Roland?

    Billie – February 6th, 2012
  62. I saw an episode of Criminal Minds where he played a serial killer, and he was amazing. It was not his typical role, and he pulled it off so well. Henry Dean is one character that I have trouble casting. I have a very specific vision of him in my mind, and have yet to think of someone who can pull it off. I don’t see Andy Serkis playing Gasher, but that is just me. More palaver to come. Long Days and Pleasant Nights fellow Junkies!

    Aimee – February 6th, 2012
  63. I definitely agree with Adrien Brody as Sheemie. He has the perfect face for it.

    And for Roland, I’m not sure about his acting, but honestly, does anybody agree with me that Fabio could look perfectly like Roland should? Okay, I know it’s kind of far-fetched, but look at his face and such and tell me if it doesn’t SCREAM Roland – the actor doesn’t need to be like the character off the screen, you know ;)

    I am finding it hard to pick an ideal Eddie, though.

    And Susannah, no offense, I found to be a rather generic character – not difficult to cast at all. Lots of people could be Susannah.

    Jacob – February 7th, 2012
  64. I think the role of Henry Dean would be perfect for an unknown actor to show his stuff.

    If a known actor gets this role, how about Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

    Maestro208 – February 7th, 2012
  65. Hey All,

    @Benmerif, I think Daniel Craig would be a great choice also! Never even thought of that til now. He was really good in Cowboys VS Aliens. And the more I think abut it (and read), Roland is a much thinner man then Jeffery Dean Morgan, if it were possible for him to be any thinner, then yes. He did do an amazing job in the Watchmen. Love that movie. I need to get the audio version of the books, until they come out with the movies.

    DTGal – February 7th, 2012
  66. Well. I gotta say if they’re gonna do a TV series, HBO really is the right channel to go with. Everyone else would just produce some candy-ass nonsense, I think. The thought of such a story, even just the first book, as a movie doesn’t sit well with me. A well-done TV series could be great, if they put in the effort!

    Busty Laroo – February 7th, 2012
  67. Also, I really do think they should just cast lots of lesser-known/ unknown actors. And no offense, as a fan of Daniel Craig, I just can NOT see him in a role in this series…

    Busty Laroo – February 7th, 2012
  68. To all Tower Junkies: I still see Clint Eastwood as Pere Callahan. Kind of the wheel of Ka. He was the the vision of Roland when King started writing this Quest. Just too many good actors and actresses to put down for the roles. LD&PN

    GUNSLINGER19 – February 7th, 2012
  69. Viggo Mortenson would do the character of Roland justice. If he could combine two characters he has played, Aragorn and the Navy Seal Instructor he played in GI Jane, that could capture the essence of Roland.

    Allen – February 8th, 2012
  70. @Jacob, Fabio? Please tell me you’re kidding. Maybe for the Tick-Tock Man in Lud, but if he was Roland, I don’t know if I could bring myself to even watch it.

    @Oythebumbler, Ed Norton is awesome. When I read that suggestion I immediately dismissed it as not being a good fit for Eddie. But the more I think about it, the more I like it. However, I think he may be a bit too old by the time the whole thing wraps up. How about Paul Rudd? Only seeing him in comedic roles, I don’t know how good of an actor he actually is, but he could certainly pull off the smart-ass aspect of Eddie’s persona.

    I don’t like most of the suggestions people have been throwing out there for Roland. About the only one I’ve seen so far that I like is Anson Mount. He looks the part and hasn’t had a bunch of other roles that would cloud the vision of Roland. If they have to go with a more established actor, I would go with Clive Owen. His role in Shoot ‘Em Up was very Roland-esque (a no-nonsense, hard-ass, killing machine).

    I know I’ve suggested it before, but Vivica A. Fox would be a good Susannah (and an even better Detta). But like Ed Norton, she would probably be too old by the time it’s all over.

    I don’t care much about the casting of Henry Dean. He’s not a very big part of the story after all.

    Michael Chiklis for Cort. Fairly short, squat, tough looking, and bald as a bean.

    And they have to put Sam Elliott in this thing somwhere. He’s just too cool. Maybe Steven Deschain?

    The Walkin' Dude – February 8th, 2012
  71. @The Walkin’ Dude You have to keep in mind that Eddie hears his brothers voice inside his head on several occasions throughout the story. Which means the actor who ends up playing Henry should at least have a memorable voice.

    Michael Chiklis as Cort, nice suggestion!


    Dida-chick? – February 8th, 2012
  72. Oh and what do you Junkies think about Scott Glenn as Steven Deschain? Of course just in case they can’t convince Eastwood to do a cameo..

    Dida-chick? – February 8th, 2012
  73. Just going to throw this out there…Roland’s image is vaguely based on a young Clint Eastwood, right? Does anyone else get reminded of him by Hugh Jackman…because personally, I always pictured Roland looking like Hugh, just aged a bit.

    Hugh Jackman – February 8th, 2012
  74. And as for Roland’s age old nemesis, that wily bastard Walter…when I watch the first Sherlock Holmes movie and see Mark Strong as Blackwood or whatever his name was, he reminds me of o ‘Dim for some reason.

    Hugh Jackman – February 8th, 2012
  75. Sam Elliot is always the man I envisioned as Eldred Jonas.

    Anson Mount’s acting skills have to be top-notch for the role of Roland. Personally, I have no idea how skilled he is and I don’t believe I’ve seen him in anything, so if anyone else can chime in on that aspect of him, I’m sure it would add to the discussion. I’m curious, too.

    If a big name is chosen, I still say Daniel Day Lewis, hands-down.

    Maestro208 – February 9th, 2012
  76. I like Scott Glenn as an actor, but I think he looks too old for Steven. He is 71 and it is really starting to show in his skin. And while Sam Eilliott is only about 4 years behind him, he can still look fairly young with a simple dye job. I don’t know how old Steven Deschain is supposed to be when Roland earns his guns, but I never imagined him to be older than 50 or so. But of course Hollywood magic can do wonders, so who knows.

    I have liked Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels (series on AMC), but he didn’t really have to display a wide range of emotion in the first season. Mostly he just scowls at people and kicks some ass. He definitely looks the part though and I get the feeling he has some decent acting talent that just hasn’t really come out yet in HoW.

    The Walkin' Dude – February 9th, 2012
  77. I was thinking about the movies this morning. I kind of mentally sketched out the opening. I’d start the first two movies with the scene of Jake’s death. Basically, him getting up in the morning, getting ready for school, walking to the streets of New York in the late 70s while the Donna Summers song plays and the credits role. Both movies would have an identical opening with one exception, in the first one (after the directed by credit), Jake is pushed into traffic and dies bleeding in the road, fade to black then the words written on the screen “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed…” Before opening up on a scene where we first meet Roland crossing the desert. The first movie would end at the start of The Wasteland when they kill Shardik and find the beam. In the second movie, the audience would be expecting Jake to be killed, but he isn’t. We see him look around surprised that the script has been messed with, and then continue across the street, before cutting back to the action with Roland and the gang (Roland talking in his sleep, divided about whether or not there was a boy who he let fall to his death).

    I also think that the Darktower series would be better suited to anime rather than live action. You could get some really top-notch animators on the project. This also has the benefit of getting around the problem of actors aging during what will most likely be a very long production (such as happened with the Harry Potter series), providing better continuity to the project.

    Paul – February 9th, 2012
  78. @ Maestro: My vision for Eldred Jonas is Lance Henricksen. ( The android on ‘Aliens’, Bishop) He was in that shitty biker movie with Brian Bosworth. So bad, it was, that I’ve totally blocked the name. Boy it’s the wheel of Ka coming around again. I think we’ve discussed this before. lol

    GUNSLINGER19 – February 9th, 2012
  79. Long days and Pleasant nights.

    GUNSLINGER19 – February 9th, 2012
  80. @Paul I don’t agree with you about the anime. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big anime fan myself. But this story just has to be told in live action.

    I loved your idea of having both movies start with Jake in new york. I felt a chill run down my spine while reading it. Even if they choose to skip the movies and just do the HBO series, your idea could work in the sense of having, let’s say season 1 and season 3 start with the same sequence. I’m suggesting this beginning for season 3 because of the fact that a hell of a lot happens before Jake gets drawn.


    Dida-chick? – February 10th, 2012
  81. I made this song, trying to create a musical sphere of the dark tower universe. Hope you enjoy ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r8Olax3po4

    Emil – February 11th, 2012
  82. Wow. So many ideas. I wish we could just make the damned movie. Frakkkkk.

    FlavorJunction – February 12th, 2012
  83. @FlavorJunction Yes, it seems it’s almost writing itself, which makes me wonder why it hasn’t been made yet..

    Dida-chick? – February 12th, 2012
  84. Warning Spoilers:

    To start the first movie with anything other than Roland out in the desert with a clear cut view of where his horn should be would be the biggest disservice. This has to be the first scene because the last scene would have to be Roland in the desert with a clear cut view of the horn hanging by his side. You kind of diminish the point of the entire journey without emphasizing the importance of this item. I love Jake and all and think he has some of the strongest scenes in the series, but Roland should always come first. He always has in every single cycle.

    Remember…the man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

    The last gunslinger – February 13th, 2012
  85. I still think that Norman Reedus would be awesome Eddie. And if I remember correctly he was almost signed for the role, before the cancellation

    sullen – February 15th, 2012
  86. Having been a DT junky for many years, i always keep my eye out for someone to play Roland. I’m real tired of hearing people say it should be Viggo (no way would a guy with a butthole in the middle of his chin could pass for Roland of Gilead), or Hugh Jackman, (while totally awesome as wolverine, he’s too buff, and not old enough) As for the Daniel Craig suggestions, are you f’n kiddin me!? He’s a decent action guy, but he’s turned James Bond (who’s quite the smooth talker if you remember right) into a ‘better to not have any lines’ kind of character. The only thing that he has that even somewhat resembles a likeness to roland, is his eyes….and thats it My wife makes me watch a certain show with her on abc about housewives, but on the show is a guy named James Denton, which I think may play a decent roland, he’s about the right age, the right build, not sure if his acting chops are up to snuff, but he’s definitely got the look for the part. Another guy I’ve taken to lately as Roland is Jim Caviezel. Have heard other folks suggest him before, but didnt think much of him. But recently I’ve been watching him on ‘person of interest’ and he’s quite the badass on the show. sort of reminds me of Roland at times, not sure if he’s up to the darker, moodier parts of Rolands character, but maybe. This Anson Mount guy has the looks somewhat, but also doesnt quite look old enough. Ideally, Daniel Day Lewis would get the part, he’s just an incredible actor, but I don’t see that happening.

    Big Coffin Hunter – February 15th, 2012
  87. Why Ron Howard? That’s like putting Sheemie in charge of the thing! There have been some incredible directors lately who have created wild west/sci fi fusion. Sngmoo Lee with The Warrior’s Way or Jon Favreau with Cowboys and Aliens… They’ve both fused genre’s so well and created a great environment for the film. And, let’s face it, the story of the Dark Tower is one for well-painted and vivid environments, not “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” environments!

    Crimson King – February 15th, 2012
  88. Anybody think Jason Statum could pull off Roland? It’s hard to picture since he is alway sporting a shaved head but I think he might could pull it off.

    JB – February 17th, 2012
  89. No, I don’t, JB. No disrespect, but we need, first and foremost, acting skills, then looks for the part of Roland. That is very crucial to pulling off an accurate portrayal of this quietly complex character. Statham is badass in his own brand and way, but I do not see it as Roland’s brand. His is more the new Van Damme/Chuck Norris style, and, well… I have to say no thanks to that.

    I’m still stuck on Daniel Day Lewis, although it’s not likely that he’d devote the YEARS it will take to complete this epic tale (and at what price? he’s that good).


    Maestro208 – February 18th, 2012
  90. Just a few random thoughts… Jared Leto as Eddie Nick Nolte as Pere Callahan Zoe Saldana as Susannah Gary Oldman as Walter Snookie as Oy John Krasinski as Stephen King Sean Bean as Roland


    DPLaVay – February 19th, 2012
  91. Tricky trying to cast characters that I have loved for so long, but off the top of my head: Roland: Jason Isaacs Walter: Eric Roberts Cordelia or Rhea: Tilda Swinton Gasher: Steve Buscemi tough tough job!

    Amber – February 21st,  2012
  92. Okay, why not?

    Jared Leto as Eddie - No. Acting is important with this character, less looks. It’s really tough to beat Aaron Paul as a frontrunner for this role, imo.

    Nick Nolte as Pere Callahan - The Pere is not big and burly, and we need someone with understated presence here, not gruffness. Callahan has toughness, but a sly, weather-worn type from battling and running from his (and other) demons for a lifetime. Nolte doesn’t do him justice.

    Zoe Saldana as Susannah - I could see this! Can she do the split-personalities convincingly? That’s the true test for this casting choice.

    Gary Oldman as Walter - Yeah, interesting call here. He can play a character from whom it’s always tough to read between the lines.

    Snookie as Oy - Hah! As of right now, I say CGI, but they need to be careful so as not to get cheesy with it. Next…

    John Krasinski as Stephen King - The younger King? Maybe. I heard that his son is that age now, and, obviously, that would be a preferable choice if he can act a bit. Anyone with a similar resemblance could probably play this part, and my guess is it would primarily only be in the final movie of the series.

    Sean Bean as Roland - Never in 100 Midworld years. So many ways he doesn’t fit this role; just scroll upthread and they will be revealed as to why he would not be the man for this part. Try: Daniel Day Lewis, Anson Mount, (Other)?

    Maestro208 – February 21st,  2012
  93. Lucas Bryant from the series HAVEN ( based on Stephen King’s “Colorado Kid, btw) is the perfect Roland! Go check him out.

    donna – February 23rd,  2012
  94. Fassbender should be Roland.

    allgoodsecrets – February 23rd,  2012
  95. gina torres as detta. she was in the joss whedon tv series firefly. she would be the only person i could see being detta. i have reread the books at least 6 times best story ever.

    linda chioccola – February 24th, 2012
  96. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…to help the financial situation, Ole Ronnie Howard should set up a donation site. Hell, I would pitch in at least $50 towards the making of the series. I don’t know what King’s fanbase is…but probably in the million’s at least. Yar.

    Dandelo – February 26th, 2012
  97. @The last gunslinger, good point about the horn. Yes the first scene in the very first episode/movie should.. no, has to be of where Rolands horn should be. And ofcourse it should be repeated in the very last scene, with the difference of the horn actually being where it should be. But i think the scenes with Jake that Paul suggested should be baked in to the series somehow.

    One idea could be to have the whole first and second season tell the story of the first and second book, but ending the second season with Jake waking up to the voices in his head. That way they could create an intriguing cliff hanger to start of the third season with.


    Dida-chick? – February 29th, 2012
  98. Blain the train sure is a pain but Universal needs to get back to rehearsal. Hopefully they pick it up again and I get to watch The movies before I have to explain everything to my kids. As for the TV show 5 years tops :(

    Beartrapper30 – March 3rd,  2012
  99. I would be happy if they would just create a movie based on “The Little Sisters of Eluria”. Just to wet our appetite for the complete Dark Tower saga.

    cp interactive – March 4th, 2012
  100. @Beartrapper30 Why do you have to explain everything to your kids? Just make them read the books for Kas sakes. But I know what you mean, I’ve tried to explain the story of these books to a couple of my friends. All tend to react the same for way for some reason. They vanish..

    Long days and pleasant nights!

    Dida-chick? – March 5th, 2012
  101. You know…. F. Ron howard, and F universal. They must just not know a good story line when they see it. Really. If its a matter of money. Ill play eddie -for free- just to make the damn thing. And im Sure fans out there would play other parts (or the same), because they feel the same. This movie series NEEDS to happen. And whats with the ‘trilogy’ plus tv series? There are 7 stories for a reason. so there better damn well be 7 movies. I think even Mr. King would agree on that one. Come on constant readers. Even if its not “big hollywood” and just a local guy from Maine (or any part or new england) theres someone out there who can make these movies…. Lets see if we can pull together and make it happen. Ka is a wheel. Now that the stories are done, ka has turned and needs to be told in a format that will attract the “movie generation”. Word.

    matager – March 5th, 2012
  102. @matager, wise words. There’s so much potential in this story to actually become the greatest movie sereis ever made. One thing that confuses me is why they need such a big budget for the first movie. If, as I assume it will be, the first movie tells the story of the first book, there really isn’t that much you need to put a lot of money in. I mean, it’s just desert desert desert towen new york desert cave beach.. Just make it allready! And also, yes.. Yes there really are a bunch of fans who’d love to contribute for free in the making. For the parts in New York/Tull that need more extras, let’s just gather everyone who spends theyre time exploring and analyzing this epic here on this site, and make some use out of all of us!


    Dida-chick? – March 6th, 2012
  103. I will put this together I need $ 800,000,000 and a time machine… p.s you all Know Less than me about the series.

    shane – March 8th, 2012
  104. I am a long time DT fan, mostly as audio books as I am a truck driver. In fact the first few I had were read by SK himself, then he realized that he really didn’t have the voice for it (lots of long inhales and exhales between words). Reading this site makes me wonder if any thought was given to asking Marvel to look at doing the movies. After all they are doing the comic book Gunslinger, while I haven’t seen any of them I am an old Marvel fan and think they do a good job with their own stuff (really looking forward to The Avengers). As far as casting, I would have go with looking for unknowns who have the ability and looks to make the part their own. Personally I have never been able to picture anyone but Clint Eastwood as Roland, but as someone hear already said he is too old. That said, for me, any other well known actor in the role would be like Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn, it just didn’t work. Besides I think at least 2 and maybe 3 actors will be needed for Roland. The really tricky role to cast is Susannah, hard to find a young black actress with loads of talent who also happens to be a double amputee.

    JDYORK99 – March 10th, 2012
  105. Always thought Bruce Dern would have made a great Jonas had this been done a little while back. Had never seen ‘Breaking Bad’ before, but after checking out a few scenes on YouTube, Aaron Paul would nail it. He has my vote. Roland has been impossible for me to think of anyone I could connect with in my mind, though I’d have to say Daniel Day Lewis..now that he’s mentioned and I think about it - I could get behind that. Ideally I would love, a la Harry Potter, to see a main cast of undiscovered/lesser known actors who really grow with the role, with the rest of the film peppered with star studded cameos and supporting roles. While I think you could reasonably pull that off with the younger characters (all the way through Susannah), I’d have to think that if there were someone out there the right age range for Roland and who had the talent to really do it well…. well I guess they probably should have been ‘discovered’ already a while back if there was real talent there.

    MW3 – March 11th, 2012
  106. Oh, and @Paul: That is a FANTASTIC way to begin both movies, or even utilize it for a TV series, I agree with Did-a-Chick, I got chills reading it, it would work so well.

    MW3 – March 11th, 2012
  107. @MW3: Thank you for your post. I appreciate what you say, not just because it falls in line with my own thoughts about all of this, but because I believe that entire approach is what made LOST, Harry Potter, and even LOTR so successful in their respective character-driven aspects. This series is completely about the characters, so all the more reason NOT to flood the cast with “stars”, but, save for Roland because acting chops are Need #1 for his character, and looking the part according to Stephen King’s imagination is second to that. Now, if a virtual unknown comes out of nowhere and truly nails this, then… wow… we’re all happy, the franchise gets lucky, and that actor places himself on a new level with his career. Triple-win. :)


    Maestro208 – March 12th, 2012
    • On the off-chance that this doesn’t occur, though, I’ll take Daniel Day-Lewis with a smile and a nod.
    Maestro208 – March 12th, 2012
  108. @MW3, i’m glad someone agrees with me once in a while. :D The only problem I see with beginning both movies with Jake, is that the primary story doesn’t tell the story of Jake, but of the gunslinger. That’s why, as I already earlier stated, in my opinion the movie/series should start off with Roland walking in the desert without the horn hanging where it should be hanging. But still, I would love having the sequence of Jake being hit by the car somewhere pretty early on, instead of having that part told after the shootdown in tull, as it is in the book. I think it would give the story a better flow when told in pictures.

    @JDYORK99, have you ever heard of a thing called CGI? With the technology movies are made in these days, I do not consider Susannahs amputated legs a problem. The only real problem I see with the legs is the matter of finding an actress who want’s to give effort to training her arms to the point that she is able to crawl around on them through the making of the movies/series. But to be honest, I believe there are lot’s of people who’d go through that process so that they could play her. Imo a much graver issue is to find an actress who can pull of the schizofrenia and actually portray four different BELIEVABLE characters, of which none resemble the other.


    Dida-chick? – March 13th, 2012
  109. http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118051378?cmpid=NLC

    Apparently, discussions are still ongoing. Interesting snippet: “King’s ‘Dark Tower’ epic has been long pursued for screen adaptation. Before Imagine announced its plans, J.J. Abrams and ‘Lost’ co-creator exec producer Damon Lindelof had optioned rights from King for $19 but were not able to get the project to the starting line.”

    Nineteen dollars! Heh.

    Maestro208 – March 13th, 2012
  110. Deadline are reporting Warner Bros. are close to doing a deal for the 3 movies with HBO doing the tv sections. http://www.deadline.com/2012/03/stephen-kings-the-dark-tower-wjavier-bardem/

    Oythebumbler – March 13th, 2012
  111. The final comment of my last post was mostly a flippant throw away, say sorry. I agree that the leg problem can be overcome with technology. The main reason behind my post was to susgest Marvel to make the movies, any comment on that?

    JDYORK99 – March 13th, 2012
  112. @JDYORK99, oh I see. Sorry, I didn’t get that.

    Marvel has without a doubt done a great job with the graphic novels, because that is their expertise. I myself am not a big fan of the movies marvel has made. I think theyr’e just a bunch of special effects and good looking people, in other words basic “Hollywood horsecrap”. None of the marvel movies I’ve seen has a deeper meaning to it. They all give me the feeling theyr’e made just as entertainment and that their aim is to score big at the box office. If marvel made this, it would get much publicity, but, they would sure as hell F it up big time. The only good marvel movie I have seen, is Ironman. And even that one was pretty cold and filled with a bunch of useless stuff. The reason why it differs from the rest, is that Robert Downey Jr., who is a brilliant actor made Tony Stark completely different from the rest of the bubblegum superhero characters Marvel has forced down our throats over the last 10years.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; considering the amazing adaption HBO did on Game of Thrones, I think the only way to go, is HBO.

    Someone said something about casting unknown actors. I like that idea. Iv’e had a constant mind struggle of trying to combine famous actors with the characters going on in my head ever since I completed the last book. It has really started to bug me that I can’t seem to find any actors that could pull of the roles as they should be done. Everyone I come to think of immediately reminds me of some character they’ve played earlier, which usually is someone I find pretty annoying, or poorly portrayed. That’s why I’ve started to like the idea of finding completely unknown actors for the roles. As long as they can act, but havn’t been seen earlier in anything, they could make the parts their own.


    Dida-chick? – March 14th, 2012
  113. @Oythebumbler and Maestro208, thank’s for the great news! Finally some progress! THIS is why we all return to this site almost daily! (at least I do..)

    It just hit me, that maybe they’ve already closed a deal on this, but theyr’e holding back the news because the release of the Wind Through the Keyhole is coming up. I can’t tell for sure, but i have my suspicions. It would make sense because it most likely includes facts they need to change to the existing scripts?

    Dida-chick? – March 14th, 2012
  114. I’m Worried if they do a movie, the simply wont be able to get it right. it doesnt seem possible to capture a story like this on screen.

    Suzanah Dean – March 30th, 2012
  115. Cant believe no one has suggested SAM ELLIOTT as Roland……Mr Elliott has long been my perfect off the page incarnation of the Gunslinger….anyone agree?

    Ka's Fool – April 12th, 2012
  116. When I first heard that the The Dark Tower was going to be made into a movie last yr. I almost fainted. I love the books and have read the series three times. Whoever decides to take this huge project I say long days pleasant nights.

    latoya waller – June 1st,  2012
  117. javier bardem will show up2 20 pounds lighter .set of blue contacts later and this dudes chops will own the hell out of this role .weight loss will lend to less recognition to. and i actually think jared leto is a top actor for eddie role u can ug him up

    d.b.lee – June 28th, 2012
  118. I don’t know if Javier can overcome Ron Howard’s directing. I’m afraid to see how this movie turns out.

    ... – July 16th, 2012
  119. Wow. I finished reading the Dark Tower series back in 2004 which was about the same time and last time I checked on the progress of its cinematic manifestation. And 8 years later… still no solid commitment for its birth on film. And during that time I graduated from college and had a baby already, damn! Although understandably it’s a rough project for the studios to take on. It’s much more complicated and even more extensive than the Lord of the Rings books. It’s a lot more gory and gritty than other fantasy books, which is the main charm of essence of this series. So they would have to keep it a R rating or a cable series, which will muster a smaller target audience. And although I’m sure they have capabilities to make the CGI fantastic without being cheesy, there’s going to be so much money poured into just is they want to stay true to the books. Well, I just hope I get to see this happen before I turn into a grandma.

    Hamstergawd – July 17th, 2012
  120. Has anyone ever considered Cillian Murphy as the role of the Gunslinger? Look at his ice-blue eyes. If I’m not mistaken, a lot of emphasis in Stephen King’s books was about the eyes of the Gunslinger. Just a suggestion… : )

    Kim Canada – August 8th, 2012
  121. Has anyone seen Russel Crowe lately - fat and bald, certainly not able to play Roland. Viggo Mortenson or Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels would be the two choices that really would fit the characters profile physically and from what I have seen of Anson’s acting on Hell on Wheels, he would be great, as would Viggo. Mr. Bardem does not have that weatherworn look as does Anson Mount or Viggo Mortenson.

    gsdmom – September 3rd,  2012
  122. Ok folks , I’ve been reading these books for years and any studio that would walk from a project like this is for lack of politer words STUPID Making the Dark Tower set into a movie and or tv show would be a goldmine for both writer and studio and for their fans who have been waiting for so long for it to come out Words for the movie studios WAKE UP AND HEAR THE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Steve Runyan – October 7th, 2012
  123. Andrew Lincoln from Walking Dead should have been considered as Roland

    Mona – October 13th, 2012
  124. Anson Mount, Viggo or as the previous poster pointed out, Andrew Lincoln. Really can see any one of the three as either Roland or the Man in Black.

    gsdmom – October 19th, 2012
  125. Any word at all? Is there even a small chance that this will ever be done. If it is I sure hope S.K. doesn’t let them cut it up and add their own material to it like most of his other movies.

    Jonas Eldridge – February 15th, 2013