Dark Tower Movie Speculation

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A lack of news regarding the DT movie production has given time for some thoughts to ferment in my mind, which I figured would be fun to share with you here.

First though, the story so far.

Stephen King announces the filming rights to the Dark Tower have been bought by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof. They both seemed excited, though a little apprehensive, and were looking ready to go full-steam into production once they’d finished with LOST and perhaps after one other film from Abrams. All of a sudden, Lindelof announces they were calling the whole thing off.

Does this sudden change of heart strike you as rather strange? It does me. Well, here are my thoughts…

What if Abrams and Lindelof had decided that making such an epic into a series of movies was just too difficult and for it to be done properly, they really needed to run this as a TV series; allowing them to give it the depth and detail it really needs. To make sure they have as much story information as possible they ask King for more details on his Dark Tower world.

Stephen King, being the great LOST/Abrams fans he is, obliges, but to make sure all his notes are in order and consistent he decides to put them into book form, thus last November’s announcement that he will be releasing a brand new Dark Tower book, The Wind Through The Keyhole, set between Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla; based on three short stories of some important events and supporting characters.

If so, then Abrams and Lidelhof will be back filming The Dark Tower, as a long running TV series.

A solid Theory? Speculation? Soothsaying..? I guess only time will tell.

5 responses

  1. Sounds solid (I’ve always loved the idea of a DT TV series), but I don’t see how “putting his notes into book form” would make too much sense. Isn’t that what he asked Robin Furth to do, hence the Dark Tower Complete Concordance?

    “I needed some sort of exhaustive written summary of everything that had gone before, a Dark Tower concordance that would be easy to search when I needed to find a reference in a hurry.”

    • Stephen King’s Forward in The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance by Robin Furth
    Last Dino – April 6th, 2010
  2. I have a feeling it would ruin it if it were made into a TV show. They would probably cut a lot out of it and end up cancelling the show before all 7 stories were done… :(

    But I’d take a tv show over nothing!

    Chompers – April 22nd,  2010
  3. I agree with Chomp, I’ll take any reason to extend the Dark Tower into the future. But the great amount of difficulty in making blockbusters like Spider-Man and The Lord of the Rings makes me apprehensive, and I don’t mean the difficulty of filming them.

    togglebok – April 30th, 2010
  4. I think that it would be important to note that the series would need to be displayed through a subscriber based network like HBO or Showtime as it is not something that could be done properly on a network that was not allowed to sware and show gore. Not to mention the budget that would be needed for the City of Lud and what not. I have often that the only way they could to this series any form of justice would be to do it digitally, with CG characters and environments. I think that it is important to remember the less than pleasing attempts at a “mini-series” form of Stephen King knockouts “The Shining” and “Desperation.” Not to mention ALL of his movies where both the story and effects left me longing for a well thought out story and accurate effects (save The Green Mile and Shawshank).

    ME – April 30th, 2010
  5. the gunslinger lost years. there are unexplaned lost years he could write about

    john – July 7th, 2010