Abrams confirms filming on Dark Tower to begin after LOST

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J.J. Abrams has just given us the tiniest snippet of an update regarding the Dark Tower movies. This is from a recent Star Trek interview where Abrams was asked the current situation regarding DT. Here’s the transcription;

Damon Lindelof and I talked with Mr King, we got the rights for that as a film. Damon is obviously still on LOST – we’ve been working on Star Trek together – as soon as LOST is done, hopefully we’ll get to begin tackling that.

The full, although somewhat short, Dark Tower Update interview with J.J.Abrams;

I think we can allow ourselves a pinch of excitment here! The final episode of LOST airs in May 2010, and giving time for that to be wrapped up (interviews, etc), there’s a good chance they will be filming The Dark Tower come 2011.

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  1. Oh, man. That is sweet. I love these books, and believe the story will make a great movie. This Abrams fellow is a great talent. I’m not a star trek fan, but this new one looks great. I cant wait to see it.

    If its as good as advertised, than I’ll be even more excited about a Dark Tower movie.

    How’s this for a starring cast…. Roland- Hugh Jackman or how about Vigo Mortensen? Eddie- Shia LaBeouf (that would be perfect. I can REALLY REALLY see that. Susanah- Gabrielle Union Jake- Liam Aiken (little brother from stepmom- yeah, he’ll be 20 soon, but he looks 14 and he’s a great actor!

    Steve – May 3rd,  2009
  2. Curious…was the deal between Abrams and co. made before the scene in Lost when Henry Gale’s balloon is seen? Anyone else notice that it bore the Noz-o-la logo?

    Barry – June 1st,  2009
  3. I heard they were putting christian bale as Roland??!?! WHAT???

    Ashley – September 3rd,  2009
  4. Christian Bale or any young face for that matter- “Regardless of how good the riddles in Jake’s book may be, Roland knows hundreds-he actually studied them as a child.” Having said this, she realized she could not conceive of Roland as a child. –Susannah, The Waste Lands, Book Two Lud: A Heap of Broken Images, v. Bridge and City

    Daniel – September 5th, 2009
  5. I think it would be great if they put:

    Roland - Hugh Jackman or Mads Milkkesen (very similar to Roland, really!) Eddie - Shia LaBeouf (I agree, but, he doesn’t seem to be Eddie in somewhere I don’t know…) Susannah - Vanessa Williams. Jake - Freddie Highmore! Freddie Highmore! He IS Jake!

    It could be a great film.

    Henry – September 23rd,  2009
  6. roland – damian lewis, the guy who played sgt.winters in band of brothers!! eddie – ryan gosling susannah – thandie newton , from MI:2 and crash Jake – don’t know

    ENDER1984 – October 2nd,  2009
  7. Roland is the best character King has ever envisioned. The Dark Tower story IS his masterpiece. This movie/series needs to be done right. I am beside myself with excitement, but so skeptical to have my imagination of the story tainted. Stephen, you are my favorite author of all time. Please make sure they do this right. They have to. It’s Ka. Thankee-sai.

    Nor – February 16th, 2011
  8. What are the filming locations?

    Frita Walker – February 21st,  2016