J.J. Abrams to make new movie but not Dark Tower!

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BBC News has just released a story that Universal Studios has struck a deal with director J.J. Abrams to produce a new disaster movie for them. Is this an indication that Abrams’ film adaptation of The Dark Tower will be put on the back burner?

Hmm. I guess we should take heart in that the BBC article only indicates that Abrams will produce a new disaster film – there are no other details and certainly no time-frame has been set.

That said, our personal feelings here on darktowermovies.com is that if J.J. Abrams does adapt the Dark Tower movies he will take a similiar approach to what Peter Jackson took when he made the Lord of The Rings trilogy, in that he will make the whole seven book epic in one go. If that is the case then Abrams will probably make this Universal Studios picture first.

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  1. Hi guys my names Josh and to start off I would like to say that for the thought of the co-creator of “Lost” to be possibly creating the Dark Tower movies is outstanding, unfortunetly as you said you could be starting a different movie. 1. As Stephen has said in a book ive recently read “The Man is Catching up to him” and not to spoil the story to other readers who have not gotten all the way to the tower, but there is a KEY character there that ABSOLUTELY can not be replaced by another actor if you know what i mean. 2. Im not in the movie bussiness but I would have to say from a fans point of view that there would have to be a movie per book. I can just imagine what it would be like to cut some stuff out of the movie but with the dark tower i have noticed that every little thing adds up in the end. from things said, things thought, and things done in almost all of Stephen’s books add up in the end. But then again, thats Ka-tet.

    Joshua Petteys – January 11th, 2009
  2. Hi Josh, thanks for dropping in.

    You’re so right about the Dark Tower, the whole story is built on those small details which in the end, come to make the whole.

    Still, this is the movie business - I don’t think there were many people who wanted the Lord of the Rings to be compressed into just three movies - but that’s what they did.

    I will not be surprised in the least when they cut the Dark Tower too…let’s just hope it’s not by too many…three movies really would not be enough!

    Michael – January 11th, 2009
  3. Josh - about THAT role. they did it with bradd pitt in benjamin button right?

    Daniel – October 8th, 2009
  4. Having watched the 2009 rboeot 3 times now – the last being just a few weeks ago – I still can’t see why it’s held in such high regard. It wasn’t bad by any stretch, but neither was it great. For a second time, we got a story that was a poor man’s version of WOK…Nemesis should have wiped away any desire to tread that path once again. I thought Urban and Quinto absolutely nailed it as Bones and Spock, but Pine was lame and the rest were just…OK. However, I wasn’t really a fan of rboeoting those characters to begin with, so…I’m going to give the new film a chance, mostly because I want to like it, but I’m keeping my hopes in check. I just wish that, if they weren’t going to let Trek rest, they’d have really started fresh instead of using this timeline cheat. If you’re going to use existing characters, why not give the Next Gen crew a worthy send off, maybe even pull in some of the DS9 (in my humble opinion, the best series) characters as well…be nice to see Sisko return and such.

    Joelma – November 20th, 2015